Man On A Mission: Maintaining Focus!

The loss of focus is just as detrimental to your lifting gains as a bad diet. How many people do you know who have a decent diet and workout all the time, and yet they never go up in weight or gain a substantial amount of size?
As you walk into the gym your feeling pumped up and psyched up. It's leg day. That dreadful day where intensity is the rule and without it you might as well kiss those tree trunks in the making goodbye.


You get in proper position under the squat rack after placing the weight pin. You're excited because you're going to try 10 more lbs. this week. Then you glance in the mirror and see a lifter near you using 60 lbs. more than you. Doubt begins to creep into your mind that you might never reach that high mark you've set. WAIT! What is that, Backstreet boys is playing over that speaker and oh, those 2 hot girls from school are staring at me. Well, I'm going to do this set now. *Squats down and pushes back up* AHHHH! Spotter help me! Thanks, I guess I'm just not ready for this amount of weight yet.

What a familiar story, and yet it still re-occurs every workout for most people. The focus you had going into the gym was shattered. Doubt crept into your mind about your ability, and you let the girls put pressure on you to prove something. The music took your intensity level down and broke your concentration when you identified it as being the latest boy band. But why has your set been ruined by these things?

The loss of focus is just as detrimental to your lifting gains as a bad diet. How many people do you know who have a decent diet and workout all the time, and yet they never go up in weight or gain a substantial amount of size? It's a tragedy, and it's happening to bodybuilding hopefuls and even happens to the heroes here and there. Years ago I was one of these people. No matter what my diet or training split was I failed to make substantial progress. This inability to gain was my entire fault.

The topic being presented is so important to me because of the sheer magnitude at which your mental focus plays in your bodybuilding. I debate with many people about what true bodybuilding is, and even when diet and training is in place, most people over look this vital aspect of the bodybuilder package. Without it, you will never reach your potential because your mind is not yet strong enough to take you there. It is possible to develop the mental ability and strength that will drive you to the top, and I believe everyone can do it. We are made in God's image; there is nothing we cannot do.


Once I broke the "limitations" and developed the focus needed, my bench immediately jumped 20 pounds, and probably could have jumped 50 pounds if I had more faith in my own potential. It took months for me to finally realize how important using the focus and drive I possessed in each and every workout was.

I spent years training like most people, lack luster and going through the motions. But over time I began to understand what true bodybuilding was, and the extreme effort and fatigue that goes into it. You might be wondering, "But Jon, with all the people who trained back then, how come they could keep their intensity up for such periods of time?"

Well, it's actually been documented and said by many bodybuilders of the past that most of them trained no more than 2 hours. Arnold, Draper, the list goes on, but much of what has been passed down has been exaggerated to make the legends appear greater. That is how it is with everything. So now that you have an idea about this intensity and mental drive, let's get down and dirty and see how we can help develop our own drive so we can have the best possible workouts every time we hit the gym.


If you want the best progress possible you need to develop gym mentality. So in a way I'm saying you need to "put on the blinders." Let nothing around you seep into your mind during training. You have to be a "man on a mission." You must believe nothing will stop you in the gym, and you are going to become a monster. See yourself growing and lifting huge amounts of weight that mere average men wouldn't dream of.

One tactic Anthony Church Uses is (When people stare at you just pretend you're putting on a demonstration for everyone in the gym!) I've tried it, and it works wonderfully. When lifting, place your focus on the muscles you are working and see them growing. Anything to keep your intensity and focus directed towards your lifting.


Here are some things you can do to get into the "lifting zone":


Take a cd/mp3 player with you to the gym, and put that music that really gets your adrenaline going and takes your motivation through the roof. You know this type of music; it makes you want to be a hero.


Imagine yourself where you want to be as a bodybuilder in the next several years, then on your way to the gym and inside the gym think of yourself as that person already. Your lifting huge weight and nobody can match your size!


Imagine your muscles blowing up to monster proportion as you as you work each body-part. Many bodybuilders do this and as we know, "What the mind believes the body soon achieves."


When you are preparing for your workout, imagine yourself turning into any sort of hero that comes to mind. You have a mission to take care of, and nothing in the world will stop you. You are going to destroy that weight, and become the hero that will save the world and take care of business. Sound korny to you? If so, you probably won't be the monster you so aspire to become.


You just have to change. You've had enough workouts that are lackluster and produce doubts in your mind as to whether you were productive or not. Isn't it time to put all that behind you and take it to the next level? It's time to separate yourself from the rest around you, and to start growing as the bodybuilder you could be and should be. There are no more excuses, get real or go home.

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This is an extremely important aspect to leaving the beginning bodybuilder level and becoming an intermediate bodybuilder. Until you can stay mentally focused in the gym and lay it all on the line every time you hit the weights you will never make the gains you want in order to continue moving upward, or any gains at all for that matter. You really want to develop a champion physique and not just be another chump staring at all the different bodies hoping to be tougher than the next guy? Next time you lift, let nothing stop you, especially not yourself!

Jonathan S.

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