The Deadlift!

Deadlift for great gains in the back!

This article is written in response to Anita C. Ramsey's article "Alien Back". Now while I agree nearly 100% with her article I do have to take issue with one aspect of it. So Anita I hope that you will not take this offensively because this is just my opinion on what has worked for me and so many other bodybuilders. So let's jump into it.

Why The Deadlift?

I have never taken a bio-mechanics, or kinesiology class but I do know for a fact that deadlifts when performed correctly can be the best back movement for adding size.

Why do so many professional bodybuilders do deadlifts? Because nothing adds thickness to the back like them. Now I do agree that bent rows are a great, great movement for adding muscle and when accompanied with deadlifts they are an awesome combination for adding size to get that "Alien Back."

arrow Completing A Deadlift

    Let's break down the proper technique to use when performing the deadlift. I use the partial deadlifts. There is no reason to go all the way to the floor because then you will be using too much leg and we aren't using them for developing the legs we are using them to develop a huge, thick, wide back. The traps come into play in this as well.

    The Lift. Start with the bar on a power rack about knee height maybe slightly higher. I use an over handed grip a little more than shoulder width apart. As you pull the bar up begin arching your back while trying to touch your shoulder blades together, and then lower the weight slowly. That's it, very simple right.

Now, if you don't perform deadlifts as stated above then it will be of very little use to you. Since I have been doing these I have had tremendous growth in my back and it has become one of my more dominant features.

To me deadlifts are almost as important as squats for adding size. If you aren't using them try them and you will be glad you did.

Barbell Deadlift

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