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5 Exercises To Prevent Wrist Injuries!
Your wrists take a beating. Whether it's hours on the computer or hours in the gym, those little bones between your hands and forearms are under attack. Here's your first line of defense.
Section: Training :: Feb 04, 2015

6 Keys To Building Your Own Training Program
It can be tough to differentiate one muscle-building system from the next, but \'\'Train\'\' has the blueprint you need to build a rock-solid training program.
Section: Training :: Jan 28, 2015

4 Stretches To Combat Shin Splints
If you've ever suffered from shin splints, you know how they can leave you hobbling like a peg-legged pirate. Help prevent unnecessary pain and reclaim your smooth stride with these moves!
Section: Training :: Dec 30, 2014

Cereal Killers: Healthy Breakfast Alternatives!
Cereals might be a dietary staple for the average Joe, but your body deserves far better if you want it to grow, get leaner, and perform stronger. Here's what starting your day should look like!
Section: Nutrition :: Dec 26, 2014

4 New Protein Foods You Must Try
Supermarkets are cashing in on the world's love of meat. After all, it's the richest source of protein. But you can eat smarter and healthier, and save dollars by choosing these less-popular muscle-building sources.
Section: Nutrition :: Nov 17, 2014

Make Twice The Gains With The Hodgetwins Workout!
The Hodge twins have become the bad boys of fitness. With their edgy comedy and fitness straight-talking, they've amassed over 2 million YouTube subscribers. Use their new brand of training advice to double-team your workouts and make twice the gains!
Section: Training :: Oct 27, 2014

Back To Basics: Your Blueprint For Building A Bigger Back!
A strong back can have a have a tremendous impact on your performance and the rest of your physique. Learn how to bring your back training to the forefront!
Section: Training :: Oct 01, 2014

Upgrade Your Nutrition
Refresh your dietary software. Get full access to the data you need to optimize muscle.
Section: Nutrition :: Sep 25, 2014

Can You Spot-Target Fat Deposits?
The short answer is no, but the long answer is yes. Here's the new thinking that might challenge everything you thought you knew about spot-reducing fat.
Section: Training :: Sep 04, 2014

Blueprint Your Gains For Long-Term Growth
Apply a little planning to your workouts to get bigger, stronger, and fitter, forever. Check out this one-year training plan!
Section: Training :: Jun 23, 2014

Smart Seasoning: Five Healthy Spices To Flavor Your Meals
Use your spice rack as a powerful training aid to flavor your physique and exercise goals with faster success.
Section: Nutrition :: Jun 19, 2014

Summer Shredded: Get A Beach-Ready Body
Don't get caught with your shirt on when the weather warms up. Here's a six-week plan to make sure your physique turns plenty of heads this summer.
Section: Training :: May 19, 2014

Dwayne Johnson's Rock-Hard Hercules Workout And Diet Plan
To play the son of Zeus in the upcoming blockbuster ''Hercules,'' Dwayne ''The Rock'' Johnson took his training to an entirely new level. In this interview, the movie icon reveals how you can build the body of a demigod.
Section: Training :: May 16, 2014

Colostrum Milk: Health Hype Or The Real Deal
'It makes you bigger, stronger, and faster for longer.' Colostrum milk seems to offer it all, but does it really?
Section: Supplements :: May 02, 2014

Captain America's Training Plan
To look like a superhero on screen, you need to train like a superhero in the gym. These fitness tips from actor Chris Evans will make you stronger, bigger, and better!
Section: Training :: May 01, 2014

Bigger, Faster, Stronger, Happier: Learn More From Steve Cook
Leading fitness model Steve Cook believes training should be done with a smile on your face. If you're not enjoying yourself, you're simply not doing it right!
Section: Training :: Mar 18, 2014

Can You Out-Supplement A Bad Diet?
Shoring up your defenses and boosting your health with pills and potions won't make a difference if your diet isn't up to scratch.
Section: Supplements :: Mar 07, 2014

Pumping Iron: Kris Gethin's Top 3 Triceps Exercises
The biceps are great, but the triceps are the true mass monsters of your upper arms. Carve killer horseshoes with Kris Gethin's favorite exercises!
Section: Training :: Mar 06, 2014

3 Benefits Of Weightlifting Complexes And 3 Sample Complexes!
Busting through plateaus can be frustrating, but this article makes complexes seem simple. Burn fat in a hurry and expedite your progress!
Section: Training :: Mar 03, 2014

5 Muscle Misconceptions That May Stall Your Muscle Growth
Even if you're all about frying fat this time of year, sooner or later you're going to want to add size. Make sure you do it right.
Section: Training :: Feb 27, 2014

Boot Camp Fit: Grenade's Rhino CrossFit Boot Camp Workout
Think you've got what it takes to hang with the ripped athletes of Team Grenade? Test yourself with this grueling boot camp workout!
Section: Training :: Feb 03, 2014

Sculpt Your Six-Pack Now: Early Summer Abs Workout
The weather outside may be frightful, but soon it will be delightful! Kick-start your summer six-pack with this awesome abs plan.
Section: Training :: Feb 03, 2014

Kizzito Ejam's 3-Week New Year Countdown Circuit Workout
The three main implements in physical training are the barbell, dumbbell, and your own bodyweight. Each of these three circuits uses one tool to help you torch fat!
Section: Training :: Jan 27, 2014

My Life On A Plate With BodySpace Spokesmodel Samantha Leete
The last year has been a beautiful whirlwind for Samantha Leete. Life gets hectic for young champions of the stage. This meal plan helps her stay on track no matter what's up in her life.
Section: Nutrition :: Jan 27, 2014

The True Beast Unleashed: How Hugh Jackman Became The Wolverine
It took Hugh Jackman more than a decade to perfect the look of Wolverine, his Marvel comics inspired alter ego. Now, aged 45, the Golden Globe winning actor believes he's finally cracked it.
Section: Training :: Jan 24, 2014

My Life On A Plate With Brian Casad, TRAIN Magazine
You can take your diet from a disorganized combination of 'whatever you want' to a specified regimen of 'this is what you need' in just seven days!
Section: Nutrition :: Jan 15, 2014

Death Of The Treadmill
A treadmill workout can be ineffective, inefficient, and mind-numbingly boring—which is why people around the world are ditching it in favor of more exciting and potentially effective activities.
Section: Training :: Jan 14, 2014

Winter Workout: 5 Tips For Serious Muscle Growth
The winter months give you a chance to hibernate and bulk up. Follow these five tips to build some serious size before you focus on losing fat!
Section: Training :: Jan 03, 2014

3 Types Of Muscle-Building Supplements For Overall Growth
In its inaugural edition, TRAIN magazine, the newest health and fitness bible, reveals the truth about how they work and what you should be taking when.
Section: Supplements :: Jan 02, 2014

CrossFit Training Manual
CrossFit athlete and coach Antony Monks presents a step-by-step guide through a winter CrossFit WOD. Add this fitness phenomenon training style to your regimen in the New Year!
Section: Training :: Dec 31, 2013

Race God To Norse God: Chris Hemsworth Thor Two Workout
Chris Hemsworth had to change his body dramatically twice in 12 months for Rush and Thor: The Dark World. How did this action hero pull it off?
Section: Training :: Dec 19, 2013

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