How Can You Convince Someone That You Want To Become A Bodybuilder?

How can you convince someone that you want to become a bodybuilder? Our forum members share details about convincing someone that they want to be a bodybuilder, the hardest to convince, gaining support, and more...

TOPIC: How Can You Convince Someone That You Want To Become A Bodybuilder?

The Question:

Bodybuilding is a great sport, but it is not always the most socially acceptable sport of all. So convincing someone that you want to become a bodybuilder is not always easy. Unfortunately, many people associate bodybuilding with freaky large muscles and steroids.

You must convince them that dedicating your life to eating healthy and working out regularly, gaining large amounts of muscle and cutting lots of fat, competing in shows, etc., are all good things.

How can you convince someone that you want to become a bodybuilder?

Who would be the hardest person to convince; friends, family, girlfriend/wife, etc.?

Have you ever had to convince someone that you wanted to become a bodybuilder? How did it go over?

Have you ever tried to gain the support from someone about bodybuilding, but they just didn't agree with the lifestyle?

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1st Place - Dallas68
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Bodybuilding is a great sport, but it is not always the most socially acceptable sport of all. So convincing someone that you want to become a bodybuilder is not always easy. Unfortunately, many people associate bodybuilding with freaky large muscles and steroids.

You must convince them that dedicating your life to eating healthy and working out regularly, gaining large amounts of muscle and cutting lots of fat, competing in shows, etc., are all good things.

Convincing Someone
How Can You Convince Someone That You Want To Become A Bodybuilder?

In terms of trying to bring people to accepting my lifestyle, I have used the following method effectively. First allow the person concerned to voice their opinion. Let them talk about any mis-conceptions or scattered knowledge that they may have.

You should only clear up their mixed and confused thoughts after they are finished. You must do this in an outward and non aggressive way. Bodybuilding is a healthy, feel-good, endorphin induced rush of energetic sensations. Do not come across as if it is an escapist part of you trying to run away from stress etc. That is not healthy or enjoyable for either party.

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Do Not Come Across As An Escapist Running Away From Stress.

Talk to them about how you see the "Big picture of life." I myself see this as: "We all end up in the dirt some day, it is what we make of ourselves during this life that counts." So I say, "Why not extend your limits and push your current state of being to greater heights with physical development."

There is always a massive amount of pride when one completes a great task or project. Bodybuilding is no different. It is however a life long project.

Bodybuilding is something which requires visualization and planning. We need to convince the person concerned that bodybuilding also lends itself well to other areas of life, which helps you to focus more effectively and reap the rewards easier. This is because you see constant results in the gym and on your physique; you will tackle tasks with a greater efficacy.

The greatest control one can have is over oneself. It is important to measure one's progress with oneself, and to not compare with others constantly. The objective is to strive to be better.

Hardest Person To Convince
Who Would Be The Hardest Person To Convince; Friends, Family, Girlfriend/Wife, Etc.?

First, you have to make peace with yourself, and try to clarify in your own mind why you wish to embark in this endeavor to improve yourself, and make sure your intentions are clear and noble. The stereotypes of bodybuilders need not be proven by those who are outsiders looking in on the "violent egotistical meatheads" who sadly undoubtedly come into this great lifestyle.

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Avoid The Stereotype.

Let us look within ourselves, and then better a part of ones-self everyday whether physically, sociably or mentally. Bodybuilding is a mind altering sport. The discipline needed, and pure consistent drive is quintessential to your own deserved success.

Discipline: Reach Your Potential. Discipline.
We all know real champions are those who push their physiques to the limit and accept nothing but the best from themselves. Their success can be isolated to one point. Discipline!
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The first person to convince and make peace with is yourself, as we discussed. Secondly talking with family will definitely ease any tensions that may arise. If a broad overview of why you are so fanatical about building your physique into a perfect sculpture is discussed, there will be a general increase in health and outlook for all involved.

When you have those who love you bringing confidence to your greatest desire you have a greater chance of success. Supportive families always bring success.

Does Your Family Support Your Bodybuilding Lifestyle?

