TOTW: Who Will Win The 2006 Iron Man Pro?

This year's Iron Man Pro will be exciting because the current champion, Gustavo Badell, will not be competing. That leaves this contest wide open as many new and old faces now have a shot... See what our forum members have to say about it.

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TOPIC: Who Will Win The 2006 Iron Man Pro?

The Question:

This year's Iron Man Pro will be exciting because the current champion, Gustavo Badell, will not be competing. This leaves it wide open for the other competitors who would love to win the first IFBB pro contest of the year.

Will Lee Priest be able to come in and grab the title with several top contenders withdrawing from the contest? Will some of the new faces, such as those coming over from Europe, have a chance? Or will it be somebody else?

The list of the competitors:
(*list updated February 10th)

  1. Oliver Adzievski
  2. Troy Alves
  3. Mo Anouti
  4. Pablo Arevalo
  5. Paul Baker
  6. Eryk Bui
  7. Darrem Charles
  8. Chris Cook
  9. Kris Dim
  10. Andy Dinetta
  11. Mark Dugdale
  12. Moe El Moussawi
  13. Tamer El Shahat
  14. Derik Farnsworth
  15. Toney Freeman
  16. Kai Greene
  17. Ahmad Haidar
  18. David Henry II
  19. Heiko Kallbach
  20. Martin Kjellstrom
  21. Evgeny Mishin
  22. Mustafa Mohammad
  23. Ian Morgan
  24. Ntuk Ntuk
  25. Dragan Paunovic
  26. Arnaud Plaisant
  27. Lee Priest
  28. Silvio Samuel
  29. Armin Scholz
  30. Heinz Senior
  31. Rodney St. Cloud
  32. Emmanuel Tzinidis
  33. Nathaniel Wonsley
  34. Hidetada Yamagishi

Give your opinion on who will be in the top three and give full details for why you believe it will go down that way.

Bonus Question: Have you ever attended the Iron Man Pro Show? If so, what did you think of it and how was your experience? Was it what you thought it would be? How could it be made better?

Show off your knowledge to the world!

The Winners:

      1st place - 75 in store credit.
      2nd place - 50 in store credit.
      3rd place - 25 in store credit.

To use your credit, e-mail Will @ for more info.

1st Place - NoNameNecessary
A Quick Look Into The Competition...

What Is It?

It is one of, if not, the largest professional bodybuilding events on the Left (West) Coast. Also, it is the most important competition, besides the Olympia, for professional bodybuilders, as it is the first IFBB competition of the year. Also, the three top finishers earn a spot in the Olympia at the end of the year. Thus, the three who have worked the hardest are the three who will be rewarded in the end.

With that being said...

What's Been Going On This Year?

The Iron Man Pro this year is certainly not lacking in surprises. At the Iron Man competition this year, we are guaranteed to have a new winner. Gustavo Badell (2005) and Dexter Jackson (2004), both previous winners of this competition have chosen to sit out this event, and focus their sights on the Arnold Classic, with Jackson hoping to win again this year.

Two other surprises come from Darrem Charles and Dennis James who have both chosen to sit this one out, after originally being on the list of competitors.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Badell, Charles, Jackson & James.
All Sitting This One Out.

Lee Priest:
Will Lee Priest Be Able To Come In And Grab The Title With Several Top Contenders Withdrawing From The Contest?

The runner up in the two previous Iron Man events was Lee Priest, finishing behind the aforementioned Badell and Jackson the past two years. Without those two men competing, is this year the year Lee Priest should take home the title? This might be his year.

Badell Vs. Priest At The 2005 Ironman. Badell Vs. Priest At The 2005 Ironman.
For the second year in a row, the IFBB's first pro show of the season, the Ironman, was held on a day, which was pouring rain. Regardless of the wet weather, Gustavo Badell was dry as a bone and made his mark in bodybuilding with his first pro win.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

Lee Priest undisputedly has the best guns in the game. However, his legs are what has kept him from winning past competitions. He must keep them from being water balloons, and must get them ripped and shredded, instead of flat. From what I, and others, have seen from pictures that he has posted less than six days away from the competition, his legs are on point.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Lee Priest Less Than 6 Weeks Out From The 2006 Ironman.

