Callum's Training Journal: Week 3.

I was really into fitness and I got a copy of Muscle and Fitness mainly for the 'fitness' section. However, after awhile I began to desire the 'muscle' part more and haven't looked back.
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The week in review...

The past week has been much better than the previous one. My training has been more intense and more successful. My chest workout was back to where it should have been as were the rest of my workouts.

The Week Ahead.

This week I will structure my training differently.

  • Mon: Delts, Traps, Abs, Cardio
  • Tues: Back
  • Wed: Rest, Cardio
  • Thurs: Chest, Triceps
  • Fri: Legs, Abs,
  • Sat: Biceps, Forearms
As you probably have noticed I am adding cardio to my routine. While this is a strength/mass gaining phase you may think this is a little odd. Well, there are two reasons that I am adding the cardio into my program.
  • Reason 1: Although i am gaining mass I don't want to gain too much fat. Therefore I am doing minimal cardio at 2x20mins a week.
  • Reason 2: I begin university I 3 weeks and am considering competing in powerlifting. Because of this my aim is to compete as light as possible, and although this conflicts with my aims of gaining mass, it is a sitiuaton which may require my flexibility in my goals and desires. So I will ensure I don't get fat during my gain phase by doing small amounts of cardio.
This will be my split in detail:
    Mon: Delts/Traps:
  • Behind neckpress 3x8
  • Lat raises 3x10
  • Bent over raises 3x8
  • Front Raises 3x8
  • Upright rows 3x10
  • Scapulation 3x8
  • Narrow grip shrugs 3x8, 1x4
  • Wide grip shrugs
    Tues: Back:
  • Lat pulldowns 3x6-8
  • Chins 2x to failure
  • Bent over barbell rows 3x8
  • Rack deadlifts 8,8,6,3,1
  • Pullover machine 3x8
    Wed: Rest
    Thurs: Chest/Triceps
  • Bench press/cable crossover superset 3x6,6-8
  • Incline dumbell press/ incline flyes superset 3x6,6-8
  • Bottom stage press 8,8,5,3,1
  • Rack lockouts 4,4,3,1
  • Dips 3x failure (between 6-10)
  • Lying extensions 3x8
    Fri: legs
  • Squats 5x6-10
  • Leg press 5x6-10
  • Stiff-legged deadlift 3x10
  • Leg curls 3x8
    Sat: Biceps/Forearms
  • Barbell curls: 3x6-8
  • Callum Curls 3x8
  • Rope curls 3x8
  • One are cable curls 3x8

  • Wrist curls 3x8
  • Reverse wrist curls 3x8
  • Hammer Curls 3x8
My supplements from have arrived and I will begin to take them this week. I am using creatine and Z-mass PM. Look for an upcoming review of Z-Mass PM in the next few months.

This is the last week I will structure my workouts like this. Beginning next week I will begin to go REALLY heavy and basic as well as adding some power movements to improve my bench.

I discovered that my weekpoint in my bench is not my triceps as I expected. It turns out my weak point is the bottom part of the lift so I will begin working on that next week.

Until then Train hard and smart,