Transformation Of The Week - Chell; AKA - BomChell.

After giving birth to so many children one can only wonder how they keep their sanity. Well I suppose the only way to put it is ... you do what you have to do. Some love it, some don't. Here is Chell's story.
Weight: 231
August 3, 2004
Weight: 152 Lbs
August 3rd, 2005

Why You Got Started?

On August 3, 2004, I weighed 231 pounds, pregnant with my sixth child. She was born August 20 leaving me to lose roughly 70 pounds. The after photo above, taken exactly one year later, weighed me at 152 pounds. In talking to women they often say, "I look this way because I have had a couple of children." I would respond: "Well I have had 5 and adopted one."

They would ask me how I do it working a full-time job of supporting two teams: 1)IT LAN Help Desk and 2) a production environment working in excess of 50-to-60 hours a week. All the while, volunteering to be the President of our neighborhood pool and managing my own; likewise, volunteering to manage the daycare for our church.

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Chell, Mother Of Six.

When exercising I found it most valuable to do any cardio 1st thing in the morning before you eat anything. Your body tends to burn 3 times the fat as your glycemic rate stabilized while you were sleeping. (A cup of coffee or tea is OK; it will actually help you get moving faster.) If you cannot do that, then try not to eat an hour or two before you work out; otherwise, you are not really burning fat.

Likewise, it is best not to eat any carbs prior to going to bed. You will not burn them off and will probably be stored as fat. Which I might add if you need to have a little treat, do it first thing in the morning so you have all day to burn it off.

How You Did It?

Once I delivered Cydnee (8-20-04), I was so overweight my knees and the arches on my feet were extremely sore. Since I gained so much weight, partially due to my food intake and partially due to the prednizone I had to take to control the lupus anticoagulant I carry. The anticoagulant can form blood clots that could harm the fetus.

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After I Delivered Cydnee.

The lesson I learned as I try to get back into shape was I could no longer do what I used to. I had to reassure myself that doing a little was worth it and just try to do a little every day. Unfortunately this was my fourth C-section in which my doctor strongly recommended I wait at least three months to do any weightlifting.

Right after delivery I started walking, then I moved on to light weights while slowly increasing the intensity. I cut out all fast food. I increased my protein levels (tuna, turkey, lean meats, chicken, egg whites and whey protein). Even boiling some of the meats like hamburger and steak to remove the extra grease.

Next I cut down on the sugar carbs (desserts, processed foods such as cereals, bread, bagels and noodles). Good carbs are most green vegetables, brown rice, yams and oatmeal. At health stores it is possible to find cereals and noodles that are lower in sugar carbs. You may pay a little more, however, it is really worth it.

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Low Sugar Carbs Are Worth The Expense.

You do need to treat yourself once in a while or you will fail. Good cheating things are pizza thin crust, salsa with Tostitos Scoops. They also have sugar-free carb candies and desserts. Just remember ... everything should be in moderation, as they often replace the carbs with saturated fat. Give yourself a cheat timeframe or even a day per week. Even if that means having a social cocktail. I have found drinking rum or vodka with crystal kool-aid a winner. Zero carbs.

What Supplements Did You Take?

    Just a multivitamin a day is all you really need. I bought a ton of books off the internet about supplements and vitamins. I tried them all. Some include:

    I never saw any significant change; therefore I researched the multivitamin and found the daily allowance to be sufficient.

    I do take fat burning supplements such as Stacker II or III, Ripped Fuel, Rev xp, etc.

    Favorite Foods are Wal-Mart's Chocolate Soy Slender Soy Milk, South Beaches Protein Bars, and any Frito Lay chip as they contain zero trans fat.

Give Us A Sample Week Of Your Diet.

