Ask A Fit Mom.

I thought this column would be a great place for other moms who can't seem to find the time to workout through all the hustle and bustle or moms who are looking to compete for the first time and don't know where to start.

Hey everyone, I want to first introduce myself... My name is Tisha Rodrigues and I am the happy go lucky mom (laughing) of three children. I have two boys and one girl ages 10, 6 and 4.

I have been modeling now for about 3 years and competing for about 4. I volunteer part-time at my daughter's pre-school as well as offer free online personal training help to girls who are thinking about competing for the first time and need help in getting started as well as moms who are trying to lose a few stubborn pounds.

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I thought this column would be a great place for other moms who can't seem to find the time to workout through all the hustle and bustle or moms who are looking to compete for the first time and don't know where to start. I can also offer helpful workout options for in the gym or within your own home. So, don't be shy... Ask A Fit Mom!

[ Q ] What do you do when you can't seem to find the time to workout between bottles and diaper changes, soccer practice and dinner?

    ?Great question. Being a busy mama myself, I have to constantly think of new ways to stay fit! I am sure you have all heard of Mommy and Me classes.

    Well, depending on the ages of your children, there are now many places that offer sports and dance classes for mommies and kids to do together. It's an excellent way to burn calories in a much more entertaining atmosphere than the boring gym and you are instilling the value of health and fitness at the same time to the entire family as well.

    This way you don't need to feel guilty about not spending enough quality time with your kids and it will help you to not get burned out by the same old workout tactics you face everyday just trying to stay in great shape!

[ Q ] What do you do when a gym does not have a daycare facility?

    As uncommon as that is these days, with most gyms catering to women, there are still many gyms around that do cater mainly towards weightlifting, powerlifting and the male species...(laugh with me)

    Excuses, Motherhood & Staying Fit!
    The benefits of exercise and a healthier lifestyle will pay off big time... even in the bedroom. Believe me! So no more excuses - mini-van mom. Try these sample workouts and tips and tricks to get you started...

    I am sure you can look up other facilities within your area that are more family friendly and have excellent daycare programs.

    If not, there are these great classes called Mommy and Me, that are starting programs for your older children as well. That way you and your child can spend quality time together doing martial arts, dance or sports, while getting a great workout.

    What better way to involve the family and teach your kids about the benefits of health and fitness. You can also read my last article. "Excuses, Motherhood and Staying Fit" for some fun workout options as well as exercises you can do in the comfort of your own home.

[ Q ] How can I eat healthy when there is so much junk-food for my children around the house?

    Well, this is a question I hear alot at my competitions from other mothers. I think that we should be teaching our children about eating more healthy as well as doing it ourselves.

    While, I would never deprive my kids of eating normal kid munchies, I do keep plenty of nuts, raisin boxes, sliced cheese and fruit around especially when I am dieting.

    The thing that works best for me on those pizza or McDonald's nights, is to make sure I don't skip any of my meals during the day and try to keep full by drinking plenty of water and keeping myself busy while they eat. I also try to eat my meals before I start making dinner for them.

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So, don't be shy... Ask A Fit Mom!

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