Ah, the most hated thing in bodybuilding, having a setback right in the middle of great progress.
Ah, the most hated thing in bodybuilding, having a setback right in the middle of great progress. Who would know more about this right now than me, and what a time to have one? At some point in time we will all have them, some minor and some major. Luckily I will only be out of commission for about 3 weeks and not many months so I can't complain too much. But, it does suck nonetheless.

On Wednesday March 28 I reached all new personal bests. Body weight of 240lbs, Chest above 50", Arms over 18" and Quads over 30", man was I pumped and on cloud nine. But how quickly you can be knocked off that cloud is amazing. Around 4:00 am on Thursday morning March 29 I woke up having severe abdominal pains, I assumed some sort of virus, so I took the day off. That night around 10:30 pm I went to the ER and they claimed it was nothing more than Gastritis and sent me home a few hours later.

After suffering through the rest of the night my doctor checked me back in to the hospital to do further tests which revealed nothing new. So on Tuesday April 3 they did a new test that revealed the problem, my gallbladder had died. So on Wednesday I had laproscopic surgery to have it removed and have been trying to recover ever since.

Having not been able to train and eat like I had been my bodyweight is down to around 225lbs right now. And for me this has been the hardest part in dealing with all that has happened. For me bodybuilding is a place where I can go and find myself and really focus my energy. It has really been difficult but nonetheless my recovery is the most important thing right now. Below I will discuss the proper way to make a comeback after a major or minor setback.

Recovering from Setbacks

Step one: Recovery. This is the most important thing to do. Whether you're recovering from an injury, surgery and even a cold make sure you're completely recovered before you return to training. It's hard enough on your body to recover from one of these aliments but throw in recovering from training you aren't doing yourself any good at all. Just rest, eat and drink plenty of fluids.

Step two: Make the comeback slowly. Take your time and you will get back to your previous level. Take the first week of training slowly using lightweight and simple movements. Use this week to get your eating back in order. You don't want to risk injury at this time so just take it slowly don't rush it!!!

Step three: Make a gradual progression. By this time you should have your eating on track and be ready to make the jump in to the heavier weights again but don't push it because you could still be susceptible to injury. Don't jump back up to your previous max either; I recommend you train very cautiously at this time.

Step four: You're back and better than ever. This is the final step and you are ready to go and start growing again. You should be able to go back to normal life in your training and eating ect. In this step you should be able to return to using supplements as well unless you are still on some type of medication so ask your dr. prior to using them.

Essentially the main reason for this article is to just remind you that incase of a setback whether major or minor remember to make your comeback slowly. I have seen to often many people push it and re-injure themselves and it puts them out even longer the second time. It is a hard thing to do but do it anyways. Well until next time guys and gals, take care.