My Thoughts On Nutrition!

It seems like everyday when I go in the message board area I always seem to see questions asked about proper diet and nutrition...
It seems like everyday when I go in the message board area I always seem to see questions asked about proper diet and nutrition. Well that all depends on your goals. My goal is to get up to around 275 pounds and then start thinking about dieting down for competition, but until then I am not at all concerned about getting ripped. Set your maximum goal, if it's 180 pounds or 200 pounds, and reach it then start worrying about getting ripped.

I have heard it and have seen this question asked many times. I'm going to the beach or spring break and I need to get ripped. The question I always ask is why? The answer I always get is "for the girls". Personally I work out for one person and one person only, myself. I wouldn't waste my time and hard earned muscle just to get ripped for girls if my life depended on it. If you have reached your goal then I guess its o.k. I have a friend who is a good example of this, he will tell me "you may be bigger than I am but I'm cut up" and my response is "my grandmother can get cut up." What I'm trying to say is set your goal of you maximum desired weight then once you get to that point then diet down, otherwise it's a big waste of hard earned muscle and time.

People often ask me how much protein, carbs and fats I take in a day? I don't count them at all. I see people say they take in this percentage of protein and this percentage of carbs and the rest as fats. I have counted them before but it got really old really fast. Basically my eating routine is this: I eat 6 meals a day, I will eat meat (tuna, chicken, beef, turkey) with every meal, I will eat carbs with just about every meal, and I work out at 5:00a.m. So I eat carbs before I go to bed as well, and I drink water all day long. This is very simple I know but that's the way I like to keep it. I watch my fats by following a simple plan as well. Bake, Boil, Broil or Grill never fried. I pretty much eat anything that I want but I do watch candies, cakes and things that are really high in fat so I try to stay away from these for the most part.

In order to gain as much mass as possible in the shortest amount of time following what I have said so far is the way that works best for me. I do believe that you can add mass while staying cut BUT it will take you longer to do so. Just remember: THINK BIG, EAT BIG, LIFT BIG TO GET BIG.

I know that this article was short and to the point but when training for mass this is the way I like to keep it. Plain and Simple. I don't like counting calories and proteins etc. I just follow the Bake, Boil, Broil or Grill never fried routine and try to stay away from foods that are really high in fat. This is what worked for me. But you will have to decide what's best for you. I highly recommend any of you hard gainers to try this approach and see what happens.

My next article will be an arm workout that I promise you will not want to miss. If you want the pump of you life then check back later.