If he comes out looking like he did last year, he will be very hard to beat. And in recent pictures, he looks better than he did last year, when he upset Chris Cormier at the Australian Pro last year. Undoubtedly, he will finish in the top two, as it has been stated before.

New Faces:
Will some of the new faces, such as those coming over from Europe, have a chance?

From what I have heard, many, many Europeans are making the trip this year cross the waters. It should be interesting to see how they do, as I have always enjoyed seeing some newer faces up on the stage. However, I believe the Europeans lack the aesthetic appeal and conditioning to place in the top 10.

The rest of the field...

Who to watch for...

Troy "Troymendous" Alves:

    Although people are saying Lee Priest is the clear-cut favorite to win this year, contests aren't won until you step on the stage. Last year, in this same competition, he placed third behind Badell and Priest in a very controversial decision. Alves is drawing comparisons to Frank Zane, who was a three time Mr. Olympia.

    Troy had to sit out the Olympia due to injuries. But he is still confident in his own ability to defeat Priest, and the rest of the field. With the added time off, he has really packed on some mass (focusing mainly on his arms, obviously to compete with Priest's), and just needs to get that shredded. If he brings his tight conditioning, he will give Lee a run for the money. This is clearly a two man race this year.

    Troy @ The 2005 Iron Man Troy @ The 2005 Iron Man

    enlarge Click To Enlarge.
    Troy @ The 2005 Iron Man.

Ahmad Haidar:

    Another competitor being mentioned among the top contenders is Ahmad Haidar. Just like Priest's arms excel above the rest of the field, Haidar's abs excel above the rest of the competitors.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Ahmad Haidar.

    Haidar has finished fourth in the previous two Iron Man competitions, and must be mentioned among the contenders. However, I feel he lacks the mass of others to be in the top five, and sadly, will be on the outside looking in, with a sixth place finish.

David Henry:

    David Henry, the winner of the Olympia wildcard last year, has one of the best backs in bodybuilding. His back is incredibly ripped, and that has not been seen lately in the backs of other top professional bodybuilders. If his competitors are not ultra ripped, as Henry surely will be, there will be an upset, but look for Henry to finish third or fourth.

    David @ The 2005 Iron Man David @ The 2005 Iron Man

    enlarge Click To Enlarge.
    David @ The 2005 Iron Man.

Tony Freeman:

    Tony Freeman is also known as "The Beast," and that might be an understatement. Tony stands 6' 2" and in the off season weighs around 285. However, at the 2002 Nationals, where he defeated young up-and-comers (notables: Dave Palumbo, Mat Duvall), not much unlike himself, he came in weighing 250 with just a 30' inch waist, all at 6'2".

Toney Freeman Interview! Toney Freeman Interview!
The beast speaks! At 285 lbs and still growing as he prepares for his pro debut, Toney Freeman is going to be a force to be reckoned with.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

    However, I feel his on-stage performance and conditioning are never quite right. Still, in the future, once he gets dialed in, he may be a force to be reckoned with.

Eryk Bui:

    Eryk Bui will be making his pro debut at the Iron Man. He made a huge impact at a few amateur competitions, especially the California Championships about two years back. Since then, he has really packed on same mass. Although, I don't see him placing in the top five, I think he will make a strong showing and finish about tenth.

An Interview With 2004 Nationals Middleweight Winner Eryk Bui. An Interview With 2004 Nationals Middleweight Winner Eryk Bui.
In the following interview, Eryk gives an exclusive account of his thoughts on the current state of the sport, his goals, and the training and nutritional approaches he has adopted.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

    It will be interesting to see how his career goes from here. Watch out for him. (Interesting side note: The best Asian bodybuilder in the competition? Kris Dim or Eryk Bui? For this year, I give it to Dim, but in the future, watch out for Bui.)

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Watch Out Dim, Eryk Bui Is Taking A Stand!

Mohammad Mustafa:

    Although personally, along with many others, I do not like Mustafa's physique. However, there is no denying that he has some of the largest legs in the industry. He finished well last year, and competed in the Olympia. If he competes at his previous bests, he could be looking at best, a top three, or certainly, a top five performance.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Mohammad Mustafa.

