Tired Of Having Your Bank Robbed? Try This Workout Program!

Todd and his wife were visiting Seattle when they noticed an employment sign in a bank’s window, so they stopped in. Little did Todd know, he was about to put a long time robber out of business. Learn more about this and his training.

A local bodybuilder uses his muscles to help fight a bank robber. Read the full story here.

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The Story
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Are you looking for another use for those muscles you have been building for years? 2007 Emerald Cup super-heavyweight winner, Todd Jewell has a solution for you. Catching bank robbers...

Last week, Todd and his wife were visiting Seattle when they noticed an employment sign in the bank's window, so they stopped in. Little did he know, he was about to utilize his 280lb frame to take down a bank robber.

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Todd Jewell.

The robber entered the bank and Todd smelled trouble. As soon as he saw the bank robber grab the teller's arm, he leaped into action, landing a horrific knee to the left side of his back. As Todd put it,

"Now I Know Why I Spent All That Time In The Gym."

So, if you are a bank owner and are tired of being robbed, try out Todd's training, nutrition and supplement program below!

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Todd Jewell At The 2007 NPC USA.

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Todd's 'Catch A Bank Robber' Workout
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Day One: Quads
    (workout 1 - alternate between workout 1 and workout 2 every week)

Day One: Quads
    (workout 2 - alternate between workout 1 and workout 2 every week)

Day Two: Chest & Calves

Day Three: Back & Abs

Day Four: Hamstrings

Day Five: Shoulders

Day Six: Biceps & Triceps

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The Supplements You Need
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The Diet
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Todd follows a 20% fat, 40% protein and 40% carbohydrate diet.

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If you have want to contact Todd, e-mail him at inquiry@toddjewell.com or check out his website at http://www.toddjewell.com.

Todd Todd Todd
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Todd Jewell.


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