The Bizzy Diet - Nutrition And Supplements

Your deadline looms. Shape-up time starts now. No worries: Here's the nutrition plan that'll help you get peeled in 21 days!

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In this hectic world, you push harder than a stunt driver with double espresso in the cup holder. To complete your tasks and stay ahead of the competition, you live a life so busy that you're always looking for, and finding, that next gear.

But you need to look good AND feel good -- so your summer getaway will succeed, so you won't be sweating every time you have to give a presentation, so your heart will be healthy enough to survive to retirement. These things worry the world's busiest people.

We devised a 3-week trainer to help you when you need it most, right now! This nutrition and supplement plan backs up an intense exercise regimen detailed on the other pages. If you don't use the nutrition, the exercise will all be for nothing!

Experienced lifters should increase their protein intake to avoid burning lean muscle during the cardio sessions. Inexperienced lifters will simply have more fat to burn, so stick to the diet exactly.

We know how hard it is to eat well on-the-go, but it is possible. Look, we'll show you!

Supplement Breakdown

MusclePharm MuscleGel

MuscleGel is an extremely convenient, portable way to meet your protein intake. It's a pure shot of 22 grams of muscle-making protein that requires no liquids or mixing!*

It tastes great and enhances the body's ability to absorb nutrients.*

Put simply, it's a supplement game-changer.

MusclePharm Shred Matrix

Shred Matrix is a unique, comprehensive, multi-system approach to fat loss.*

Safe for both men and women, it uses the body's own energy pathways and systems to help you burn fat as fuel. *

Shred Matrix supports improved energy, mood, and helps promote appetite regulation.*

MusclePharm CLA Core

CLA Core is a blend of mono- and polyunsaturated fats that support energy sources in the hard-working bodies of fit people on low-carb diets.*

CLA supports a healthy body composition and muscle growth without the addition of adipose tissue.*

MusclePharm Armor-V

Vitamins are the daily staple of an athlete's regimen. Armor-V is loaded with vegetable and fruit derivatives, anti-oxidants, and additional system optimizers.

Each capsule contains vitamins and minerals needed to support hard-working bodies.*

MusclePharm Combat Powder

Protein powder is an athlete's most essential supplement.* Each serving of Combat Powder contains 25 grams of protein, extra glutamine, and added BCAAs.

Combat Powder absorbs easily and feeds your hungry muscles up to 8 hours.*

Bizzy Eater - 21-day Nutrition Plan

Meal 1: Ex. Time 6:30AM
Meal 2: Ex. Time 7AM
Meal 3: Ex. Time 10AM
Meal 4: Ex. Time 12:30PM
Meal 5: Ex. Time 1PM
Meal 6: Ex. Time 4PM
Meal 7: Ex. Time 7PM

Choose From Food List (8 oz Meat, 2-3 Cups Vegetables) Ex. Meal:

  • tuna


    8 oz

  • broccoli


    2-3 cups

  • Meal 8: Ex. Time 9PM

    Food List

    Condiments and Seasonings

    Overview | Nutrition & Supplements | Workout A | Workout B | Rest

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