Kris Dim:

    Kris Dim must be mentioned amongst the top bodybuilders at the competition. Coming off a poor performance at the Olympia (15th and not even a chance to perform his posing routine), he surely will take that as a boost to lift his performance in the Iron Man.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Kris Dim.

    He wants to come in strong and prove that he deserved a better look at the Olympia Competition. He also looks to prove that he should keep the title of best Asian bodybuilder. Dim will be dialed in, should finish top five, probably fifth, with Mustafa being his competition.

Derik Farnsworth:

    Along with Bui, Farnsworth is one of the best young guns in the game. He missed his mark last year, finishing in 15th position at this same competition last year. However, his legs rival those of Mustafa, and he could give him a run for his money for the "Best Legs" Title. Again, watch out for him in the near future.

    Derek Derek Derek
    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Derik Farnsworth 3 Weeks Out.

Francis Benfatto:

    Benfatto will be making a return to the bodybuilding stage, after a near ten year layoff. He has a V-taper that is rarely seen in the sport these days. From what recent photos have shown, his size has improved greatly, and he is looking better than ever.

    Francis Benfatto
    enlarge Click To Enlarge.
    Francis From 1992.

    It will be nice to see how he does against some younger competition, and the new age ideals of bodybuilding. I believe he will not finish in the top five, with likely a top ten finish, but this is the one time, that I would like to be wrong.

It's Gonna Be A Close Race This Year...

The judges will have a very tough decision this year, as I believe it is one of the top races we have seen in recent years. And I believe the decision this year, will be even more controversial than the one last year. All races, not only the one for the championship, are very close. But without further a due I give you... drum roll please...

My Top Five:

  1. Troy Alves - I believe he will come in strong and will only feed off of the decision last year. Many people are not counting on him to win, and I think he likes being the underdog. I just think his ultra-tight condition, which he is notorious for, and the newly added mass, will give him a slight edge over the superhuman size of Lee.

  2. Lee Priest - Lee Priest will come in a close second. I just believe he won't be as ripped as Alves, which will give Troy a slight edge over him. However, Lee's mass and arms will give him a second place finish in one the most anticipated and closely contested Iron Man finish's ever.

  3. David Henry - His unrivaled back and amazing physique will give him the small edge over Mustafa, again in a very close race. This also will be a highly disputed decision.

  4. Mohammad Mustafa - His overall size will bring him into the top five, with his impressive legs pushing him just ahead our fifth place finisher. Mustafa could finish higher, but I believe his physique simply does not appeal to the crowds, and more importantly, judges, as the above three do.

  5. Kris Dim - What keeps him from a third, or even second place finish, is how disproportional his body is. He is extremely short, and his legs aren't as big as those ahead of him. However, his arms rival those of Priest's and he could be a top contender for the championship next year in the Iron Man.

With all of that said, it will be an amazing competition this year, and it will be really interesting to see how all of the events unfold. And especially, good luck and god bless to all of the competitors. Thank you all for reading.

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God Bless,

Bonus Question:
Have You Ever Attended The Iron Man Pro Show?

Sadly, I have yet to be able to attend the Iron Man show, as it is usually on the left (West) coast, and I am on the right (East) coast. However, this is the one show, other than the Olympia, that I would love to attend, simply because of the range of events it contains.

Isaac Hinds' 2006 Iron Man Preview. Isaac Hinds' 2006 Iron Man Preview.
The first pro show of the year is going to be a good one. See my preview to see how the athletes are stacking up and who is going to be competing in the figure division. Read on for more...
[ Click here to learn more. ]

Other than the bodybuilding competitions, there are expos, strongman competitions, and figure competitions that can really please all of the senses. This is one I would surely love to attend. And also, rather than attending them, I hope to compete in one someday.

2nd Place - mivi320

The IFBB Iron Man Pro is one of the largest professional bodybuilding events on the West Coast. Not only is it one of the largest professional bodybuilding events, but it is also one of the most important competitions for IFBB professional bodybuilding competitors. The reason being that the three top qualifiers earn a spot to compete in the subsequent Mr. Olympia that same year!

