Get Motivated! Consistency Is The Key.

What's one of the most important keys to success in bodybuilding? Well, if you said diet, you're right.
Get Motivated! Consistency Is The Key.

What's one of the most important keys to success in bodybuilding? Well, if you said diet, you're right. But this article isn't about your diet; this is about something just as important, consistency. If you don't stay with it, whether it is your lifting program, your supplement schedule, your diet, or even going to the gym, you're going to fail.

One of the most important things to help you stay consistent is your motivation. You need to get pumped up before you go to the gym and actually want to lift. You can't just go in there feeling down and expect to lift intensely. For me, it's some ACDC, Metallica or even an Arnie movie. For others it's different, it could even be your lifting partner that inspires you. I just started training with one of my friends, and he has the intensity to push me. This is the first step in being motivated; you actually have to want to train. You can't just go through the motions, you need to aim high, be intense and push yourself beyond the limit. Training can't be easy, it must be painful, it's an on going battle and you've got to want it.

But what about something more important? There's more to bodybuilding than just going to the gym. You need to be motivated at all hours of the day. There's no one to push you out side of the gym, you need to push yourself to cram those last few calories, hit the track first thing in the morning, go to bed rather than staying up at night, and avoid eating that box of cookies that mom somehow always leave out no matter how often you ask her not to (no, I don't know where they went). This is up to you, I can't tell you how to find the motivation to do these things, you must find them yourself. For me, I picture how I want to look, the girls I'm going to get, the people I'm going to impress, and even sometimes the guys on the message boards that look up to me. I think about how much my chest is going to hurt the next day, and how good I'm going to feel after the workout.

It's up to you to decide upon these things. Find what works for you, and stay with it. Motivation is out there; you just need to find it. Cycling your training on and off out of laziness won't get you anywhere. One of the most frequent occurrences I see are guys who start out training with big goals, but stop short of themselves. They limit their selves, they don't listen to advice and do everything their own way. They train chest and bi's every other day, legs maybe once in a fortnight, drink 4 times a week, and eat sporadically. Not getting results will cause anyone to quit. By following good bodybuilding habits, you are already a step ahead of the rest.

Motivation is up to you. It's inside of you already. There are no pills to pop, shakes to mix, sprays to spray, dig down deep and bring it up and out. If there's a will, there's a way. All of you reading this can reach your goals, but do you have the heart? Do you have what it takes to be committed enough to follow through? I sure hope so. Motivate yourself and the rest will come.

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