Teen Transformation Of The Week - Jay Deep Bhatia!

Jay was always the chubby kid in school. But when he entered high school, he landed a spot on his cross country team. From there on, it was clean eating and high-intensity training. Learn more right here!
Before Before:
170 lbs
After After:
140 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Jay Deep Bhatia
Email: jdbhatia08@yahoo.com

Weight: 170 lbs
Height: 5'6"
Age: 14

Weight: 140 lbs
Height: 5'11"
Age: 16

Why I Got Started

Growing up I was always a skinny little kid, but then my uncle and his family moved in the house and by the time I was eleven I was ridiculously chubby. My eating habits were terrible, I was guzzling down a couple cans of soda a day and nachos were a daily favorite.

I guess the day I finally realized my weight had become more than just chubby was when the entire 7th grade class went swimming, and I sat on the side because I was too embarrassed to take my shirt off. I was short, fat and ugly and I knew I had to do something about it.

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I Knew I Had To Do Something About It.

In the summer of 2004 my mother and I went to India for a pilgrimage up in the mountains. Since I could not obtain my daily doses of Twinkies and soda up there, I started losing weight. By the time I got back from India I had lost a reasonable amount of weight, but I soon gained it all back due to my old habits.

When I was briefly thin though, I got a lot of positive comments which really got me motivated. Then later on that same summer I saw Rocky and it completely changed my way of thinking. I soon joined the high school cross country team, began reading and learning about nutrition and was inspired a lot by this website.

How I Did It

Basically I started running. I joined my high school cross country team and began to learn to push myself. As I started getting faster, I yearned for competition and better physical features. I would stay till late in the evening doing push ups or running repeat 400s on the track to better my performance.

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I Learned To Push Myself.

Also I started lifting weights. I focused on high intensity low rep; I wanted to be cut not massive. To top it off, I completely stopped eating any type of cr@p food. Honestly if it's wrapped in plastic and has the suffix -ose in one of the ingredients you should not be eating it. I really started eating clean and drinking a lot of water.


I took Whey Protein to help me recover after a long workout.

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As a runner I really didn't have a set diet. I just stayed away from all junk foods, sodas, candies, chips and anything else I knew I would feel guilty after eating. I also upped my protein and water intake.


Once again my workout varied as a runner. One workout in particular always kills me. 8x 800's with two minutes rest in between. After that 200 abs sit up, crunches etc. And 100 push-ups. Here is a sample chest workout I would do in the weight room:

That's one set. Then repeat for 5 sets, high intensity non stop.

Suggestions For Others

Really, just start thinking healthy. If you think healthy you will get motivated to work harder. Don't look at someone else and say "I wish I had that body," go out and do it, it's amazing what the body's limits are. Working hard is not supposed to be comfortable. It's not easy and it hurts.

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It's Amazing What The Body's Limits Are.

But you have to kill yourself for results and that's what I've learned as a runner. Olympic runner Anthony Famigletti stated during one of his workouts: "You know you've been running hard enough, when you start seeing colors."

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