The Iron Man Pro show is also a great determiner of who has been training hard and who hasn't. The reason being that the Iron Man Pro is always the very first IFFB Men's competition of the year! Therefore, the audience can see who has been working hard or hardly working over the last few months! Those who have been working hard will be rewarded, as the top three finalists will qualify for a position in the next Mr. Olympia!

The Story So Far...

This year's Iron Man Pro show will be quite exciting and interesting, to say the least. Gustavo Badell, last year's champion, will not be competing in this year's show. Therefore, the opportunities for placing in the top three are wide open for all the competitors. It all comes down to who wants it the most!

Gustavo Badell @ The 2005 Iron Man
Gustavo Badell @ The 2005 Iron Man Gustavo Badell @ The 2005 Iron Man
Gustavo Badell @ The 2005 Iron Man Gustavo Badell @ The 2005 Iron Man
enlarge Click To Enlarge.
Gustavo Badell @ The 2005 Iron Man.

Whoever has trained the hardest, followed by a sound nutrition and supplementation program, and worked hard day in and day out will take the 1st place prize home!

Lee Priest:
Will Lee Priest Be Able To Come In And Grab The Title With Several Top Contenders Withdrawing From The Contest?

Lee Priest placed 2nd in last year's Iron Man Pro show, so it'll be interesting to see if he has what it takes to take the 1st place position this year. Lee's very hungry this year. He holds a record for four runner-up positions at the Iron Man Pro - last year to Gustavo Badell and the previous year to Dexter Jackson.

Lee @ The 2005 Iron Man Lee @ The 2005 Iron Man
Lee @ The 2005 Iron Man Lee @ The 2005 Iron Man
enlarge Click To Enlarge.
Lee @ The 2005 Iron Man.

Lucky for Lee, Gustavo Badell and Dexter Jackson aren't entering this year's Iron Man Pro to focus on the Arnold coming up in March. Lee has everything going for him, but it's only a matter of how badly he wants it! I'm a huge fan of Lee Priest and have been following his contest preparation the last couple of weeks. He simply looks amazing as of right now, and if he continues tweaking his preparation, he is going to be very hard to beat!

An Interview With 'Nitro' Lee Priest. An Interview With 'Nitro' Lee Priest.
Love him or hate him, Lee Priest always tries to tell it the way it is... This is great a great interview with a great athlete. Learn more about Lee Priest and see what he has been up to.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

In my honest opinion, I believe Lee will seize the moment this year and take home 1st place. He's simply got everything going for him as of right now. The two competitors who he has placed 2nd to the last two years are sitting this one out to focus on the Arnold.

His pictures from three weeks out look great. He's holding at a steady 204 pounds and seems to have no problem with bloating or symmetry. His infamous bicep peak is looking the best it ever has. This is his year, no doubt about it.

New Faces:
Will Some Of The New Faces, Such As Those Ccoming Over From Europe, Have A Chance? Or Will It Be Somebody Else?

There are several new faces in that competition. Many of them are from Europe and will make their IFBB pro debut at the Iron Man Pro. Given that we've never seen these competitors on stage, it's very difficult to say whether they have a chance. Again, it all comes down to how well they prepared for show, and ultimately how badly they want it!

With that being said, here is my list of competitors to look out for in this year's show:

Eryk Bui:

    Eryk Bui will be making his first appearance in an IFBB show at the Iron Man Pro. This guy has the perfect blend of symmetry, conditioning, and size. Eryk views himself as a prospect that will ultimately help return the great sport of bodybuilding to the period where competitors like Sergio Olivia, Arnold Schwarzenegger, and Dorian Yates left their presence on the stage.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Eryk Bui.

    Eryk has been training heavy and hard, and is in peak condition just a few weeks out from the Iron Man Pro. He certainly has what it takes to place in the top three, so be sure to watch out for him in this year's show!

Ahmad Haidar:

    Ahmad has the most chiseled abs in the sport, no doubt about it. The deep cuts in his abdomen area are simply unreal, but he lacks the size and mass needed to place respectfully in this year's show. I haven't seen any contest preparation pictures of Ahmad to this date, so I'm not sure how well he is doing in the size department.

    enlarge Click To Enlarge.
    Ahmad @ 2004 Night Of Champions.