Yes, They Are A Great Help!
Some Of Them Do, But Not All.
No, They Don't Understand It.
They're Rather Indifferent Actually.

The situations presented for consideration would change who would be the hardest to convince. In my situation I will give an example: As a young man I was overweight and suffered from a deep depressive state.

This was partly due to the way I looked. I was teased, and therefore lashed out at others and at myself. However the turning point for me was when I joined in high school rugby. This changed my outlook on fitness and health. This means that my parents have been supportive from day one, and have been extremely giving in my new lifestyle.

I would then think that the harder people to talk to were my friends and fellow scholars who were generally negative towards the thought of my new found life; they were the hardest to convince and to make peace with. I believe it is because they thought I was doing it for egotistical reasons. This however could not be further from the truth. I only do this to lead a more fulfilling life.

However it was only difficult at the beginning. At this stage, my peer group and I have been friends for four years. We all accept and respect what the other is doing, and mostly encourage, or talk positively to one another about whatever we are all trying to achieve.

This was only made possible by honest communication between us. Right now it seems that the guys, who I am surrounded by everyday at school, always uplift my overall feeling of self-worth. In return I accept them for who they are and try make their day a brighter one.

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Ronnie Coleman.
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For me then I was lucky to have been surrounded by positive people. Yes there were always nay-Sayers, but they are drowned out by the camaraderie of everyone else.

Girls are definitely the easiest to have acknowledged and accept what you are doing! Nearly every girl wants a well muscled and chiseled physique to wrap themselves around. I have personally had no problems with girls who I have had relations with.

In fact a built body will make you more attractive, and will help you to be more outgoing and confident, which girls want in a man. To be walking around in the public eye, standing tall, and then seeing girls glancing over at you for an extended time because of how you look, is the greatest motivation.

Confidence: Achieve It And Realize Your Potential. Confidence: Achieve It And Realize Your Potential.
The following interview is compulsory reading for those who would like to improve their confidence levels and those who are sufficiently confident but would like to gain that all important edge.
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If you are arrogant and cocky, people will say that you are egotistical and self-centered. However if you are friendly and can laugh at yourself about what you are doing, while still making sure everyone knows you are serious, is paramount to your continued success.

Even Arnold Schwarzenegger himself says "I have the ability to stand back and think about what I am doing; realizing that I am trying to build myself to be the biggest and most built man in the world - it is funny." If one of the most impressive bodybuilders in history can laugh at himself then you can too.

Arnold Schwarzenegger: A Tribute To A Great Champion. Schwarzenegger: A Tribute To A Great Champion.
No other bodybuilder in the history of the sport has made the same impact. Arnold Schwarzenegger remains the greatest, and most influential, bodybuilder of all time.
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Personal Experience
Have You Ever Had To Convince Someone That You Wanted To Become A Bodybuilder? How Did It Go Over?

I remember having a conversation with my cousin's husband at a family gathering. I am nearly a year away from finishing school, and I am of course looking at the various avenues' relating to health and wellness as a career. I also discussed my enthusiasm to become a competing bodybuilder in the near future.

He went straight to the steroid issue, because that is a prevalent factor in today's muscle building world. He said he does not agree with that part of the process. I responded by saying that there are natural bodybuilding organizations that disallow drugs, and therefore it is not an essential part of being healthy, and building muscle.

Have You Ever Had To Convince Someone That You Wanted To Become A Bodybuilder?


There are organizations that are much more hardcore, and that make use of steroids, and can therefore see drastic differences in size. What I did mean by this is that it is the individual's choice, and that we as a society would never have come to know such perfect musculature and aesthetic appeal in a human being if all drugs were disallowed.

I do not agree with abuse of the drugs, or for that matter any abuse of this great sport. I left it at that with him, although I told him that I express a deep desire to be as large and perfectly crafted as those bodybuilders of past and present are. He is family, and I know he is looking out for my best interests, even if he may not be the most knowledgeable person about the subject.

What Are Your Feelings About Steroids In Sports? What Are Your Feelings About Steroids In Sports?
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These conversations occur very rapidly, and happen without me truly grasping what the person is trying to say, so one must remember to think before they speak, so that the next time you speak with someone, you can help bring them to accept and acknowledge your point of view.

