Body Pump: Feeling The Burn!

The key to toning muscles is to do a little weight with a lot of reps. Most female trainers tone their muscles so they don't get manly arms, etc. The key to this body pump exercise is to put on almost no weight...
Are you done building your mass, and you want to be skinny in public? Want to define those muscles? Well, I have a body pump exercise that helps you lose weight, and tone those muscles.

The key to toning muscles is to do a little weight with a lot of reps. Most female trainers tone their muscles so they don't get manly arms, etc. The key to this body pump exercise is to put on almost no weight to a dumbbell (put on maybe 5-10 lbs). Have a barbell with about 20-25 lbs. on it. Also, if you have a fitness stool, use that and cables if you have them. Make sure you stretch before you exercise, also.

The next step is music. Have you ever gone to a gym and could not get your adrenaline flowing because the music sucked so bad? Well I have. You put whatever up-beat music that gets you going on a cd player, and that will help a lot. (Remember only up beat music- we're moving fast). Up beat music makes your adrenaline rush wildly. You start sweating when you work out to it, and you get your testosterone going. Try working out to slow classic music. Not gonna happen. Make it up-beat music.

Now, to the toning process. Start the music and you begin by picking up the dumbbells. The purpose of this pump is to superset the muscles by toning them. I usually start with bicep curls. Lift to the beat of the music, and jog with it to, while you do the exercises. Listen to the background beat, and lift (1-2, 3-4) very fast. Once you are done with bicep curls, move on to whatever upper body exercise you want. Don't stop and rest, go right on. Keep going until you can't stop. Forget about the burn in your arms, keep going until you can't do another set., then move on immediately. Do bench presses on the stool, or if you don't have one, use your bench. Use the cables if you want, to stretch your muscles.

Once your entire upper body is caved, take the barbell and do squats and deadlifts till you can barely walk. then, go to your stairs and do calf raises. after you are finished with your workout (including abs; you don't need my explanation on how to do those), keep jogging! That will help your muscles recuperate. The worst thing to do after you workout is stop and rest. Take a jog around your block or a brisk walk, don't stop, you need to get blood flowing through your muscles.

When you do a set of exercises, you feel the burning in your arms, or whatever body part, correct? Ever wonder what that burning was? Well, I researched The whole muscular system and I found out that when resistance is applied to a muscle or group of muscles, the muscles burn of antacid in that area. So all the burn really is is antacid burning in the area. So don't stop when you feel the burn, stop when you can't do anymore sets.

As for this workout, it gives you the cardio that you need too. After it is finished, before your jog, check your heart rate. It gets very high. Cardio is almost as important as lifting when you want defined muscles. You have to do cardio. If you want real separation in your legs, I suggest doing Long distance running (miles), or sprints. For shoulders, I suggest hitting a punching bag (believe me, it makes you sweat if you visualize hitting your anger out). For the rest, I suggest using cross-trainers at the gym. Your personal trainers will know what I mean. Remember, you can't spot-reduce (make fat go away in one place, basically), but you can separate and define your muscles through cardio.

Before you jog, take a few stretches first. Then, repeat your stretches after the jog. Your muscles won't grow if you don't stretch them, so if they are sore the next day, you want to stretch them as much as you can. Sometimes when I am home, and I'm sore, I stretch the muscle that hurts every 20 minutes!

If by some odd chance, you strain a muscle because you did it wrong, my best advice to you is to stretch, eat protein, Ice the muscle, and Eat Bananas! Yes, Bananas are the key to recovery in a strained muscle. The high potassium content inside a banana is very effective on strained muscles. I am a pitcher in baseball, and I always strain my muscles when throwing (which is part of pitching). I eat about 4 bananas The night I strain it, ice, and the next day, I'm fine. All muscle strain is, is micro-bleeding in the muscle tissue. If you ice it, the bleeding will stop. Potassium helps the soreness to go away.

If you can do these pump sessions 2-3 times per week for about 45 minutes to an hour, you'll get defined muscles before you know it. Also, this would be the best time to start supplementing. I suggest taking glutamine, for increasing your metabolism, creatine, for helping in short energy bursts, and protein. Lay off the weight gainers, etc. If you want to relax your muscles, I suggest taking, Ginkgo Biloba, Echinacea, or Kava-Kava. Although Ginkgo Biloba is a memory product, it does have ingredients in it that relax you and make you groggy.

Thanks, and Tone hard!