The Attitude And Life Of A Bodybuilder!

Every writer is always making suggestions about how to lift and what to eat. But in life there is so much more than just eating a lean cut steak and lifting a bar. These are only principles to abide by.
Every writer is always making suggestions about how to lift and what to eat. But in life there is so much more than just eating a lean cut steak and lifting a bar. These are only principles to abide by. Everything you do should be revolved around one concept. And you have probably heard this saying before. Out of one to ten you need to step up to be an eleven. This means you have to exceed your own expectations. This just doesn't mean lifting weights to do more than you expect its more than that. The total attitude in life. Like to wear your seat belt even to throwing a piece of trash in the trash can some one else dropped. There is many ways to be an eleven to change your life completely. If you follow this way of life there will be better gains physically and mentally and socially.

To Be An 11 Socially

Your probably thinking why is this involved with bodybuilding at all. But it will make sense. To be an eleven socially you have to do several things. Never swear when your talking to someone. Hang out with people that have a positive influence on you. And believe in the same way of life you do.

"Surround yourself with people who care about you, set high goals and live your dream. Work hard. Be your own person and strive to do what's right. Don't' be influenced easily by things that won't help you. Be aware of what will help you and hurt you. Avoid what will hurt you." An eleven socially Corey Moore, Virginia Tech, 1999 Lombardi Trophy winner.

You are not going to be cool if you do drugs or alcohol, even if your friends do it you will be a zero. Don't be around people who give you a hard case of peer pressure which runs with alcohol, drugs and other decisions. Fact about drinking socially as a teenager. As a percentage teens who start drinking before they are old enough to drive have a 40% chance of being an alcoholic later in life.

More Hard Facts

One study found that teens who smoked are four times more likely to become depressed later in life. In conclusion 11's are respectful of others, helpful, humble. To be an 11 you need to have integrity.

To Be An 11 In The Weight Room

Most importantly is you're not going to be an eleven taking steroids. Remember steroids are for cheaters. This is not more important than your life to be big. Hopefully not. When you're in the weight room, no one is not important enough no matter what their strength. If you lift with someone you don't think is important or not strong or you don't talk to them you will boost your social to 11 and be a leader. If you train harder than any one else in the weight room you will be become a champ someday no matter what in the weight room.

Here is the concept. If you're smaller than someone else in the weight room if you work harder than them you are getting closer to there strength and someday you will meet them and pass them. This relates to mental toughness too. But here are some more stats. If everyone is a ten and you are an eleven you are stronger than them even if you literally aren't. You can beat 40% of your competition threw hard work. You can beat another 10% from the competition that will bring the best out of you.

11's Set Goals And Are Strong Mentally

First list the obstacles that you must overcome in order to achieve. Then be convinced you can reach your goal. Image your self reach your goal thoroughly day by day. List all the benefits from your goal it will help you and others with your goal.

All this will create a desire to achieve your goal. If it's to get bigger than your friend, bench more. Or start on varsity football team it's all your dream to decide what your going to do. With goals you can do anything.

There are people that won't believe in you and say you are crazy. These people you need to ignore or get out of your life if they aren't your friends etc. These people are only jealous because they can't do it or want to try. When I broke my world record in bench press I had people not believe me and said I was full of it. When I had my proof they was quiet but my dad's brother then said he was stronger than me at my age. Who hasn't lifted anything but a TV remote from what I've heard. So even if you achieve you will still have people ridicule you.

Be An 11 Foods

Eleven's need to eat healthy and get plenty of sleep about 7-to-8 hours a night. Here are five foods you shouldn't have soda, french fries, potato chips, pastries and candies. Here's some foods you should have. Water should be your main choice to drink. Eat fish and chicken. Eat vegetables and salads. Choose natural foods over processed.

To face adversity some people ask when adversity knocks on there door Why does this happen to me, or why do I have to suffer this now. Or what have I done to to cause this. Will not lead into the right direction. Instead shake it off and step up. Instead of looking at adversity as in why is this happening why don't you think of this. What am I to change? What am I to learn from this. This is another concept of positive mentality.

You might face all this in the weight room you just need to remember things don't happen if you don't train hard. If you follow this you will be on your way to a healthier more happy way of life.

In my life I know of one true example of an eleven. He is my football coach and wrestling coach. He is always a positive influence on me and everyone even the eighth graders coming in. He has the attitude to keep us with respect and not to be rambunctious. Socially he changed our wrestling team to make us feel like a family. Everyone cared about each other. He also helped us see that we need to put our dreams together and that nobody's dream is wrong for the team.

It made us 2nd in the state this season. Mentally he prepares us to our goals with a program were we have to beat our old records on our last lift. For everyone he looks after as they are his son. Now I know a coach usually isn't an eleven but he has reshaped our team with the power of being an 11. He even introduced us to the concept of being an eleven. I even accidentally broke his nose playing basketball and instead of being mad he was an 11 and kept his cool. I hope he's forgotten about that though. This man is my coach the true example of a real life 11. Clay Lloyd.