It is therefore important to clarify in your own mind how you feel about these controversial issues.

Gaining Support
Have You Ever Tried To Gain The Support From Someone About Bodybuilding, But They Just Didn't Agree With The Lifestyle?

Yes I have.

My brothers are very critical of the sport, although they both want to be fit and healthy. I have been patient in explaining my reasons for wanting to be big, and they are slowly learning to accept my reasons and wishes.

I believe that one should not be too distressed if someone vehemently disagrees with what you are doing initially. It is important to be secure in your choice, even if it does not coincide with the other person's point of view.

We have a right to be individuals, and therefore will have different goals to fulfill in life. It is important to keep an open mind at all times, as there are always new things to learn. Everyone's point of view is important, and it is essential for everyone to be able to express their opinion without being bullied into accepting the other person's point of view.

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2nd Place - lionelxxl
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Bodybuilding is a great sport, but it is not always the most socially acceptable sport of all. So convincing someone that you want to become a bodybuilder is not always easy. Unfortunately, many people associate bodybuilding with freaky large muscles and steroids.

You must convince them that dedicating your life to eating healthy and working out regularly, gaining large amounts of muscle and cutting lots of fat, competing in shows, etc., are all good things.

The above is especially true as the lifestyles of bodybuilders are against the norms of society. This is so when compared to the normal Average Joe on the street where breakfast means pancakes/bacon/toasts/eggs, with the standard 3 meals a day and not paying much attention to exercise.

Starting Your Day Off Right: Breakfast! Starting Your Day Off Right: Breakfast!
While you may not be hungry first thing in the morning, forcing yourself to eat or drink something is one of the most beneficial things you can do.
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Our 6 meals a day together with the 'compulsive obsession' with the iron and daily early morning boring cardio sessions just brings a huge question mark to most people when you tell them about your budding aspirations of being a bodybuilder.

Convincing Someone
How Can You Convince Someone That You Want To Become A Bodybuilder?

There are a few ways to convince someone to share your dreams and aspirations, if not just accept them and let you carry on doing what you like. But one must also take note that this is completely out of your hands as there is no way you can get a person to think along your lines if he/she is adamantly against it. Time will tell but in the mean time, try these tips to help make things easier.

Talk It Out & Express Your Thoughts/Concerns:

    Straight up, no nonsense, just talk to whoever you want to convince. Explain your interest in leading such a lifestyle, its benefits and even how you may help the person in his/her summer diet!

    Easier said than it sounds (LOL), but this all really depends on how well you know the person and what his/her views are on bodybuilding. Somebody open-minded would obviously be easier to convince with small talk, and a cup of coffee at tea time.

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    Dexter Jackson At The 2004 San Francisco Pro.

    Somebody with doubts would take a little beating around the bush. People who are against it are the hardest. If you're unable to convince that person over 1 session or even after a few, the next few steps may be helpful.

    A few notes which will help in scoring bodybuilding a few points would be:

    • Explain: It's basically living healthily (leave out the big muscles and such part. LOL)

    • Tell them that you'd like to lose some weight for some important event (wedding/ class gathering/ trip to the beach etc)

    • That you feel lethargic eating junk and not having enough sleep. Switching to a healthier lifestyle would be better

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You Don't Want To Feel Lethargic Anymore.

    • That weightlifting is just another form of exercise. Something like baseball/football. (LOL)

    • You want to look good with your shirt off

    • Explain that its beneficial for them to agree with you as you will help them with their diet after you get everything down pat.


    If you really want to be a bodybuilder, be prepared to make a lot of sacrifices. Healthy eating and not staying up late are just some of the steps one should follow closely. Once you've made up your mind that this is what you want, stick to it like clockwork, 24/7.

    This will show your peers/family that you really are sure of what you want. A person who goes about doing what he likes and believes in, day in day out, even though people are against it, would sooner or later soften the amount of objection received from others.

