Transformation Of The Week - James Babb!

I was told by my doctor I would have to take blood pressure medication if I did not start losing weight. Before I started losing the weight my days of life were numbered. See how I beat back the doom with this transformation!
Weight: 265 lbs
49" waist
Weight: 175 lbs
32" waist
High blood pressure; 189 over 120
Back problems
Bad headaches at least once per week.
Normal blood pressure
No back problems
No headaches
Cholesterol 167
LDL 121
HDL 37
Triglycerides 43
Blood Sugar 104

Why You Got Started?

I was told by my doctor I would have to take blood pressure medication. I asked if there was any way I could avoid taking medication.

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He told me if I lost some weight it could help, so for my family and my own sake, I decided to lose some weight. Over the past three years, I dropped about 90 pounds. The most dramatic was the first six months.

How You Did It?

I was not educated on the process of losing weight, so I went at it too quickly and lost 69 pounds in six months. I lost a bit of muscle in the process, but the difference was dramatic.

I used the camcorder to keep me motivated. Every two weeks, I would film myself. This gave me something I could use to see the progress. I don't have good before pics, but I have great before videos.

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I started by counting calories, and using a calorie counting software called Diet Power. Exercise was in the form of jogging and weights. I remember the first time I jogged two miles, it took me more than 30 minutes! I was so out of shape! Now if I really push it, I can do it in less than 14 minutes.

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I have changed my approach many times, and I never got sucked into any type of fad diets. Although I did the low carb thing for a while. It's all about choices of foods and timing of meals. Mix that with exercise and you will have a winning combination.

Supplements Used:


    My diet, changed along the way also. As I learned more, I would change my diet.

      7 A.M. Pre-Workout: Protein shake with skim milk if I'm bulking, and Soy Milk Light if I'm cutting. 1 cup of oatmeal with splenda. (on cardio days, no oatmeal unless doing high intensity cardio)

      9 A.M. Post-Workout: protein shake with lean meat, rice, veggies. On cardio days, I drop the rice.

      12 P.M.: lean meat with 100% whole wheat bread, fat free cheese. On cardio days, I use low carb bread.

      3 P.M.: lean meat with rice and veggies.

      6 P.M.: lean meat with salsa or low carb ketchup.

      8 P.M.: protein snack (meat or peanut butter)


Suggestions For Others

Best advice, I can give is to not get fat in the first place. But if you have already crossed that line, then don't give up, its never too late. I will probably always have some loose skin around the middle, and I may never see a 6-pack, but that doesn't get me down.

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I feel so much better than I did when I was fat; it's great! It's a long hard road to get the weight off, but it is worth it in the end. I think you have to realize that you are not guarantied even one more day.

Today could be your last, how do you want to be remembered? How do you want to spend your last day? Give it your all, and live your life like it's your last day. Don't let your last days be spent laying on the couch eating chips, get out and live your life.

I have used to research a lot of information, and purchased products here to help me along the way. I hope to continue to learn as I go, and to someday have a six pack. I managed to get my body fat pretty low, but still had no 6-pack as you can see in the pictures. I seem to still have some fat and loose skin around the middle. Maybe with time I can change that a little.

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