What Are Your Bodybuilding Goals For 2007?

What are your bodybuilding goals for 2007? The time is at hand once again! Our forum members share some great goals and ways to make sure they achieve them. See what they are and if they could work for you. Read on.

TOPIC: What Are Your Bodybuilding Goals For 2007?

The Question:

Now that the New Year is approaching, it is time for us to think ahead and plan our future goals. What those goals will be is entirely up to you, whether they are to lose fat, gain muscle, or just to get away from the stupid TV. The important thing is that if you make a goal make sure you complete it.

What are your bodybuilding goals for 2007? How much fat do you want to lose? How much muscle do you want to gain? Be specific.

Which goals will be the hardest to achieve?

Which will be the easiest?

Bonus Question: Are there any lifestyle changing programs in your area that people might be interested in trying out? Is there some incentive offered with these programs?

Show off your knowledge to the world!

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1st Place - martinelli
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Now that the New Year is approaching, it is time for us to think ahead and plan our future goals. What those goals will be is entirely up to you, whether they are to lose fat, gain muscle, or just to get away from the stupid TV. The important thing is that if you make a goal make sure you complete it.

2007 Goals
What Are Your Bodybuilding Goals For 2007? How Much Fat Do You Want To Lose? How Much Muscle Do You Want To Gain? Be Specific.

My original goals were, above all, to cut back down to 160 pounds from 210 and to reach a body fat percentage low enough that it would allow me to clearly see my abs - something I had never achieved before.

My first attempt at cutting down was met with failure. I did not bulk long enough to gain any appreciable amount of muscle mass, and at 175 pounds, my decision to cut down to 160 was a mistake.

The results were disappointing; I certainly looked thinner in the face and body, but my abs were still hidden. I hypothesized two reasons for this: first, I probably did not gain enough muscle during the bulk to begin with, and second, although I was following a timed carbohydrate diet, my protein intake was on the low end of the bodybuilding spectrum (just barely 1 gram of protein per pound of bodyweight, and even dropping below that number on several occasions).


For this reason, amongst all other goals, I desired to hit 10 percent body fat, at the very least, with more muscle mass than my first cut.

Los Angeles Marathon:

    But the coming of the New Year caused me to reassess my goals. I had already set my New Year's Resolutions. But although I originally had one goal in mind - lowering my body fat - two friends of mine asked me if I wanted to run with them in the Los Angeles Marathon in March of 2007. I decided right then and there that I would finish my cut in time for the marathon.

    Click Image To Enlarge.

    However, my registration for the LA Marathon forced me to realize a crucial dilemma: cutting down from 210 pounds to 160 would normally not have been a problem for me, but performing this within the scope of three months (the date of the Los Angeles Marathon) would not be a good strategy. This would equate to four pounds of weight loss each week in order to reach 160 before the March deadline.

    I did not realize until after registering that the marathon was so close up ahead, and for this reason, I re-evaluated my goals and enlisted the services of Bryan Paulsen, also known as 'KhanPaulsen' in these forums.

    My new goals are now to cut down to 185 by March (2 pounds of weight loss each week) while retaining as much strength and muscle mass along the way.

    I realize that 1 pound of weight loss each week (which is presumably 1 pound of pure fat) is the safest way to go about losing weight while preserving muscle, but I feel that I must reach a bodyweight low enough to sustain 26.2 miles of running - the distance that all runners must complete in the marathon. I believe that 185 pounds, if not 160, sounds reasonable enough.

    I have my diet completely covered. I am still following a timed carbohydrate diet, but I have significantly increased my protein intake to at least 300 grams of protein a day, which constitutes 40 percent of my total daily calories on average. My carbohydrate intake never exceeds 20 percent of my calories, and my fat intake usually makes up the remaining 40 percent.

    I mailed $50 to Bryan Paulsen to help me achieve my goal while preventing too much strength and muscle loss. Every week for 4 weeks, he writes up a program for me to follow, and one day out of each week, we talk over the phone so that he can modify the program for the next week according to my performance in the previous week.

    Do I plan on training exclusively for the marathon? Not at all. I am not even attempting to improve my cardiovascular endurance for the race. My primary goal is to lower my body fat, but I have made general weight loss a secondary goal so that I will at least be able to complete the marathon (something I do not believe I can do at 210 pounds).

    What the marathon has basically done for me is it has given me a time frame within which I can work to achieve the latter. In other words, I am using the March deadline as a proxy for attaining my goal, as my source of motivation for my bodybuilding goals.