    In order for him to place respectfully, Ahmad must come in on contest day with not only some more mass, but also those famous chiseled abs!

Kris Dim:

    Kris Dim is in my opinion, "the next big thing." Some even say he is the next Lee Priest. I recently came across a thread on the forums in the "IFFB Pro Bodybuilding" section displaying Kris Dim's photos from just one week out.

    Kris Dim
    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Kris Dim.

    He has an unprecedented blend of size and symmetry that is going to be extremely hard to beat. Expect him to place within the top 10 this year!

Derik Farnsworth:

    Farnsworth has a similar build to that of Kris Dim, as both are around the 5'2" height range. Farnsworth weighs only about 165-170 pounds, but his symmetry and deep cuts are simply amazing. Farnsworth's IFBB pro debut last year at the Iron Man Pro show was horrid, as he failed to even place within the top 15!

    Derik has been training hard the last few months for this show. He has made commendable progress and capitalized on all of weaknesses that held him back from placing within the top 15 in last year's Iron Man Pro!

Troy Alves:

    Troy Alves could have easily taken home the 1st place position in last year's controversial placing. He took 3rd place overall last year, still quite impressive nonetheless.

    Troy sat out the recent Mr. Olympia competition with an injury, so he has been working extremely hard to take home 1st place at this year's Iron Man Pro show. I am one of the few who believes that Troy should have gotten third place. He clearly lacked the mass that Gustavo and Lee brought to the table at last year's show.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Gustavo & Troy @ The 2005 Press Conference.

    However, word on the street is that Troy has added some new muscle mass to his frame! So be sure to keep an eye out for Troy, as he will clearly be giving Lee Priest and competitors alike a run for their money!

Who Will Be The Top 3?

As I mentioned previously in the article, I truly believe this is Lee Priest's year. It's going to be very difficult for competitors to match his unprecedented size, amazing bicep peak, and tree trunk legs.

Coming in at second place will be Troy Alves. Troy has been working hard all year for this show, as he was unable to compete in the Mr. Olympia due to an injury. His newly added muscle mass will make it interesting as he tries to compete with Lee Priest's freaky mass. He's hungry and wants the first place title badly. However, he'll have to settle for second place at this year's show.

Who Will Win The 2006 Iron Man Pro? Who Will Win The 2006 Iron Man Pro?
I've taken a look at a few of the competitor lists I've seen posted on various sites and my first thought was, Who are some of these guys? See who I think will take the lead in this year's competition!
[ Click here to learn more. ]

I'm going out on a limb here and placing Kris Dim at third place. I truly feel as if this is his year to make a name for himself - not only at this year's Iron Man but also at future shows this year. His recent photos from just one week out are very impressive, and his conditioning and size is going to be hard to match for other competitors!

Have You Ever Attended The Iron Man Pro Show? If So, What Did You Think Of It And How Was Your Experience?

Yes, I attended last year's Iron Man Pro Show in 2005 with my family. I enjoyed every second of it, as it was full of scheduled events and fun. It was interesting to talk with other bodybuilding fans who have the same interests as I do. It was also exciting to go to all the different expositions and get free samples of supplements! Everybody loves free supplements!

The best part was the actual show, hands down.

I've been to several local bodybuilding contests, but never an actual IFBB contest. As soon as I saw my favorite professional bodybuilder, Lee Priest, step out on the stage - I realized just how lucky I was to be there!

Was It What You Thought It Would Be? How Could It Be Made Better?

No, it wasn't what I thought it would be. It was even better than what I had thought it would be! I didn't expect there too be so many festivities and events going on besides the actual show. It was truly an exciting experience! I think it could have been made better if the festivities weren't scheduled so closely to each other.

I can recall wanting to go to one particular event, but I couldn't because another event that grabbed my interest was at the same time. It basically came down to "picking and choosing" which events I really wanted to see. In the end, it didn't matter much because I had one of the best times ever at all the festivities and the big show!

Live life to the fullest,

2006 Iron Man Video Preview:
This was a fast-moving and fun meet, and everyone had a great time.

2006 Iron Man Video Preview:
Brought To You By & The Fit Expo.
Windows Media (3.61 MB)
MPEG (13.5 MB)

3rd Place - Squat_lt

The Iron Man Pro is certainly one of the biggest bodybuilding contests in the entire world. It starts the bodybuilding contest marathon followed by the Arnold Classic and Mr. Olympia.