    As people who initially reject such an aspiration see how stubborn and adamant you are at living healthily and following good eating/sleeping habits, they will come to, though unknowingly most of the time, 'accept' what you're doing and not give you so much flak for it.

    Most of the time, this is more of a 'he can do what he likes, I don't really care' attitude instead of a 'this guy is really into this. His perseverance has changed the way I feel about this subject and I may start being more open to his views/suggestions.' Of course the latter would be the best case scenario, but the former isn't too shabby either.

    In addition, try as hard as you can to not veer off path with your diet/cardio/training. Having Mom catching you in the middle of the night taking a bite out of yesterday's chocolate cake sneakily and noticing you've stopped doing early morning cardio after religiously doing so for a week just proves her point. Laziness would not win you this battle of convincing your mum in this case.

Click Image To Enlarge.

    You can now work on that and start 'brain-washing' your peers slowly. Take it one step at a time, you'll get there.

TRY To Act As Normal As Possible:

    This may be contradicting what I've said earlier and we all know a bodybuilders' lifestyle is anything but normal. BUT, the keyword here is TRY. TRY to blend in, as much as possible, into the environment. TRY to do what you normally do like going on family outings, dinners, hanging out at a friend's place etc.

    TRY to not alienate yourself from your peers. I've seen many a case where people like Sammy Body-build goes around acting all jock-like and such. Walking with his tummy sucked in, chest out, nose up way high with the latest musclejack t-shirt. He gives off diet tips in the cafeteria while eating his packed lunch of chicken breasts and potatoes and rambles on about the cons of potato chips and ice cream. He declines class gatherings and gives the excuse of 'prepping' for a contest, or that he's on a low carb diet and stuff. Things like that DO NOT help in your cause!

    A bodybuilder must acknowledge that leading a bodybuilder's lifestyle is hard enough and doing things like becoming an introvert and acting all psycho and stuff at anything unhealthy would do nothing but bring you more detractors.

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    2006 Mr. Olympia Jay Cutler.
    View More Pics From The 2006 Olympia Finals Here.

    Learn how to politely decline something you do not want to do or gathering you do not want to attend and depending on the person and his/her view of bodybuilding, come up with an excuse. Do not unleash your 'I'm a bodybuilder and what you guys are doing and having as dinner is downright unhealthy. Please do not try to make me veer off my keto diet,' straight away rant.

    If you'd really like to attend that particular family dinner or hang out in the café after school, make sure you plan ahead and at least know what time your next meal is and what foods are going to fit into your diet. Bring a shake or protein bar if you have to. At least you're present, showing your face an enthusiasm, and this will score you and bodybuilding a few points!

    There will always be an urge to exude your newly found confidence in your body or how you're feeling, but one must learn how to control and not pass off as too showy or a know-it-all.

    True, you may have good intentions in letting your friends know that what they are eating is not good for them but it's a fine line between a derogatory comment like: "Yuck! Are you actually eating that sh!t?" and one that is actually helpful like, "What you're eating looks great, but I don't think you should be eating that so often." If that person appreciates your comments, he/she would ask why you made that comment and through that, you can throw in a little 'lesson' on healthy eating!

    Be as normal as possible and this will put bodybuilding in a good light. People will see that bodybuilders are not freaks and they will slowly be accepted as part of the norm.

Good Light
Click Image To Enlarge.
Put Bodybuilding In A Good Light.

Hardest Person To Convince
Who Would Be The Hardest Person To Convince; Friends, Family, Girlfriend/Wife, Etc.?

Most of the time, the closer the person is to you (may it be your parents, wife or extremely close friend) the harder it is to convince. Why? This is because these people are those that you have most contact with in your daily life. The oft-used lie of not being serious in bodybuilding or doing it just for fun may win a few of your acquaintances or normal friends over. They do not know THAT much about you and certainly would not be so nosey as to question you further. Stage cleared.

Next, it's the people that are fairly close to you and see you quite often. People like the close friend/colleague in the cubicle beside yours or friends in your clique with whom you hang out quite frequently with. They'll come to notice your 'funny' habits as of late and would, if they cared (we'll give them the benefit of the doubt here. It's not because they are nosey. LOL! Though we all know the real reason) would question you about your lifestyle changes.