A Bodybuilder Competing In A Marathon! A Bodybuilder In A Marathon!
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    "What you need is drive, a goal down the line that you work for, that will keep you steadfast in your efforts, and that will keep you from straying away from the course."

    My discovery of the Los Angeles Marathon was, therefore, a fortunate event.

    Will I be able to see my abs by March? Probably not. But while reaching 10 percent body fat is a goal I have set in the long run, reaching 185 pounds regardless of my body fat percentage is a goal I have set to accomplish in the more immediate future.

    After the marathon, I plan to continue my cut to 160 pounds, but in a safer manner. After the marathon, I expect to see only 1 pound of weight loss a week to better preserve my strength and muscle.

    As for what I want to do after I cut down to 160, I am debating whether or not I should bulk again. My family and friends say I look better when I weigh less. Of course, this is the last thing we aspiring young bodybuilders want to hear.

    If I decide to bulk again, I plan on only bulking up to as high as 190 while lifting more than I was at 210 (assuming I am able to maintain the majority of my strength while cutting down).

Hardest Goals
Which Goals Will Be The Hardest To Achieve?

Weight loss in general is not a difficult thing to do. What is hard about it is making sure that the weight one is losing is mostly fat, not mostly muscle.

In saying this, I am acknowledging that I am going to lose more strength in the weeks prior to the marathon than I will after it because I am losing 2 pounds of weight per week for the three months leading up to the marathon, as opposed to losing 1 pound per week once it is over. This is why I am having Bryan structure a program that is biased toward strength and muscle retention.

Lowering only my body fat (versus losing weight) is the bigger challenge.

Easiest Goals
Which Will Be The Easiest?

Reaching 180-185 pounds in time for the March deadline will be easy for me to accomplish. Anyone can lose weight by eating less or being more active without having to pay attention to the little details. Bryan is simply helping me to maintain my performance in the gym while I am undergoing my relatively rapid weight loss.

Are There Any Lifestyle Changing Programs In Your Area That People Might Be Interested In Trying Out? Is There Some Incentive Offered With These Programs?

Here in the city of Davis, the dining commons on the campus of the University of California, Davis (UC Davis) advertise the "Mind-Body-Spirit" connection and encourage students and elderly persons alike to participate in each of the programs they have to offer for each.


    To put one's mind at ease, there are numerous "recreational areas" scattered across the entire campus to allow students coming to and from class and their dorms to take a break from the hectic college lifestyle. The slogan on the advertisement for "Mind" was this:

    "Spend just 20 minutes outside to breathe fresh air and help sharpen your focus before diving into those books."


    For the body, Davis offers the Activities and Recreation Center, also known as the "ARC," where students and adults can exercise in the weight room, run on the track or treadmills, and play basketball, badminton, volleyball or table tennis.


    To alleviate one's spirit, the campus offers daily yoga and meditation classes in the mornings and evenings at the ARC, which is especially beneficial to the adults because they can set aside time for peaceful repose before work.

    Click Image To Enlarge.
    Bodybuilding.com Author, Kristi Lees.

    This is the UC Davis' threefold approach to bettering one's overall lifestyle. There is no reward for participating in these programs; however, they are free so many take advantage of it.

2nd Place - Spaniard00
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Bodybuilding Goals For 2007

I was never the type to make goals when it came to bodybuilding. I use to go on a bulk then go on a cut and just worked hard every second that I could. However, lately I have noticed the amazing benefits of goal setting. When I set goals I seem to work out even harder.

Jungle Warfare

I find a barrier and my desire to surpass it becomes so strong that my intensity reaches a new plateau. For the first time two months ago I made some goals for myself when I started taking Jungle Warfare.

I told myself that I would raise all my lifts by 30 pounds and that I would increase my muscle mass in my upper chest, calves and my rear delts. Two months later I reached all my strength and muscle goals while gaining 16 pounds and no noticeable body fat. However, now it's time to forget about the past and work on improving myself more.

2007 Goals
What Are Your Bodybuilding Goals For 2007? How Much Fat Do You Want To Lose? How Much Muscle Do You Want To Gain? Be Specific.

When it comes to goal setting I am a hopeless optimist. I believe if the mind can visualize something then your body will be forced to follow. At the end of the year 2007, I am aiming for gaining a total of 15 pounds of muscle and losing about 3 pounds of fat.

