Supplement Company Of The Month: Beast Sports Nutrition

Beast Sports Nutrition products combine a clean and classy design with a savage heart. Just ask team athlete Vincent Russo!

Residing deep within you is a wild creature. However, years of television, fast foods, comfortable couches, and a steady diet of excuses have kept that critter chained up. Release that Beast. Unleash your inner strength upon the world.

Beast started out as a mail order retailer based out of founder Tony Altieri's home, but it has grown into one of the supplement market's brightest rising stars. It is currently nominated in the Breakout Brand (Most Improved) and Creatine Supplement categories in the 2012 supplement awards, which will be announced at the 2012 Olympia Weekend in Las Vegas later this month.

Altieri gave us the lowdown on how Beast started out and grew to where it is today. Congratulations to Beast Sports Nutrition,'s Supplement Company of the Month!

Tell us how your company started.

I had been a regular user of sports nutrition since high school, and I had a sincere passion for the sports nutrition industry early on. In the mid-90s, I decided to start my own mail order company in the spare room of my two-bedroom condo.

I originally sold other brands, but my main goal was always to develop my own brand, because I was just not 100 percent sold on the products that were available at the time.

What made you decide to start your own supplement company?

I always felt that there was a void in the industry for a multi-purpose product that could do more than one thing without compromising quality. I started experimenting with different formulas and eventually Beast Sports Nutrition came into being.

Who are some important people who helped you in the beginning?

My wife and I actually built the business from the ground up in our two-bedroom apartment. Although I can't name names, the formulators and laboratories I have worked with over the years helped me put together some of the best products in the industry today.

I also owe a lot to the great people who work in publications such as Muscle & Fitness, Flex, Muscular Development, Iron Man magazine, and Muscle Mag. What I learned from these people was the importance of maintaining exposure of your brand to maintain brand awareness.

Beast Nutrition Creature

Beast Nutrition Creature

A professional strength creatine complex that uses four of the most advanced forms available to fuel muscle growth, increase strength, and accelerate recovery.*

Find Beast Nutrition Creature on our store.
What are some of your top products right now?

Creature has been named top creatine by many, including in the June issue of Muscle & Fitness, and it is ranked at the top at

Beast Mode, our pre-workout, is also one of our bestsellers. Once you take it you are indeed in "Beast mode," as the name implies.

We also have our newest addition to the Beast family, Aminolytes which is our amino acid recovery and intra-workout powder. It combines our aminos and beta-alanine with electrolytes. And of course there's Super Test, which has been our signature test booster for many years now.

Finally, Amphetalean, now available in powder form, is our most popular fat burner and energy product. People love it because it gives intense focus and it is a great fat burner without the jitters.

Beast Mode

Beast Mode

A professional strength pre-workout blend that energizes the body to compete on a higher level.*

Find Beast Mode on our store.
Are you coming out with any new and exciting products in the near future?

We sure are! Expect to see many more flavors of our top products like Beast Mode, Creature, and Aminolytes. I don't want to let the cat out of the bag, because we are tight-lipped about new products, but what I can say is we are working on a joint product as well as a new anabolic potentiator. Don't be surprised to see Beast protein bars and RTDs in the future as well.

Q: How long have you been involved with Beast Sports Nutrition? What made you join the team?

I have been part of Team Beast for around five months now. I joined Beast because its values of living a big, strong, fit, and healthy lifestyle are equivalent to mine. Also, the science behind each one of its products seems to give Beast an advantage over other supplement companies out there. Beast Sports requires their sponsored athletes to write articles for their blog, and I found this is what hooked me because it allows me to get my methods behind nutrition, weight training, and even motivation out to the public.

Why you think it's important for athletes to earn sponsorships?

I believe that to become sponsored is one of the main goals for every athlete. Your sponsors can act as your motivation to continue to do what you are being recognized for. It almost adds more initiative to stay on track so you represent the company in the way that they want you to. It is also a great extra avenue of income for athletes, as well as a way to continue being supplied with product, which is also extremely beneficial.

When training, what is your favorite Beast Sports Nutrition supplement? How do you use it?