The fact that you see them almost daily would inevitably lead to you admitting your aspiration about being a bodybuilder sooner or later. Depending on their views, most people (in my case at least) would accept it and wish me luck!

Lastly, the people you're close to and actually stay with you - This is actually a double edged sword. A bodybuilder dad or at least one who has weight lifted before and supports it would be like an angel from heaven, supporting your every move.

However, if you have parents, old fashioned and stubborn ones at that, who are against it, you're going to have the toughest time of your life. These people see you everyday, catching you in action during your sifting of the oil from the soup, removing fat from the chicken, weighing everything you eat and preparing your many vitamin/supplements packs and protein shakes every single time before leaving home.

A Letter To Parents Concerned About Their Teenager's Protein Intake. A Letter To Parents.
I would like to present this letter to all parents and doctors about protein. I am going to try and fill in the gaps here in regard to teens and high protein diets. Become educated and ask questions.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

These quirks (or so the non-bodybuilders call them) may invite not-so-nice comments from them. And not so nice comments would invite a retort from you in exchange. And an argument would most likely ensue. The best advice I can give are those above in helping convince them and even if its not possible, at least lessen such negative comments.

So pray that these people are pro-bodybuilding!!

Convincing Someone
How Can You Convince Someone That You Want To Become A Bodybuilder? How Did It Go Over?

Yes, 1 of my close friends.

Well, we were together for a very long time. Went to the same school, played the same sports and hung out together and stuff. When I started getting involved with bodybuilding, I was distancing myself from such outings like hanging out in the pub as I was afraid of not getting the correct meals at the correct time.

I gave excuses whenever he brought up the idea of meeting up or going out. This put a strain on our relationship as I did not give a reason for me acting in such a way out of fear that my aspirations may be ridiculed or rejected.

After turning down his invitation to go to his Christmas party 2 years back, it got me thinking. Is this how I want to lead my life? Distancing myself from what I love and people I cherish for bodybuilding? Am I not going to try to have the best of both worlds and try to work things out?

I approached him the next day and we had a heart to heart talk. He was against it initially as he felt that he was losing a friend to bodybuilding. I was not as outgoing anymore and not the fun guy I used to be. I told him my thoughts and how I'd love live healthy and to eventually step on stage one day. I also told him about me trying as best as possible to be able to bodybuild and lead a lifestyle which is as normal as possible. It got him thinking but he did not really 'agree' to it.

Fast forward 2 years from now. We are still as close as we used to. I'm still playing my part as a good friend and was there whenever he needed me or when we just wanted a good time. He in turn understood certain things like me not taking in alcohol or not being able to go out late at night. Though he did not actually accept what I'm doing or says he agrees with my views verbally, I know he understands it and I'm grateful enough for that!

Mmm Beer.
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I'm Not Taking In Alcohol Anymore.

Gaining Support
Have You Ever Tried To Gain The Support From Someone About Bodybuilding, But They Just Didn't Agree With The Lifestyle?

Yes, My mom.

It is still on-going (LOL) and I'm slowly neutralizing her acid tongue though! She is against all these 'artificial stuff' (read protein powder and anything I eat that she doesn't) and how bad they are to my body. She thinks I'm dirtying the kitchen whenever I prepare my own food (though I assure you I leave the place spick and span).

Do You Have Any Friends Or Family That Don't Agree With The Bodybuilding Lifestyle?


She doesn't like the fact that I pop so many pills and spend so much money on them. She doesn't listen to my thoughts most of the time and goes on her 1-sided rants. Want to switch places? LOL!

Ok, so what I have done, or tried at least, are following the steps of persevering and acting as normal as possible. I have been putting up with her rants and never-ending 'assaults' on my supplements and lifestyle and continue doing what I like.

She has slowly grown less verbal and has more of a heck-care attitude now. I can live with that, though she still berates me from time to time. But at least I've made some progress in that knowingly or unknowingly; she's giving me leeway at least to do what I like. I'll keep working on it though! Wait till I ask her to turn up for my first show!


