The 'O' Show Podcast With Walt & Gina Ostarly: Modeling And Photographers.

In their second episode, Walt and Gina Ostarly discuss modeling, how to break into the fitness modeling business, how to pick a photographer, and what to bring on a photoshoot. Also, find out some secret info on Sophia Parnachelli! LOL

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Welcome to Episode #2 of The 'O' Show! podcast series. This month, your sexy hosts, Gina & Walt Ostarly, discuss the 2007 Arnold Classic, breaking into the modeling business, magazine exposure & marketing, choosing photographers, booth work, and much, much more! Listen in - and welcome to all of the Ostarly's MySpace fans!

If you have questions that you'd like Walt and Gina to answer in an upcoming show, please email them, at:!

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  2007 Arnold Classic
  Robert Kennedy Magazines
  Hair, Makeup, & Eyelashes
  Working Fitness Show Booths
  Modeling After Childbirth
  What To Bring On A Photoshoot
  "Rocky Balboa" (The Film)
  and much more!

  "Hot Sexy Girls"
    by Joe Sibol

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What You Need To Do & Know For Your First Photo Shoot! What You Need To Do & Know For Your First Photo Shoot!
Do you want to get into fitness modeling but don't know where to start? Check out this 'How To' article put together by Christina Lindley.
[ Click here to learn more. ]

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