Teen Transformation Of The Week - Jake Weisman!

Once Jake began attending college, he soon realized if he ever wanted to walk on campus with confidence, he was going to need to drop the extra weight and get in shape. Read on to learn how he shed 58 pounds and got his self-esteem back!
Before Before:
205 lbs
After After:
147 lbs

Vital Stats

Name: Jake Weisman
Email: weisman@billback.com
BodySpace: http://bodyspace.bodybuilding.com/jacobweisman/

Age: 19
Height: 5'7"
Weight: 205 lbs
Body Fat: 27%
Pant Size: 38"
Shirt Size: Large

Age: 20
Height: 5'8"
Weight: 147 lbs
Body Fat: 5.4%
Pant Size: 30"
Shirt Size: Small

Why I Got Started

Ever since I can remember I was overweight. Throughout my childhood my peers, friends and even family ridiculed me. Even though it was disheartening I never really let it get to me. I was fine with being fat and never really saw a reason to change.

However, when I stepped on college campus for the first time I noticed that everyone was fit, athletic and great looking. This was a true wake-up call to me.

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Jake Weisman's Body Fat Progress.

I knew that if I wanted to find a girlfriend and feel confident walking on campus I was going to have to make some drastic changes in my life. And knowing I had a 2-month Christmas break coming up, I was going to utilize that time to turn my life around.

Jake Jake
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I Was Going To Have To Make
Some Drastic Changes In My Life.

How I Did It

Let's just say that I have probably purchased every book, pill, and machine out there to lose weight. From Hydroxycut to diuretics, I've done it all. First, I was going to need major motivation. By checking out transformations on Bodybuilding.com and watching weight loss transformations on YouTube, I began to get really motivated.

After getting psyched up I went and purchased a gym membership for 30 bucks a month. I started going every day for 3 hours. Because at this time I was still overweight I limited myself to cardio only and eventually worked my way up to strength training.

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I Began To Get Really Motivated.

However, I didn't do it slow and steady, instead I went fast and dangerous. I had limited myself to a max of 500 calories a day, which were calories from foods like veggies. After one and a half months I lost 45 pounds. I was ecstatic. Knowing that my diet was working and the weight was shedding fast, I continued the dangerous diet.

Then, 4 months in I became deathly ill. I couldn't eat, hardly drink, and was out of school, work, and exercise and my weight dropped to a sickly 128 pounds. I was determined to get healthy and nourished and decided I need to lose the weight healthy and slowly.

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I Was Determined To Get Healthy.

I purchased all kinds of bodybuilding magazines and books, and posted pictures of the body I want to be like to stay motivated and be better educated. Throughout my entire first 2 months I took pictures of my progress from different angles.

To date I have lost over 60 pounds and dropped 8 pant sizes (from a size 38 to a 30) and dropped from a large shirt to a small shirt.




dot Prior To June 2008: dot

dot Currently: dot

    Now I have a personal trainer that I see daily, so my workouts vary. I work one body part a day, hard, for 30-45 minutes then run 2 miles every day.

Suggestions For Others

It's so hard and discouraging at first, but once you take a before photo and compare your results about 2 weeks later, you can really see a difference which motivates you.


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I have to constantly be reminded of the body I want to achieve (the chiseled six-pack), so by placing pictures of people I want to look like from bodybuilding magazines all over my apartment, I would be reminded that I probably shouldn't eat these Reese's Cups if I want to look like them. JUST STICK TO IT! The rewards are well worth the time and effort!

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The Rewards Are Well Worth
The Time And Effort.