Teenage Bodybuilding's 10 Commandments!

Thou Shalt Lift Big, Thou Shalt Eat Big, Thou Shalt Sleep. These are just a few of the 10 Commandments. Read the rest and grow!

1 / Thou Shalt Lift Big

Give your muscles a reason to grow. Be intense - do not do endless sets.

Go heavy, but don't remain at the gym doing reps with no intensity. Hit failure and make that last set really count!

2 / Thou Shalt Eat Big

You must eat to grow. Get 30-40g of protein per meal, and eat 6 meals a day. Don't be too scared of fats and calorie counting at our young age - just use good estimation.

Cut junk food on all days per week, except for one. You will eventually crave chicken breasts, tuna shakes, pasta and chocolate milk - not chips, McDonalds, lollies, or even pizza (yes, pizza)!

3 / Thou Shalt Sleep

Recovery is key. You should try to average about 8 hours of sleep a night, no less than 7. You sleep, you grow - remember this.

4 / Thou Shalt Drink Large Amounts of Water

Carry that drink bottle with you at all times. Drink 6 liters of water a day or thereabouts. This keeps you well hydrated so you can train at your best!

5 / Thou Shalt Be Committed

If you're not sick or injured, you must train. If you start skipping, you might as well forget those dreams. You must want to become that impressive physique before you can begin building it. Get yourself a reliable training partner. Make training a necessity, not an obligation. Make it your #1 priority.

6 / Thou Shalt Squat

If you have legs, a desire to grow, and your back is okay, you will squat. Without the king of exercises, your growth is going to suffer. Squats develop more than just legs. Squats are an all-round body blaster. Squat and grow!!

7 / Thou Shalt Not Be Afraid of Change

Change your routine around frequently. Every 3-6 weeks, vary the order that you do your routine, change your whole style altogether, or even turn your workout on its a$$ and do it backwards - it works! Try high reps, low reps, high sets, one set - you name it. Try it and see what works for you.

8 / Thou Shalt Not Overtrain

Do not overtrain by training the same body parts within a 3-day period; leave 5 days for optimal recovery and growth. If your progress is slowing, you're getting injured or sick frequently, then it's time to take a break. Take 4-6 days off, and then go back at it. Don't be surprised if you're stronger after your layoff.

9 / Thou Shalt Not Neglect Injuries

Once you're injured, take a break. Lose 2 weeks training now, or prepare to keep those injuries forever. Don't be dumb - your health is important.

10 / Thou Shalt Lift With True And Proper Form

Anyone can throw around the weights. Concentrate on good form and proper technique, and then let the poundage build up. Get a full range of motion and be proud that you're one of the few who actually trains properly.

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