At this age and time, there are still many people who are not that open to 'radical' views and may not accept such a lifestyle. All we can do is express our thoughts in a way that's non-confrontational, convincing, be as determined as possible and let our perseverance do the rest. Good luck!

3rd Place - NuclearArms
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Convince Someone You Want To Be A Bodybuilder?

Bodybuilding is a great sport, but it is not always the most socially acceptable sport of all. So convincing someone that you want to become a bodybuilder is not always easy. Unfortunately, many people associate bodybuilding with freaky large muscles and steroids.

You must convince them that dedicating your life to eating healthy and working out regularly, gaining large amounts of muscle and cutting lots of fat, competing in shows, etc., are all good things.

This appears to be a topic geared towards the younger crowd; however, I believe the perspective of a parent could help. I'll talk a bit about what I would want to know as a parent if my son or daughter wanted to be a bodybuilder.

Convincing Someone
How Can You Convince Someone That You Want To Become A Bodybuilder?

For a start, what are we trying to do? American Heritage lists convince as a verb meaning "To bring by the use of argument or evidence to firm belief or a course of action." So you have to present evidence that you want to do something, i.e. become a bodybuilder, to someone who may know very little about it.

The first thing I'd like to know as a parent is - what is a bodybuilder. I can easily understand someone becoming a fireman, lawyer or hair stylist. I'd have a harder time trying to understand what a bodybuilder is and does.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Melvin Anthony.

You will have to show me what you think a bodybuilder is and how it will help you succeed in the future. Most parents will know of Arnold Schwarzenegger, mostly as an actor/politician, and some will know him as the bodybuilder. If you merely say you want to be the next Arnold, you are not providing enough persuasion.

Some things that will help win the argument and bring a parent to better understand what you want to do are as follows:

1. Develop Your Definition Of A Bodybuilder.

    You have to discuss what a bodybuilder is at your level/age and where it goes over time. A 15 year-old bodybuilder isn't the same as an 18, 21, 25 or 30 year old bodybuilder. You have to show that you have some understanding of the progression that occurs and how requirements will change. And you have to convince me that doing this makes sense.

2. Show Your Understanding Of The Requirements.

    You have to be able to discuss some aspects of the nutritional and training requirements to be a bodybuilder. And, as mentioned above, you have to show how they change over time. Finally, you have to identify some specific of what you want or need from your parents.

3. Show Your Dedication.

    I ask my kids what it takes to do a lot of the things they get involved with at school and at home. I'm going to want to know what you are going to be dedicating to see this endeavor through. If it is significantly more than I'm used to seeing from you, I'm not going to be supportive.

4. Determine What The Costs Are.

    You have to have some idea how much your bodybuilding pursuit will cost. It can be relatively inexpensive if you are training at school, mum and dad are providing food and you aren't supplementing your diet. It can get more expensive as you progress up the ladder and are at a more serious point in development.

    If you are looking for support, a parent needs to know what it costs for the tubs of protein, competition fees, gym fees, travel expenses, etc. that may be involved. If you are already doing some training for other sports, transitioning into this will be easier.

How To Choose Supplements Wisely And Still Get Huge. How To Choose Supplements Wisely.
How to choose supplements wisely and still get huge. I'm here to shed some light on the subject and help you reach your goals without breaking your bank account.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

5. Know How You Will Avoid The Negatives.

    You have to talk and understand some of the downsides of the bodybuilding pursuit. Parents are definitely interested in steroids, and usually have some misinformation that the press put out.

    You will have to convince me that you will not be doing anything illegal. Your solution may be to talk about athletic eligibility and possible drug testing in school or at natural competitions. You have to discuss injury prevention and the tools that you will use because most all of us adults have been injured in the past and don't want our children to get injured as well.

    Weight, both over and under, will be a concern as we parents want to see normal development in our children. Eating right and looking healthy before any conversation with your parents makes the persuasion easier.

6. Plan For Happiness.

    We parents like to see our kids happy. We need to know how this pursuit will affect your academic, spiritual, athletic and social well-being. You have to think in terms of both positive and negative impact that the bodybuilding pursuit will have. Negative impacts should be minimized.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Johnny Jackson.