I don't gain much fat on my clean bulks so I will only lose the few pounds of fat which have been accumulated until I am at 8 percent body fat. I hope to achieve 220 pounds by the end of 2007 with 8 percent body fat at 6 foot. I never let my body fat get out of control because I eat on a clock and I only eat clean foods regardless if I am bulking or cutting. I never cheat and I don't believe cheat meals serve any purpose except for justifying your own weakness.

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    I want to add a lot of muscle mass on my chest. My chest was always my weak point even though it has maid major advancements on Jungle Warfare. However, I am never satisfied and I want more mass in the upper and inner chest areas. I also want to have a clearer insertion point with my lower chest connecting to the Intercostals and the upper abdominal.

Welcome to the Jungle-Jungle Warfare Log Welcome To The Jungle Warfare Log:
"This is my first log so bear with me here. I have done much research on this and have decided to run a JW cycle. Yes I am 18-years old, many people will diagree with this saying I am too young. However I have seen younger users who got good results from it."
[ Click here to learn more. ]


    My deltoids on the other hand have always been easy to grow for me. Everyone is genetically predisposed to have mass in certain areas. My front and side deltoids would grow like a wildfire. However, my rear delts have always been lagging behind.

    I closed the gap but some progress still needs to be made. I didn't train back when I first started lifting weights so I am paying for the ignorance I had 5 years ago. However, I hit back real hard now and I am doing Priority Principle training for both my upper chest and rear delts.


    My back has grown at a rate which has surpassed my wildest expectations. My lats have literally doubled in size when I ended Jungle Warfare. My lumbar muscles have become more defined and prominent and I am beginning to get the Christmas tree and V-taper look.

What Workout Program Will Help With Your V-Taper? What Workout Program Will Help With Your V-Taper?
The V-taper can play a vital role in completing and mastering your physique. This shape of your body can also make or break your success in contests.
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    I still want to gain a lot more mass on my lower lats. Even though I have made amazing progress I believe that this is another one of my weak points. I want to be able to see the attachment of my lower lats to my waist at all times.


    My triceps are a muscle which I never had too much difficulty with. My triceps were absolutely massive a few years ago and I began to notice a lack of symmetry between the triceps and the biceps and shoulder.

    To counter this I stopped training the triceps directly for about 4 months. Once I got my delts and biceps to a similar size I decided to train my triceps again. My left triceps seems to be slightly larger than my right triceps so my goal is to merely achieve symmetry on both arms by 2007.

    My biceps on the other hand is a more problematic area for me. I can gain as much mass as I want on my biceps but symmetry seems to be a never-ending problem. My left biceps is bigger than my right biceps, yet my left biceps is far weaker than my right biceps. So it is an interesting problem.

    I will switch up my program to have high and slow controlled reps. I merely wish to have perfect symmetry on both biceps by the end of 2007. Once again I am being modest for my biceps and triceps because they have always been the easiest to grow for me. My arms are larger than my chest and back which are still just a tad behind.


    My calves like for most people have always been a major problem area. However, they have come a long way and I have finally realized what works for them. They grow slowly but the growth is definitely noticeable. I hope to add atd least 3 inches to my calves by the end of the year 2007. I am going to be using the priority principle again for my calves.


    My abdominals are an area which has bothered me a lot. Don't get me wrong, I have always had fantastic abs. Every year they would get better and better but there was always one thing missing. I could never get the upper 2 abdominals in order to achieve a true six pack. I have modified my abdominal training to emphasize on the upper portion of my abdominal wall.

    My upper two abdominals are becoming more prominent every month. By the year 2007 I hope to have my upper 2 abdominals to be as clear and cut as the other four. My intercostals are growing steadily and are becoming noticeably sharper.

    By 2007 I hope to have them connect clearly to my lower chest and to divide the chest from the lats like it should. They are growing well with the Press and Pull training system.

Cycle Through The Abdominal Anatomy.
Back Next

    The obliques are a completely different animal in my opinion. I do not wish to get them any larger at the moment. Doing the deadlift and leg raises improperly has given me slightly larger obliques than I wanted. My goal is to completely ignore the obliques until my lats make my waist look smaller or until my obliques shrink slightly.

    Regardless the obliques is not a muscle which I am looking to develop because it would be disastrous for my modeling career. By 2007 I hope that my obliques will become shadowed by the width of my lats.


