Tiffany Forni's 2009 NPC Oregon State Championships Contest Prep, Part 4!

I am now in Hawaii taking a little escape from regular life to get dialed in for my show. I will be taking lots of pictures down here and attending various events. Here's the latest on diet, training, and everything in between at 6 weeks out.

2009 NPC Oregon State Contest Prep
Part 4: Six Weeks Out


As dieting and training goes on towards the last few weeks of my contest prep, the functionality of my brain decreases. Being so carb depleted, it's amazing that I can even get myself dressed in the morning, let alone drive anywhere and make it alive.

I am now in Hawaii taking a little escape from regular life to get dialed in for my show. I will be taking lots of pictures down here and attending the Hawaii MMA and Fitness Expo.

I Am Now In Hawaii Taking A Little Escape From Regular Life To Get Dialed In For My Show.
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I Am Now In Hawaii Taking A Little Escape
From Regular Life To Get Dialed In For My Show.

I thought that would be something fun to check out. There are tons of competitors getting ready to compete this weekend at the Mililani 24 Hour Fitness where I've been spending much of my day.


My coach has put me on an entirely fish and egg diet. Hawaii is an island, we all know that, so it only makes sense that they should have a lot of fish here right? Well, to my surprise, finding fish on menus around this place has been surprisingly difficult.

I did stop by the grocery store a few times to pick up some frozen halibut to microwave at the place I'm staying. It makes the whole room smell like fish, but hey, it's what we do right? I have an empty Xtend container that I filled with oatmeal before I left home. That, and my massive collection of supplements took up lots of space on my carry on.

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Luckily they have sweet potatoes here for my second carb meal of the day. The only set backs I have had for diet was when I went to the beach, and forgot my lunch box. That sucked. I started feeling all tired, then I realized that should have eaten something.

My friend Kathy, who's island hopping with me, brought along some almonds so that saved my life. It's really easy to down two gallons of water here. Since it's so dang hot outside I'm constantly finishing up my first gallon before noon.

Bad news though... I left a gallon with some Xtend in it in my rental car. The heat made it explode so now the car smells funny and there's an interesting white film on the passenger side floor mat. I'll rinse that out later today.

Tiffany & Kathy, Hawaii Island Hoppers.
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Tiffany & Kathy, Hawaii Island Hoppers.

Just a reminder, if you live anywhere hot, use the screw cap gallons instead of the pop off ones. Yep... should have seen it coming.

I still eat every two hours. I do my cardio in the morning before eating and then feast when I get back from the gym. I'm getting down at least seven meals a day, some days eight depending on how late I stay up. So the diet is good.


I try to tan in the sun. With the help of some tanning oil I've been able to change colors to a few shades darker than day glow white. So far every other day I've been able to spend a couple hours in the sun. It's very nice!

The only problem is tan lines. Those are pesky. I have a few different bikinis to switch out so that I don't get the same tan lines. Hopefully that will work. If not, I'll have to rely on paint. But the sun is nice, it makes me feel alive!

I've Been Able To Change Colors To A Few Shades Darker Than Day Glow White.
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I've Been Able To Change Colors To A
Few Shades Darker Than Day Glow White.


I have made it to the gym twice a day every day that I have been here except one (it was a bachelorette party and I thought we'd go out dancing, but we didn't, so I went to sleep instead).

I get my HIIT session in before breakfast and then an hour of moderate intensity cardio in the afternoon. I have a new found appreciation for new Latin dance music. It makes doing cardio more fun when you can't help but move to the music.

Imagine HIIT In These Bad Boys.
Enlarge Click Image To Enlarge.
Imagine HIIT In These Bad Boys.


I'm continuing with my higher rep scheme, but also going heavier. I'm seeing if I can beat out the depleted weakness that I feel from the diet with some hard rock and adrenaline to go heavier. It seems to be working! I've been able to actually increase the weight that I'm able to lift at higher reps. For that, I'm happy.

I still get my post-workout shake (40 grams of protein and 40 grams of carbs). On leg day I refuse to use stairs of any kind. It makes walking up to the place I'm staying at a bit of a challenge, but I laugh the entire way. I'm sore everywhere but I like it!

I don't have a workout partner here so keeping myself motivated consists of telling myself, "Just go do it, I don't care if they're looking at you, you've got work to do." Oh yeah, by the way, people here in Hawaii stare.

I'm Continuing With My Higher Rep Scheme, But Also Going Heavier.
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I'm Continuing With My Higher Rep
Scheme, But Also Going Heavier.

More so than people on the mainland. I know they've seen women lift as hard as I do because I met a few competitors in the gym. What the heck guys, come on!

Concluding Thoughts

Whew. Well, I've got to get my hiney back into the gym! Here's a few tips from my travels thus far. I'll keep you posted with new photos and updates! Best of luck to everyone out there!

  • Pack all your supps up before you go.
  • Use screw caps on gallons and not pop tops if you live in hot places.
  • Don't let people staring at you in the gym throw your concentration off. Just do what you have to do. It doesn't matter what they think as long as you're getting your work done.

Tiffany Forni's 2009 Contest Prep!
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  • Using parchment paper on a Foreman Grill saves on cleanup time. (Thanks Laiku for this one!)
  • Green beans mix well with just about everything.
  • The hard ice packs stay colder longer than the squishy ones.
  • If you're tanning, use a few different bikinis so you don't get one solid set of tan lines.

Contest Update: Tiffany did not compete due to personal reasons. Check her blog for updates.

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