Savage Choreography Fitness Prep Camp 2005.

The Savage Choreography Fitness Prep Camp is put on by Cathy Savage, who was a fitness competitor herself and is now leading the way for many hopefuls in the industry as well as continuing to be a friend and mother to all of us oldies.
I just came back from the Savage Choreography Fitness Prep Camp 2005. The camp is put on by Cathy Savage, who was a fitness competitor herself and is now leading the way for many hopefuls in the industry as well as continuing to be a friend and mother to all of us oldies. We had a blast (to say the least), MTV was there along with excellent guest speakers.

Learning To Pose In Camp

If you weren't there, well, you just plain missed out, but don't fret... there is another camp this summer and you can't afford to miss that one. If you are getting ready to compete for the first time or just brushing up, Camp Savage Summer Bash is the place to be!

What Went On At Camp

I was blown away when I walked into camp (late oops...) and saw all of the new and familiar faces. Everyone was just starting to get to know each other; we are all a big happy family here in New England and constantly welcoming amazing women from everywhere in the country.

We talked about which federations to compete in, as every girl is different and everyone has to be where they are the most comfortable. We also talked about everything that goes on at a show from start to finish and what to do to get there; the differences between competing in fitness and figure and how to get in the magazines (betcha wish you heard that one huh?), with bombshell Alicia, aka Krispy Kreme, Denson, (Ms. Cover of Oxygen Magazine herself).

Cathy Savage And Alicia Denson

We learned how everyone has their secrets, strong points and tips and tricks. We had a great discussion on all of this and more with Wild Wendi West and Dawn Butterfield, everyone should know those names. They are both wonderful people and role models in the fitness industry with crowd stopping, energy packed routines.

Wendi West

Get Noticed On Stage

Walking Practice

Would you know what to do your first time on stage? You don't just walk out on stage, first impressions last forever and when you're competing against 50 - 100 other drop dead gorgeous women with iron bodies, you have to stand out, or you just won't stand out. Sounds harsh... but I speak only the truth.

When you get on stage, you have to shine. You need to know how to present yourself and this includes knowing just how to position yourself in your best light. Show those judges, look at me, I look good. It's not cockiness, it's confidence, there is a huge difference.

We were lucky enough to be entertained with routine demos from various FAP competitors as well as dancing with Paula Harvey (kick ass choreographer), who works with Cathy Savage as well. We learned two separate routines, easy and advanced. Needless to say, it was awesome, everyone got in on the dancing and what a workout!

After a much needed lunch break... oooh boy did we sweat today. We went over what to wear on stage... yeah, your suit counts for a lot. I don't personally say it counts for everything, I believe it's the woman in the suit, but it still counts for a lot and you can still be out-sparkled (ha ha) on stage. It's true, sucks a little too.

Guest speaker Sylvia Tremblay spoke to us about suit selection (color, design, etc.). Every women has a suit meant for them and not every suit will look good on every girl. The way your suit looks on you however is extremely important, you can pretty much make or break yourself with this one. You want to make sure the color and style is right for you.

Sylvia Tremblay

I have had some terrible suits and some gorgeous suits; I have also lived and learned. Always ask someone who knows what they are doing about your suit selection before you walk on stage.

Competing For The Right Reasons

We went over competing for the right reasons, graced by the beautiful Valerie Brown Stephens on this one. What I mean by this, is compete because you love to compete and nothing else. Don't go into this with a bad attitude or high hopes of trophies, trophies, trophies. Yes, you may get the trophy, maybe even on your first shot, but you know what, you may never get that trophy either.

Valerie Brown Stephens

It's tough competing and it's something you really need to understand and accept. Enjoy making new friends, traveling and learning all the new things you will embark on in fitness. Then take that, appreciate it, and teach on....

So, I am going on and on here I know, what are the benefits of going to a camp like this? Well, if you can't tell yet, I suppose I will have to further intrigue you... tough crowd.

    1. If you want to compete, you need to learn how to eat. Learn with Wendi West, we did. I have some excellent new recipes too.

    2. What training method works best for you?

    3. Take your talent to the next level and learn new ones with, yes, Wendi West (I told you she was good).

    4. Make new friends with the same goals as yourself. Doesn't't it feel good when someone else actually understands your not dieting, your dieting, see you get me.

    5. How to build a name for yourself, yes, there are politics everywhere. Heck, we both know who Madonna is here, but who's Joe Shmo? Exactly.

Branding Yourself In The Fitness Industry!.
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    6. How to make yourself up. Stage makeup, completely different from your everyday makeup.

    7, 8, 9 and 10. Gonna have to go to Camp Savage Summer Bash and find out girlfriend!

We went over everything from flexibility to nutrition and all your questions were answered from a-z (hopefully). And how about those strength moves hmmm? You should see this chic Kristi, if you don't know her you will soon. She competes with NPC and she is a power house. The girl's body just plain rocks and she has a personality to match!


Sponsorships & Modeling

Oh, did I forget sponsorship? Ah yes, tricky it is. Getting sponsors, the how-to with Holly Wilbur. She is good with that, she can fill you in on sponsor letters and all that yada-yada. I went to my air-brush tanning and told them about how I compete with FAP and they spray me up on the house now, they are awesome (Ultimate Bronzing in Fall River, MA).

Competing can be very expensive with suits, music and costumes and if you are traveling, even more pricey. Ask your chiropractor, gym, dentist, tanning salon etc., it won't hurt to try.

Most women who compete, also want to model. We went over how to get in the magazines and trust me, Oxygen won't come knocking at your door. I don't care if you just won the blah blah blah championshpis, you have to get yourself out there.

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I sent my photos to every fitness magazine out on the planet. I found a fitness agency, made comp-cards and business cards and I go to the shows I am not even competing in. Have you ever been to the Arnold Classic? Try sticking out in a crowd like that. You have to get yourself noticed. You have to work hard. I always say," you only get what you really want."


Well, that's all folks. If you want to compete or if you are a competitor that wants the edge, than think about attending the next camp, if not this one then check for one in your area. There are a million other girls who want it just as bad of you, so strive to be the best.

I have been competing for almost 4 years now. I still get major butterflies in my stomach every single time I get on that stage, but no one knows that, you can't tell. I diva up: look at me, I want this, I worked my butt off for this, I am here, check me out. Everyone has their strengths and their weaknesses, perfect them. Go for it. Good Luck.

Tisha And Others At Camp

Guest Speakers Included:

  • Alicia Denson
  • Dawn Butterfield
  • Donna Pogio
  • Brian Canone
  • Toneka Pires
  • Wendi West
  • Paula Harvey
  • Sylvia Tremblay
  • Valerie Brown Stephens.

Wanna Compete?

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