7. Realize That Bodybuilding Is Not A Career Decision.

    Initially, you have to forgo the idea that bodybuilding is a career. Like other sports, the reality of someone becoming a professional is very slim. If you try convincing your parents that this is what you want to do with your life, you will get rejection.

    You are better suited and can probably get support if you want to pursue a related field such as exercise physiology, physical therapy, massage therapy, kinesiology, sports management, or some other similar course of study. If college isn't in the equation, think about at-home training certifications, working for a gym, being a trainer or assistant coach at school or working at a vitamin or health stores are options.

    I didn't fill in any of the definitions, requirements, cost, etc that you need to discuss. You need to internalize these and make them your own thoughts and ideas. One other thing that may help is asking your dad to join you in the gym or a journey in getting in shape.

Hardest Person To Convince
Who Would Be The Hardest Person To Convince; Friends, Family, Girlfriend/Wife, Etc.?

Your Parents:

    The hardest to convince would be parents. Most parents are not "up to speed" on training and likely have Al Bundy flashbacks of high school football glory. And based on the competitive nature of academic and athletic excellence that school continue to strive for, staying with mainstream sports is a lot easier to get approval for. With many parents not really understanding what is involved in bodybuilding, the toughest sell is with them.

Your Mate:

    Your mate should be an easier person to convince. I cannot imagine someone just deciding one day to become a dedicated bodybuilder without having spent a lot of time in the gym and taking care of nutrition. Your mate should be aware of what makes you tick and what is important to you.

    If training was part of your routine when you first met, then there should only be some additional discussion that needs to take place. Again, this shouldn't be something out of the blue and should really be geared at a more advanced state of development.

    At some point you may need to make a decision on your relationship if the support you desire is not there. It's a tough call, but one you may have to make in most any relationship.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Toney Freeman.

Convincing Someone
How Can You Convince Someone That You Want To Become A Bodybuilder? How Did It Go Over?

I never had to convince anyone that I wanted to bodybuild. When I was in high school, I lifted for sports conditioning. After high school it was all for fun. I think there is a distinct line between being a bodybuilder and living the bodybuilding lifestyle.

Anyone that trains and watches their nutrition can be considered a bodybuilder, very few people live the lifestyle. If you don't have a career directly related to your body or physical performance, it would be hard to justify a bodybuilding lifestyle.

I don't live the "strict" lifestyle of bodybuilding and my life certainly doesn't revolve around it. Age and career decisions are factors, but bodybuilding can only be a lifestyle some for a select few individuals. So you cannot be delusional about your aspirations. To me it will always be a hobby, but one that I am very dedicated to.

Click Image To Enlarge.
Branch Warren.

One of the more fascinating aspects of convincing or justifying being a bodybuilder is with my kids and their friends. For the grade school kids, it is pretty easy explaining being big and strong for work and other things I like to do.

Picking the kids up off the ground always helps to make the point as well. My teenager is a little tougher. He gets bit embarrassed at times to see his old man without a shirt on or being soaked in sweat after a workout if his friends are around.

The web site poses a problem as well as his friends ask him some strange questions. I've talked to him about training and how it is simply a part of who I am and that sometime when he is older we may train together if he ever wants to.

I have had some discussion on nutrition, as this has recently been in his course of study. I have only touched on the steroid issue since it's a topic even in junior high school nowadays. He kind of understands what they are as they relate to his going through puberty, but he still doesn't have the big picture since he is only in junior high school.

Gaining Support
Have You Ever Tried To Gain The Support From Someone About Bodybuilding, But They Just Didn't Agree With The Lifestyle?

I never had to convince someone to "buy-in" to my bodybuilding hobby. My only recommendation, as someone who has been around the block, is continue to do what you think is best for you, show the other individual the benefits you have gotten out of bodybuilding, and let their decision not bother you.

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Gustavo Badell.

Some people would not be convinced of the benefits of greater health, more strength, better coordination, improved mental toughness, increased stamina and even some sex appeal. Leave it at that and continue to enjoy what you are doing.

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