Inside The World Of Planet Tamar, Episode 7 - Impending Knee Surgery.

In this seventh episode, Tamar discusses her impending knee surgery, and how it will fix her triple knee ailments. And don't miss the bonus protein shake recipe at the end!

Fitness model and NPC figure competitor Tamar Cohl hosts her own video series here on as she continues her competition career in the NPC, FAME, and the Fitness America Pageant!

In this seventh episode, super hottie Tamar discusses her impending knee surgery and reveals a scrumptious yet healthy recipe for Cherry Chocolate Chip Protein Shake!

Tamar Cohl Tamar Cohl
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Tamar Cohl: Simply Scrumptious!

Tamar details her triple knee injuries, including severe arthritis, a torn medial meniscus, and a partially torn ACL. Learn what her upcoming surgery will entail, and who she trusts to perform such a delicate procedure... Go Gators!

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Episode #7: Impending Knee Surgery

Tamar Cohl: Oh No, 2 Jars Of Peanut Butter! LOL

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