Training To Get My Pro Card!

TeamDixon's training strategy is a two-fold approach. Learn how I train, eat, and feel throughout the 8 months!

About This Section

For the next 8 months I will be going through a bulking and cutting phase. I will be posting my training, diet, and my workout for these 8 months. With help from, I plan on recieving my pro card at the USA's in July of 2003.

What I Am Doing!

As for the team part of TeamDixon our main point is bodybuilding is not an individual sport, with out Rolanda doing my nutrition, massaging me, stretching me, coaching me in the weight room, helping with my posing etc. As you can see this is not a 1-man show, which is why TeamDixon will continue to win.

I am going to be bulking for four months straight and then be cutting for four months for the USA's in Las Vegas on July 26, 2003. This is where I will receive my pro card!

Each Week I Will Keep Track Of The Following:

  • My Training Routine
  • My Diet/Nutrition
  • My Supplementation
  • Topic Of The Week
  • Updated Photos

The First Week
TeamDixon's training strategy is a two-fold approach. Learn how I train, eat, and feel throughout the 8 months!
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Overcoming Obstacles!
On this quest to achieving my Pro Card there are and will be bumps in the road. Last night I showed Rolanda some swelling I have had in my groin area for about five months. See how I got through it and how I trained for the second week!
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