Transformation Of The Week - Brian Huepenbecker.

Brian realized how far he had let his weight get out of control when he got an invitation to his 10-year reunion. At this time he decided to make a drastic change for the better. See how he did it!
192 lbs.

Bodyfat: 26%
Date: April 1, 2005

157 lbs.

Bodyfat: 9%
Date: July 15, 2005

Vital Stats

Name: Brian Huepenbecker
Years Bodybuilding: Lifting for 3.5 months
Favorite Body Parts: Chest, Legs
Favorite Exercise: Incline Dumbbell Bench Press
Favorite Supplements: ON Whey, Fish oil
Hobbies: Basketball, lifting, and watching movies in my home theater.
Favorite Bodybuilders: Lee Priest for his amazing dedication and life outside of bodybuilding and of course Arnold for symmetry.

About Me

After high school I settled into a nice computer job and watched my weight balloon from 150 to 215.

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After High School I Settled Into A Nice Computer Job.

I was 5-foot-11, 215 pounds, and almost 30% body fat plus I smoked and ate fast food daily. I could barely fit into my size 36 pants and extra large shirts.

My Reasons

I started the day I received my 10-year high school reunion invitation. I looked at myself and was ashamed at what I had been doing. How could I let myself go like this? 10 years gone. 10 years ruining my body. Ruining the one thing that affects all aspects of life.

I decided then and there something had to be done. I had known about for a while, but was never serious. I started reading every thread I could. Upwards of 6 hours-plus a day for the entire 3 months I have been changing.

I started eating only clean foods as listed below, and stopped smoking. I started lifting weights and doing "fun" cardio; mountain biking and basketball helped drop the weight pretty quickly.

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I Decided Then And There Something Had To Be Done.

My Results

I have gone from 215 pounds, almost 30% bodyfat with a 36+ inch waist to 157 pounds, 9.0% body fat, and a 28-inch waist. I have also been able to dunk for the first time ever. Two handed at that!

My Supplements

I used ON Vanilla Whey in my oats, and ON chocolate and strawberry whey in my shakes. Fish oil, AST Multivitamin, and Chromium Picolinate pills.

My Sample Diet

Diet Details.
Time Activity
8:00 a.m. 1/2 cup Quaker oats
1/2 cup skim milk
1/2 Fiber One
1/2 scoop ON Vanilla Whey
Cinnamon, raisins, walnuts occasionally
*Mix it all together and eat cold. Top with honey if needed.

1 Whole egg, 2 egg whites
2 Pieces 98% fat free turkey bacon
1 Fish oil cap
1 AST Multivitamin
1 chromium pill
11:00 a.m. 1/2 oz almonds
6oz fat free low sugar yogurt
2:00 p.m. 1 can tuna
2 Slices Sara Lee Whole Grain (45cal a slice)
1/2 TBSP Helman's Just 2 Good Mayo
1 Can French cut green beans
3:30 p.m. Workout
5:00 p.m. 1 scoop ON Double Chocolate whey shake
1/2 scoop dextrose
1/2 Banana
1/2 TBSP Smucker's natural peanut butter
1 cup skim milk
*All blended
6:30 p.m. 6oz grilled chicken breast
2 cups broccoli
1 cup low fat cottage cheese
1 Gerber stage 3 sweet potato
9:30 p.m. 1/2 cup low fat cottage cheese
1 TBSP Smucker's natural peanut butter
1-2 cups of broccoli if I am still hungry

1 Fish oil cap
AST Multivitamin
3mg Melatonin
Occasionally 2 ZMA pills

Diet Breakdown.
Calories 2,100 kcals
Protein/Carbs/Fat Percentages 45%, 35%, 20%
Protein 231 grams
Fiber Over 40 grams

I followed this 6 days per week. I would alternate between chicken breast, tuna, salmon, lean steak for my meat at meals. I would alternate between broccoli, spinach, and asparagus for my veggies. Saturday was my cheat day.

Basically I ate the same things, just a tad more. If I needed Taco Bell though, this is the day I did it. I still avoided most sugar and never splurged on donuts, cookies, and/or candy. If I needed something sweet I would savor 1 semi sweet dark chocolate baking chip.

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My Workout Plan Started With A 3 Day Split 3x8 Program.

My Cardio

I would play basketball 2 days per week, for 2-4 hours per session. I ride my mountain bike on our national park trails 2 times a week for 16 miles. I tried to always stay active and limit my TV/Movie time drastically. Doing this in the summer was a major motivator. My energy levels were up, and finding fun ways to do cardio is what it is all about.

My workout plan started with a 3-day split 3x8 program I found on

I did this for 4 weeks to learn the exercises, and get used to lifting. I then decided to try an HST cycle. I did this HST program for 10 weeks, and really enjoyed it. I liked working the entire body 3 days per week.

What Does HST Stand For?
Hypertrophy-Specific Training.

It was hard on the joints however, and I am allergic to Glucosamine. So HST is not really for me. I am now on a 5-day split MAX-OT program. So far it's great!

I.C.E. Vs. Max-OT. Who Will Win? I.C.E. Vs. Max-OT. Who Will Win?
Two contenders enter the ring. Who will emerge victorious?
[ Click here to learn more. ]

Below is an example of my exercises from my 3-day split.




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If I Can Do It, Anyone Can!!

My workouts were between 45-60 minutes, never more. On HST they were closer to 30-45 and now on Max OT they are 30 minutes, but 5 days per week now.


I have been lifting/eating right now for 3.5 months and have become addicted! I hope I can excite just 1 person with my transformation. As the old saying goes, if I can do it, anyone can!

Good luck to everyone starting his or her own adventure, it is truly worth it!

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