Although you see most teenagers lift weights for other people but if you want proper muscle building motivation you have to want to do it for yourself first and then second for those girls on the beach.
Hey people how r u all doing? This is my first article for Let me tell you a little about myself. I live in Sydney Australia; I am 17, and still go to school. I have competed in the NSW State Bodybuilding Championships in September of this year and placed 3rd in my first competition.

Anyway that's enough about me lets get on with the show.

Motivation is about turning all those negative thoughts/comments in your head and transforming them into a massive all out guns blazing workout, bang bang. Us teens all want to hit the gym for different reasons, weather it be to get better at a sport, look better, feel better, get bigger or get stronger. Although you see most teenagers lift weights for other people but if you want proper muscle building motivation you have to want to do it for yourself first and then second for those girls on the beach.

Motivation IS about putting fire into the belly and using that fire when you workout, use the motivation to explode into your workouts and be the best you can be. You CAN DO IT!

That's what you have to believe you must never let people get you down if they say a negative comment use it as motivation. What I am trying to say is that you need to use everything and anything, as motivation don't let anything get you down.

If something does get you down you need to reassess things and find out what is going wrong and fix it. You must be focused; you must want to be that big bugger that nobody wants to mess with.

To be a machine in the gym you have got to really want to be there so don't make the gym a chore like washing the dishes or like it is going to a class in school make it fun make it interesting make it the place to be the place where you take your body to the extreme to your limits and where you will transform your body into something you never dreamed of.

The way I get motivated may be different to the way you get motivated but it will all be along the same lines. I will tell you what I do to get motivated and if you like you guys can give it a try and rise to the top like the young muscle studs that you are.

Before I enter the gym whether it be at school or on my way walking to the gym I talk to myself telling myself what I am going to do today, I tell my body that it is going to go to its limits and bypass them and explode with intensity each and every rep. When I enter the gym I say my hellos but I am always thinking of the task at hand I keep telling myself that I have to lift heavy. I know if I have to push out 8 reps I will get 10 if it kills me. OK you have completed half your workout and you are on your 3rd exercise doing your last set and have got to more grueling reps to push out YOU have to tell your self that after this you can get a rest and if you don't push out these last two reps you have failed and remember us teenagers in the gym with red raw muscles do not fail they grow and before you know it you have pushed out 3 that's right 3 more reps not the 2 you aimed for 3.

I know it sounds different but to be motivated and be able to reach your peak and fulfill your goals you have to aim high you cant aim for 50% you must go for 110%. The higher you aim the less you can fail that is the most important thing you must remember.

To get to where you want to be, to get to the top you have to be seen at the bottom visualizing the top and the dream. You must push every workout to the max and do not fear failure but stare failure in the face. If you want 24-inch arms they first have to be 14inch then 14.5 inch and so on until they reach the mark.

Tips to MOTIVATE yourself!!

Think to yourself everyone you know is bigger than you and you must train to extremes to come close to them.

Get a training partner that is equal size to you with similar strength to keep the pressure on you and make you push out the extra reps and poundage.

Write the exercise and weight lifted down and next workout make sure you add weight to it (by adding weight you get stronger, by getting stronger you get BIGGER)

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