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Support Arnold And Fight The Media's Lies!

Are you tired of the media putting down bodybuilding and putting down Arnold? Voice your opinion by filling out our quick petition.
It's definitely time to flex some muscle in support of bodybuilding's champion of champions', Arnold Schwarzenegger.

If you have been watching the news and sports networks like ESPN, they have been running a story that is aimed at taking cheap shots at fitness legend, super-star, cultural icon and now Governor of the great state of California, Arnold Schwarzenegger.

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Arnold @ The 2004 Mr. Olympia Contest With Ronnie Coleman.

The story itself is a bunch of shallow nonsense and is not even worth reiterating here. But, during the course of this story, the media not only attempts to malign our HERO, they also attack our most revered fitness publications; Muscle & Fitness and Flex, and the entire sport of bodybuilding; in other words they are attacking all of us.

This is totally unacceptable at anytime, but especially when the media has strategically chosen to do this just before bodybuilding's biggest annual event; The Arnold Classic.

Arnold has always supported bodybuilding and its numerous health and character building benefits. Arnold's, friend and mentor, Ben Weider, President of the IFBB (International Federation of Bodybuilders) sums up the importance that bodybuilding has in the world in his famous statement that appears on IFBB letterhead;

"Bodybuilding Is Important For Nation Building"

The historical, present and future importance of bodybuilding is celebrated by its' growing popularity and widespread presence. Bodybuilding is currently one of the top ten largest sports in the world, and is in over 170 countries.

Arnold at Joe Gold's memorial. As Arnold said, "Joe was a trusted friend and father figure and was instrumental in my training during my days as a bodybuilder".

It was from the determination and dedication of Arnold, through his popularity and stardom that eventually showed the entire world the benefits that bodybuilding has to offer.

Arnold's accomplishment and life-long commitment to getting the word out about the health building benefits of bodybuilding were even acknowledged by the White House, where Arnold served in his President appointed role as Chairman of The President's Council On Physical Fitness and Sports.

So let's show the world and the media what happens when Arnold's supporters flex some muscle to get behind him in a big way.

Ryan DeLuca, CEO of Bodybuilding.com, the largest bodybuilding website in the world, has this special request for you, only if you believe in taking a united stand to support Arnold and bodybuilding:

"It is time for the bodybuilding community all over the world to flex some muscle and let the media know just how much we support Arnold and his accomplishments and bodybuilding.

As The Arnold Classic approaches, we want to let the media know that we want them to run positive news about Arnold's dedication and commitment to making people healthier through bodybuilding. You can make a difference by sending an e-mail directly to ESPN and other media outlets using the simple five-second form below.

I encourage you to join us in this e-mail campaign to let the media know how we feel. You can easily participate in an instant simply by entering your real name and email address in the form below. Then, you can edit the pre-written message, send it as-is, or write your own. Come on and let the world know that Arnold and bodybuilding are the greatest. Thank you for doing so."

Ryan DeLuca
- CEO Of Bodybuilding.com

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Peter Knopfler's View Of Arnold

Support Arnold, absolutely, at a time when the nation is at a 60% obesity level, millions of our population addicted to prescription drugs because of diseases related to inactivity such as diabetes, chronic fatigue, etc. The highest obesity level in children under 13, highest obesity level in our teenagers, these are the adults of the future, and we have a right to complain about Arnold?!

At this point in time he is an example of what to do, not like all others, showing us what not to do. Look at the Senate, and the House of Representatives, how many of them are in shape, how many are overweight and rely on drug intervention, Bush is the only one half decent, farming on the ranch.

Arnold is that breath of fresh air, the positive enthusiastic energy that comes from years of good health through discipline. Alcoholism, Prosac, and pornography, you don't see Arnold doing Viagra commercials like Pele, and a few others.

It's time to face the facts, to get our collective heads out of the sand, and realize that Arnold is the future, the Global man who's passport is dedicated health to Humanity, a great role model for anyone, someone we should be reaching out to, not snubbing our noses at. The number one killer of our nation is lifestyle diseases, self-sabotage, because of inactivity and poor eating habits.

Throughout Human history, mankind has always anticipated it's next step, Arnold is that next step. The nation's overall health looks so bleak, now is when we need Arnold, and more so in the very near future when the nation's health hits an all time low, as a collective group, we are in trouble, and Arnold is the answer!

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