    When it comes to my legs these are muscles which I have always been happy with. They are chiseled, cut and large. But what I want the most is to gain more muscle on the lower thigh near the knee.

    I am going to do a different training routine for my leg in order to get that teardrop I have always wanted. There is also a slight lack of symmetry between both legs which will be easily resolved. I will easily have my muscular imbalances corrected by the end of 2007.

Which Body Part Do You Need The Most Work On In The New Year?


Hardest Goals
Which Goals Will Be The Hardest To Achieve?

Without a doubt the goals that will be the hardest to achieve will be increasing muscle mass on my chest. These are two flaws which you see often in many physiques. Some people have a huge upper body and no legs. Some have huge front delts and no rear delts.

Some have a huge lower chest and no upper chest. I have gained noticeable growth on my upper chest since using Jungle Warfare, but the truth is it is a long way from having the mass that the lower and middle chest has. My goal for 2007 is putting more mass on my upper chest. I will be lucky however if by the end of 2007 if the mass on my upper chest is equal to the mass on the middle and lower portions.

Another problem which I definitely have is in my lower lats. I use to be ignorant about training my back and did not even know that the lower lats existed until a few years ago. I have set high expectations for my lower lats by 2007 and I am not entirely sure that my expectations are reasonable. I want to have my lower lats to be as dominant as my upper lats and to connect to my waist line like you could see on Franco Columbo's physique.

My rear delts are the last problem which I have. My shoulders grow so rapidly that they were dwarfing my chest and arms. So now until the rest of my body catches up I put them out of the routine.

I now put my rear delts (lagging behind front and medial delts) at the end of my back routine until they catch up to the size of the medial and front heads. I hope by 2007 that my rear delts will be equal in size and definition as the rest of the shoulder.

The Nitty Gritty Of Building Demolition Delts! The Nitty Gritty Of Building Demolition Delts!
Let's skip the small talk and start building cannonball shoulders. Delt training can be broken into two categories: presses and raises. For your educational enrichment we will break down both to their nuts and bolts.
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Easiest Goals
Which Will Be The Easiest?

I believe that the goal which will be the easiest to achieve will be growing my calves. For years I have been doing trial and error in vein. I could find nothing that worked for my calves. I tried different routines, sets and reps and nothing seemed to work. I figured out how to work my calves now to force growth and I think that I can gain 3 inches in my calves by the end of the year without a problem.

Are There Any Lifestyle Changing Programs In Your Area That People Might Be Interested In Trying Out? Is There Some Incentive Offered With These Programs?

At the local recreation center upon joining you can get many things for a limited time. Upon joining my local gym you can have your own personal training instructor for one month. Also all yoga classes are free for the first 2 weeks upon joining. There is even a nutritionist who will write you up a diet depending on what supermarket you go to. There is a plethora of lifestyle changing programs which you can join in the Cuyahoga County in Ohio.

3rd Place - Blap Blaow
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Now that the New Year is approaching, it is time for us to think ahead and plan our future goals. What those goals will be is entirely up to you, whether they are to lose fat, gain muscle, or just to get away from the stupid TV. The important thing is that if you make a goal make sure you complete it.

2007 Goals
What Are Your Bodybuilding Goals For 2007?

Goals are the cornerstone to success in any endeavour and your health and fitness is no different. They provide us with motivation and allow us to define specific direction in our quest to achieve them.

My bodybuilding and fitness goals for 2007 are pretty straightforward, but pretty specific at the same time. I will normally try to break down the year into smaller 3-4 months chunks which then allow me to easily reassess and redefine goals based on current progress and successes (and failures).

Cardiovascular Fitness:

    My primary goal for the first 3-4 months of 2007 is to increase cardiovascular fitness. Despite having come into bodybuilding from a distance running background, this is something I have increasingly neglected over the past year.

    Hopefully, increasing cardiovascular fitness will have a few beneficial knock on effects for me. From experience I have found that on a restricted diet I will lose lean body mass easily whereas fat loss is nowhere near as significant.

    By increasing cardio I hope to be able to increase my metabolic rate and overall fitness without cutting calorific intake significantly, thus being able to maintain muscle mass and drop fat (at least that's the idea!). I also hope to be back in at least one competitive 10k run by the end of summer 2007; hopefully sub 40 minutes.

Lower Body Fat Percentage:

    Moving forward into 2007, I hope to maintain a lower body fat percentage whilst putting on some quality lean body mass. This will be achieved trough careful diet, utilizing tried and tested workout programs and maintaining an improved level of cardiovascular fitness.