Sample Diet
Food Size Sodium mg per sodium Protein Carbs per Carbs Fiber*4 Calories Sugar Fat Sat Fat Calories
Oatmeal 2/3 cup 0 * 10 54 * 8 0 6 1 300
Apple 1 oz 0 * 0 5 * * * 0 * 20
Egg Whites 10 540 54 mg 35 6.7 0.67 * * 0 * 167
Almonds 7 grams 0 * 1.75 1.5 * 3 1g 3.5 * 32.5
Oatmeal 1/3 cup 0 * 5 27 * 4 * 3 * *
Almonds 7 grams 0 * 1.75 1.5 * 3 1g 3.5 * 32.5
Chicken Breast 4 oz. 68 68 mg 26 0 * * * 2 * 122
Lignan Flax Oil 1/2 tsp * * 0 0 * * * 1.83 * 18.33
Oatmeal 2/3 cup 0 * 10 54 * 8 0 6 1 300
Turkey 3 slices 900 300 mg 12 3 * * * 3 * 90
Tuna 6 oz. 500 * 32 0 * 0 0 1.5 * 150
Green Beans 1/2 can 550 * 1.5 4 * -2 * 0 * *
Apple 3 oz 0 * 0 14 * * * 0 * 46
Brown Rice 1/2 cup 0 * 2 23 * * * 1 * 109
Brown Rice 1/2 cup 0 * 2 23 * * * 1 * 109
Chicken Breast 4 oz. 68 68 mg 26 0 * * * 2 * 122
Almonds 7 grams 0 * 1.75 1.5 * 3 1g 3.5 * 32.5
Salad 55 g 5 * 0.6 1.1 * 0.8 * 0.1 * 6.6
Salad 55 g 5 * 0.6 1.1 * 0.8 * 0.1 * 6.6
Chicken Breast 2 oz. 68 68 mg 13 0 * * * 1 * 61
Egg Whites 5 270 54 mg 17.5 3.35 0.67 * * 0 * 83.5
TOTALS * 2974 * 198.45 223.75 * 25.6 * 39.03 * 1808.53

What Did A Sample Week Of Training Consist Of?

    I found my workouts are more consistant if I set a time for it. If I say that I'm going to do, I do it. I am doing this for me and no one else.

    I try to ride my mountain bike during lunches on weekdays for 40 minutes when work is not to hectic. Weekdays I lift for 30 minutes; normally one muscle group, at least 6 exercises, 3 sets, reps vary in range right now because I am trying to increase my muscle strength; I am lifting heavy reps (3-10).

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    I Am Doing This For Me & No One Else.

    When I want to get cut, I lift less weights and increase reps with a body pump class that is always to music. On the weekends, I always workout for one hour. I also ride motocross, which I try to do once per week. This really burns calories.

    The best way I have noticed in getting my legs more defined is the adductor and low squats. I know guys that think the adductor is a girly movement. However, the biggest powerlifters I have met do those. They are used in every leg movement you perform.

    For biceps I like the 21s: 7 reps from bottom raise to waist, 7 reps from waist to shoulders, then 7 reps full curl.

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    21's Using The Curl.

    View Video Of 21's
    First 7 Reps
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    Next 7 Reps
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    Last 7 Reps
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    Once I had the baby I found it hard to workout as she always needed me. So I do squats, sissy squats, toe raisers, adductors and leg extensions while holding her. Makes great for extra weight. Good news for moms: babies usually fall asleep during the squats.

    Likewise my kids sit on my lap while I place my hands on the bottom step with straight arms. Then I bend my arms and do a tricep dip. I try to include them as much as possible to make it fun plus they are always around.

    Shoulder lifts I can do with my 4-year old laying across my arms and good mornings with her laying across my shoulders. Even my 14-year old wants i on this action. She will sit in my arms while I do shrugs.

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    I Try To Include My Kids As Much As Possible.

    Abs For Women

      It is more important to lift the legs up to your waist vs. crunching down. Do 2/3 more leg ups, Roman chair, or windmills than anything else.

Working Out With Children
Getting back in shape after having a baby requires excellent time management! The more you can work child's play into your workout, the more time there is for everything else that needs to be taken care of during the day.
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Suggestions For Others

Nothing comes easy but if you truly want it you have to be the one to do it. You will be so happy you made the decision to do it. I went from hurting knees and arches to people stopping me to ask how I made the transition.

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You Have To Be The One To Do It!

Good luck! You can do it too.

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