Transformation Of The Week - Scott M.

In college I was inspired by my health teacher and scared half to death of being borderline obese. See what changes I made and where I started seeing the biggest improvement.
Before Before:
220 lbs
After After:
188 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Scott M.
Age: 18
Weight Before: 220 lbs
Weight After: 188 lbs
Waist Before: 39"
Waist After: 34"
Biceps Before: 13"
Biceps After: 15"

How I Got Started

I was in my freshman year of college, first semester (I'm still a freshman, just now completing my second semester) and I had a "Healthy Living" class. I was inspired by the teacher, and scared half to death by the fact that I was borderline obese.

Scott M. Scott M.
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Scott M., Before And After

My attitude was to do little things, like work out my biceps and chest and maybe run once a week. I did not even consider changing my diet. This was mid October. I worked 5 days per week at my job, and spent both of my off days in school all day so I had little time for much else.

All I've ever used to work out are my Weider all-in-one machine from Sears (one of the $400 models), a pair of 20-pound dumbbells, and an EZ curl bar. There's not a gym near where I live, the closest being more than 30 minutes away. So, I work out alone in my room.

How I Did It

When I finished my first semester of college, and was out on Christmas break, I began to take my health more seriously. I started training every bodypart as equally as possible, and rode an ancient air bike my mom had bought in the mid 90's.

My diet was still pretty bad, but I cut out all liquids except water and cut down fast food to about once per week. I was now doing 3 workouts per week. They lasted about 3 hours and I tried to hit every muscle in my body. While not being the most economical routine, it was all I could do to fit it in with my work schedule.

Scott M. Scott M.
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Scott M.

Since I worked earlier in the day, most of my workouts were at night, around 8 or 9 p.m. In January, I started playing basketball with a group of friends at 5:30 in the morning until 6:30. We played full court and at high intensity, and that is where I believe I made the biggest change in my life.

We met twice every week, and it was all I looked forward to, other than my night workouts. After reading more, and learning all that I could, I began to shape my routine to be more effective. I started a split, which consisted of 2 workouts, alternating every other day.

So that made Monday-Saturday my "on" days, and Sunday my sole "off" day. Late February to early March, I started to get strict on my diet. I try to maintain a 45/45/10 split between protein, carbs and fats, respectively.


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Biotest Hot-Rox
Biotest Hot-Rox.
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I have been taking creatine, in powder, for the entirety of the 5-6 months I've been training.

I recently started drinking 3-4 whey protein shakes a day, and I take a multivitamin, vitamin C, and fish oil pills daily.

For energy (more so than for fat loss), I took Biotest's Hot-Rox pills.

I truly believe that they gave me the extra boost I needed, especially at the end of the day when I actually started my training.

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Sample Diet

My Typical Diet.
Meal Time Food
Breakfast 3 scrambled whole eggs with one piece whole-wheat bread, and a protein shake.
2 Hours Later A meal replacement bar that is high in protein, usually of the South Beach Diet brand.
2 Hours Later Chicken breast, either in the form of a Subway 6-inch with double meat, or from a can.
2 Hours Later A packet of StarKist Tuna, with crackers.
2 Hours Later This meal varies, but usually is home-cooked, high protein and low in fat, accompanied by a protein shake.
(Workout) -
Post-Workout A low-fat cereal, with 2 cups of fat-free milk. I just keep refilling the bowl until the milk is gone.
One Hour Before Bed A protein shake mixed with milk instead of water.

Workout Schedule

Here is how I break down my split:

My Training Split.
Days Workout Focus
Entire Legs, Entire Chest, Abs, and Upper Back.

Sunday Rest Day.
Shoulders, Traps, Entire Arms, and Lower Back.

Workout Exercises

Leg Exercises

Chest Exercises

Upper-Back Exercises

Lower Back Exercises

Shoulder Exercises (Each Head Worked Separately)

Tricep Exercises

Bicep Exercises

Forearm Exercises

Abdominal Exercises

    I do crunches everyday. But every other day I hit the abs hard. On the hard days, I do Hanging Leg Raises, Twisting Crunches on a decline, and then I do an exercise that I haven't really seen before, but it really helps bring out the V-shaped taper.

Crunches Crunches
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Video GuidesWindows Media - MPEG

    I hold a light weight (10-15 pounds) over my head, with elbows slightly bent. My legs stay straight and locked and I slowly lower my left shoulder towards the floor. When you feel the stretch on the right side, contract your obliques and bring your body back to a straight position. Repeat for the right side and reps.

Hanging Leg Raises: Get A Leg Up On Strength! Hanging Leg Raises: Get A Leg Up On Strength!
This exercise is a hard one if you don't train it correctly, correct form goes without saying. I originally wrote this article because I was sick and tired of 'Gym Rats' doing thousand upon thousands of crunches.
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I would say just keep making ways to stay motivated. If I thought about skipping a day, I would pop "Pumping Iron" into the DVD player and immediately be reminded of what it takes to make gains. Keep a clean diet that is low in fat and high on protein.

Overall, though, just have fun. I work out alone, so a major factor that kept me from straying was the movie I had on in the background, or the music.

One of my favorite cardio activities after a workout is to just turn up my computer's speakers and dance or jog, or do anything to get my heart rate up enough to burn calories. Just don't become stale, and you should always be looking forward to the gym.

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