    I hope that at the end of 2007 I will be in the position where being competitive in a natural bodybuilding organization is a realistic goal for 2008.

Upper Body Strength:

    More generally throughout 2007 I hope to be able to increase upper body strength (specifically bench press and variants) as I find certain lifts lagging behind lower body strength.

Training Protocols:

    I also hope to experiment a little more with various training protocols. This is something I have found tremendously beneficial throughout 2006 and as a result I have a much better understanding of what works and what doesn't work for me for both strength and hypertrophy.

Fat Loss
How Much Fat Do You Want To Lose?

Currently I weigh in at around 175lbs, approximately 14% bf (based on a 7-point caliper test), at a height of 5-foot-6. By March I hope to be at around the 9% mark which will make me around 166 pounds strictly speaking (although the hope is to also increase muscle mass a little during this time through careful nutrition and not 'rushing' the fat loss process).

9-10 pounds in 3 months may not seem like much but by extending this process over a longer period of time I can hope maintain (or increase) lean muscle mass and strength, and keep motivation up through having set myself a realistic and measurable goal.

Calipers: Are They Effective For Measuring Body-fat? Calipers: Are They Effective For Measuring Body-fat?
What kinds of calipers are there for measuring fat? Do they work and how accurate are they? Get the facts here and some feedback from the pros.
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From here I hope to maintain body fat in the 9-11% range whilst my primary goal becomes increasing lean body mass.

Muscle Gain
How Much Muscle Do You Want To Gain? Be Specific.

Over the start of 2007 I don't have any specific goals for muscle gain as it will be secondary to improving cardiovascular fitness and shedding body fat. That being said, 4-5 pounds in 3 months would be nice and would give be a solid base of 170 pounds, 9% bf from which to built on onward through the rest of 2007.

From here I'm looking to end 2007 having broken through the 180-pound mark but having maintained my lowered body fat percentage.

Hardest Goals
Which Goals Will Be The Hardest To Achieve?

All of them!

Having an ectomorphic body type I find it difficult to put on muscle mass, but my body also loves to hold on to that last bit of fat. This is part of the reason why my goals are not too extreme and why I plan on pacing myself throughout 2007. This way I can keep myself motivated and update my goals as required. Slapping on lean muscle mass and dropping some fat are equally as challenging.

What Is Your Body Type? Take Our Test! What Is Your Body Type? Take Our Test!
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Ultimately I think my stumbling block will be not keeping up with my cardio, but being in the position where I can compete in a 10k and WILL compete. To a large extent training for size and distance events seem contradictory so my biggest challenge will be actually get my running shoes on in for a competition in 2007 without having my motivation sidetracked by my bodybuilding goals.

Easiest Goals
Which Will Be The Easiest?

This may sound a little contradictory to what I've just said but I think the easiest goal to achieve will be improving my overall cardiovascular fitness. I have been there before with my fitness so I know, with some dedication and hard work, it's an achievable and realistic goal. It will also have many other benefits with my overall fitness, body composition and life in general.

The SMART Way To Set Goals! The SMART Way To Set Goals!
The SMART Goal Setting principles will help you reduce your chances of setting goals that you wouldn't be able to obtain even if you had some sort of superhuman powers.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

I also expect a cascade effect whereby increasing by level of cardio and increasing my fitness will result in increased motivation as the results some. The tough part will be moving from being a fatty (currently) to being fit (by March) to actually getting into competition shape (by the end of summer 2007).

Are There Any Lifestyle Changing Programs In Your Area That People Might Be Interested In Trying Out? Is There Some Incentive Offered With These Programs?

Many of the sports and leisure facilities in and around London are offering specials to people looking to make their New Years resolutions a reality.

In my area alone the fitness and leisure canters are offering free New Year's trials at classes as diverse a rock climbing, yoga and scuba sessions- always a great way to meet people and kick-start a healthier new life.

There's no such offer at my gym but just ask for Blap and I'll get you in ;o) Many gyms also offer discounted membership deals are part of a New Years session, which can help get yourself motivated and keep the excuses at bay.

If you're looking for something a little more challenging or a something to really get you focused the world famous London Marathon is set to take place at the end of April. This offers the real opportunity to focus your efforts and fitness goals whilst supporting a charity of your choice through sponsorship. You have 4 months to make it!

Have a great New Year and thanks for reading!