This event is also important because for some bodybuilders a top 3 finish means they earn the right to compete at the next Mr. Olympia. This year's show also holds many great events such as massive Fit Expo, many seminars and conferences.

I'm sure that this years contest will be very entertaining. Previous Iron Man Pro winners Gustavo Badell and Dexter Jackson are not going to compete this year. This leaves empty spots for almost all of the competitors. I'm looking forward to see runner-up of two previous contests - Lee Priest. Will it be his night this year?

Some History & My Predictions

arrow Results Of Previous Iron Man Pro Contests:

arrow My Predictions For The 2006 Iron Man Pro:

1. Lee Priest:

    It should be his night... It's his third straight Iron Man Pro appearance. Two previous times he finished second, one time he lost to Dexter Jackson and another time to Gustavo Badell. In his favor these guys are not competing this year because they are preparing for Arnold Classic. Some big names such as Darrem Charles and Dennis James also resigned from this competition. It should be a great chance for Lee.

    Lee Priest
    Click Image To Enlarge.
    It Should Be A Great Chance For Lee.

    Lee is often underrated because of his size, but his massive guns certainly change a lot in his massive physique. Last year he came hard and shredded however he was edged by Gustavo in a close race.

    Usually Lee is blamed for his softer lower body appearance compared to very hard upper. But I'm pretty sure that Lee will bring a way harder look this year. I saw pictures of his legs 6 days from a show and I was very impressed. They looked incredibly hard and vascular.

    "The Blond Myth" has everything that he needs to be a champion this year. Few days to the contest he is looking great. He is hard and shredded. You can't see any bloat. With his freakish mass and those 20 inch guns he can edge anybody on stage. If he doesn't do any major mistakes he should win this show.

2. Troy Alves:

    He's certainly another threat for first place. Some compare his look with Dorian Yates and some compare his proportions and aesthetics with Frank Zane. Troy is always super dry and ripped on stage and it's one of his biggest advantages against others.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Troy Alves.

    Many consider his 3rd place in last year's Iron Man Pro as a very controversial decision. He looked great but he truly lacked size to win against such mass monsters as Lee Priest or Gustavo Badell. Troy posted some pictures a few weeks ago from the show and many people were shocked. He was bigger than ever before. He added some quality pounds of lean muscle to his ultra ripped frame, especially his arms and he didn't lose any symmetry, proportions or his unbelievable conditioning.

2006 Iron Man Pro Preview! 2006 Iron Man Pro Preview!
Will Priest be serving mass at the IRON MAN Pro? We will have to wait and see. This review will list some of the competitors and what some of them should bring to the show. Read on...
[ Click here to learn more. ]

    He will be a big threat for Lee. I'm sure it will be a very close race against the two of them. I can guarantee that we will see Troy in the top 3. In my opinion he will be second after Lee. He has huge potential, but true glory is still in the future for him.

3. David Henry:

    David owns another great physique and I'm sure that he will present it in the best way he can. He has an incredible back development and has a very proportional, aesthetic physique. He is a bit smaller than most of his competitors but he knows how to reach perfect conditioning and super low body fat.

    He was 6th in the 2004 Iron Man Pro and 7th in 2005 Iron Man. He also won Mr. Olympia's Wildcard last year. He won't create a big challenge for Lee or Troy but he will certainly show his best side. If he presents the same conditioning as in earlier shows and if he will bring another few pounds to the stage, I see him in third place or in the top 5 at the very worst.

    David Henry
    Click Image To Enlarge.
    David Henry.

4. Ahmad Haidar:

    "Abzilla" is another great experienced bodybuilder in this contest. His development and look of abs are truly amazing. He probably has the best abs in bodybuilding ever. He always presents good conditioning and he is always shredded. He is also one of the most proportional contenders in this contest.

    He was 4th in 2004 Iron Man and 7th in 2003. He should be a strong contender for top 5 this year. However he lacks size for a higher placing and I see him in fourth place.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Ahmad Haidar.