3rd Place - redhawk76
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2007 Goals
What Are Your Bodybuilding Goals For 2007? How Much Fat Do You Want To Lose? How Much Muscle Do You Want To Gain? Be Specific.

The year of 2007 will be a very productive year for me. I've only taken bodybuilding seriously since spring of 2006. Now that my knowledge of the sport is much greater, I know what to expect in the following year.

I have set many goals for myself. I believe goals to be the best part of bodybuilding. There is no greater feeling than attaining a goal you have set for yourself. Goals provide a sense of satisfaction that makes this sport great. Without them, what would we have to look forward to? The following three goals are what I plan on accomplishing by June 1, 2007:

(After June 1st I will assess my progress and make new goals)

Goal 1:

    My first goal, and my main objective for this year is to increase strength dramatically. I have cut down for a long time, and am finally happy with my body. The numbers I am shooting for are as follows:

    • Squat: I will squat 375 pounds for 3 reps.

        After finally overcoming lower back issues, this is my number one priority.

    • Deadlift: I will deadlift 400 pounds for 3 reps.

        Again due to back problems, I fear of going for my one rep max on these exercises.

    • Bench: I will bench 375 for 1 rep.

        The most I ever have benched was 395 when I weighed 90 pounds heavier than I am now. I will get near that level again by June.

Goal 2:

    My second goal, which is not as high of a priority as my strength, but still extremely important, is to gain lean body mass. Since I have cut so much fat in the past year, I desperately want to gain mass back. I will be doing a clean bulk to avoid putting much fat back on, but gaining mass takes priority over fat for these 6 months.

What Type Of Bulk Do You Usually Use?

A Clean Bulk.
A Dirty Bulk.

    I believe in looking in the mirror as opposed to weighing myself to judge my results. However, for satisfaction purposes, my goal by June 1st is to gain 15 pounds of muscle mass. The main focus of my mass building will be to bring up my quads and back. My hamstrings overpower my quads, and I will be concentrating greatly on evening them out.

Goal 3:

    My third and final goal for this upcoming half year is to help my two little brothers. One is quite overweight, and the other is trying to bulk up for football. With the amount of knowledge I now possess, I hope to get them both on track for their respective goals. I have already started working with them, and my goal is that they reach the goals we have set for them together.

Hardest Goals
Which Goals Will Be The Hardest To Achieve?

The most difficult goal for me will be the third goal which is helping out my brothers. However, the hardest personal goal I will face is my squat. I place the more emphasis on my leg day than any other, but they still lag behind.

For some reason, no matter what routine or scheme of reps I attempt they don't improve at the same rate as the rest of my body. I will begin concentrating on ATG squats since this is one exercise I haven't tried yet. I am extremely determined to reach my squatting goal, and am confident I can do it.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Barbell Full "ATG" Squat.
Video: Windows Media - Real Player

I also know that it will be a great deal of hard work and effort, which is more than worth it. I plan on having one light day and one heavy day for legs in order to stimulate growth. I will be aware if I am overtraining and need to go to one day. If this is the case I will adjust accordingly.

Easiest Goals
Which Will Be The Easiest?

The easiest goal for me will definitely be my bench press. For some reason my chest responds better than any other body part, and is by far my largest proportionally.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Bench Press.
Video: Windows Media - Real Player

As soon as I begin consistently eating at a calorie surplus I have no doubt my bench will increase quickly. This is why I will only have one day a week for chest, as I am sure it will develop quickly. It is much farther along than some of my other body parts unfortunately.

I believe this is due to the emphasis that was placed on the bench in my high school football days. I am determined to hit my goal of bench press, but it will be in the back of my mind compared to my squat and deadlift goal.

Are There Any Lifestyle Changing Programs In Your Area That People Might Be Interested In Trying Out? Is There Some Incentive Offered With These Programs?

My local community center will be running a program at the beginning of the year entitled the "Healthy New Year Challenge." Those who decide to join will be competing against others of similar ages. They will have the task of completing a variety of health and fitness challenges in hopes of motivating people through competition.

The main objective is to get contestants to concentrate on improving strength, endurance and flexibility, as well incorporate healthy habits for a healthy lifestyle. Everyone who completes the challenge will receive a prize, and all those that finished will be entered into a drawing.

The winner of that drawing will receive a grand prize. There will also be additional prizes given for outstanding performances. This seems like a great program for my community ... I look forward to seeing the results.