5. Mustafa Mohammad:

    He will be one of biggest guys on stage. His freakish mass is truly mind blowing. I'm sure that he will also present the biggest legs on stage. But sometimes it's just not enough to be big. He performed well in the last Mr. Olympia and finished 10th. If he prepares carefully for this one, he should place high enough. He should be somewhere around 5th.

6. Kris Dim:

    He might be the biggest surprise of the night. Some already title him as second to Lee Priest. His arms are awesome and he looks very improved. I saw some of his pictures posted before the show and I was impressed. He should be another mass monster after a few years.

    Lee Priest
    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Biggest Surprise Of The Night?

    He is already the best Asian bodybuilder and it should be a good year for him. However he is not the guy with the best proportions and his size might also be another minus. Everything depends on him and how he will be able to present his physique. I'm sure that we will see him in the top 10 or even the top 5.

7. Mark Dugdale:

    Mark won't be the biggest guy on stage but I'm sure that he will show the same crazy conditioning and perfect proportions as he did last year. He finished 8th in the previous Iron Man Pro and some experts think he should be awarded with a higher placing. He has very well developed legs and if he brings some extra size we can see placing even higher than last year.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Mark Dugdale.

8. Armin Scholz:

    He might be another big surprise in the show this year. He hasn't been very famous lately, but when I saw his photos a few days from the show I was surprised. He was big, dry and hard. He showed big potential when he was a teen and maybe he could show his true value this year? I'm looking forward to seeing him on stage. He certainly will be one of the biggest guys out there.

9. Eryk Bui:

    Eryk will be making his pro debut in this contest after winning Nationals in 2004. He will be another Asian bodybuilder in the show. Some people predict very high placing for this athlete but I am a bit skeptical.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    I Am Skeptical.

    In my opinion he will be lucky if he will fall into the top 10. He's not the biggest guy out there and I didn't see any tremendous conditioning or hardness. But maybe he will prove me wrong.

10. Derik Farnsworth:

    His pro debut last year was very disappointing and I'm sure he trained very hard to improve his physique. He is one of the smallest and lightest bodybuilders on stage. He has good conditioning and hardness but he is still not very proportional.

    Derik needs to improve his arms as they are way too small compared to his legs. He has good potential to be a successful bodybuilder in the future but still has much room for improvement. I see him in top 10 at the very best.

Leg Training with Garrett Downing and Derik Farnsworth
Date: 8/30/05

This week we have two bodybuilders (Garrett Downing and Derik Farnsworth) that will give you an inside look at how they train legs. Also, don't miss our "In the Kitchen" segment with NPC fitness competitor Cynthia Bridges.
Video Show 12

New Guys From Europe

Competitors list is huge at this Iron Man Pro and there are many new names on it. Will some guys make a big surprise? Maybe... But again I remain quite skeptical. Of course there are many good bodybuilders from Europe but usually they lack some finishing touches in their physiques that prevents them from placing high.

I can remember Alexander Federov in the last Mr. Olympia. Many people predicted that he will place very high. Some even compared him to Ronnie but let's come to reality. He finished last. It was clear that he lacks experience in professional contests. I would not expect much from our newcomers. Maybe some of them will show something decent but nobody appears from somewhere and wins first place.

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Alexander Federov.

My Final Top 3:

  1. Lee Priest
  2. Troy Alves
  3. David Henry

Bonus Question

I have never attended the Iron Man Pro Show. I did however attend last years Mr. Olympia and Arnold Classic (I always miss the Iron Man Pro). I'm a big fan of all bodybuilding shows so I hope to go to the Iron Man Pro Show soon. I've heard a ton of positive feedback about the show and I'll try to be there next year.

Anyway, I'm not so disappointed that I won't be able to be there this year. I won't miss the show because I will be able to watch it live on the web cast showing at I'm glad that such a great event will be shown to the entire world.

Who Do You Think Will Win The 2006 Iron Man Pro?

Troy Alves.
Darrem Charles.
Ahmad Haidar.
Dennis James.
Mustafa Mohammad.
Rodney St. Cloud.
David Henry II.
Derik Farnsworth.
Chris Cook.
Lee Priest.