My favorite Beast Sports Nutrition supplement has to be Aminolytes. I use one serving intra-workout to supply my body with an ample amount of amino acids. The 2:1:1 ratio of BCAAs, the addition of essential amino acids and electrolytes combine to make Aminolytes an elite supplement for anyone training with high intensity. This supplement is great for recovery, and it supplies your body with what it needs to fuel an efficient workout. I have to add that it tastes amazing!

Do you feel Beast Sports Nutrition treats its customers well? If you weren't its sponsored athlete, would you still buy its products?

Yes, I do believe Beast Sports Nutrition treats its customers well. If you ever need samples, Beast will be more than willing to give you a taste of what it has to offer. Beast also stays away from all banned substances, which shows the care the company has for the supplement community. With the new look of Beast, and its recent exposure, I would definitely try its supplements even if I wasn't one of the sponsored athletes. Their creatine, Creature, was named the number one creatine on the market in the June issue of Muscle & Fitness magazine. If you want to talk about numbers, just look at the product ratings on

The supplement industry is rife with ineffective products. How do you know Beast Sports Nutrition's products work?

I know they work simply due to the gains I experienced in the weight room when I first went on the supplement stack. I was stubborn with what I used and never really veered away from what I knew worked for my body. Then I tried Beast's supplement stack and was blown away.

Has your performance in the gym improved using Beast Nutrition's supplements?

My performance has improved in the gym in more areas than just one. With their creatine and concentrated pre-workout, I get in the right mindset to allow me to go in the gym and get it done! "Beast mode" gets turned on. Their intra-workout supplement helps fuel my body through the workout, which helps with my endurance. Their test booster helps increase my strength gains, while their fat burners help keep my gains lean. In recent workouts, I have been trying heavy volume training, where endurance plays a major role. My favorite exercise would be bent-over barbell rows. I do 4-5 sets depending on whether or not I'm feeling frisky, and I hit it heavy! I usually do 275 pounds for 8-12 reps with loose form depending on the set, but will mix it up with lighter weight and focus on the peak contraction point and the negative portion of the rep to build thickness.

How has being sponsored by Beast Sports Nutrition helped your career in the industry?

Having full access to the best supplements on the market would help any athlete's career. The exposure I get from Beast's blog helps me get my ideas out there, which helps me reach certain people on a more personal level. They will seek me out and ask me questions. I feel that as a sponsored athlete it is a privilege to be able to give advice, help out, and guide people down the right path.

Is there anything else you care to share about Beast Sports Nutrition? Any good 'inside' stories you'd like to tell?

Well, because of work at home, I can't make it to the Olympia in Las Vegas this year, but if I were going I'm pretty sure I would have some good inside stories to share. All in all, I couldn't be happier, and I'm ecstatic that my first-ever sponsor shares the same values as I do. We're a tight-knit team with a great supporting cast of sponsored athletes and people who work behind the scenes for the company. Only one thing to do now: Beast on!

Do you have any sponsored athletes? If so, how do they impact your company?

Yes, we do. They are the face of our company. We select athletes who are knowledgeable, inspirational, down-to-earth, and approachable. We feel our athletes represent our core values: Big. Strong. Fit. Healthy.

One of our main goals in selecting our athletes is attainability. If someone is dedicated to diet and training, they can achieve a look similar to any of our athletes.

Bottom line: Without our fans and customers, we don't have a business. We take this seriously, and we encourage our athletes to be as involved with our fans as humanly possible to encourage a feeling of community within our industry.

Let's say a customer is just starting a fitness regimen and can only afford one product. Which one supplement would you recommend?

Protein, because protein fits both male and females. Regardless of whether you are trying to get started or are an elite athlete, you are going to need an excellent protein source.

The foundation of an excellent nutrition program is protein, so 100% Beast Whey will be their best choice. It contains high quality protein and it is fortified with vitamins, minerals, and enzymes as well. After that, if someone had more specific goals, there would be other things we could recommend as well.

What do you believe are the best and worst things about the supplement industry?

The best part of it is definitely that we are able to innovate and bring forth innovative products into the marketplace to help people get healthy and achieve their fitness goals, keeping in mind that products that we produce must comply with current regulations. This helps more and more people reach their fitness goals in a safe and healthy manner, which is a really good thing.

The thing I dislike about the industry is that despite additional regulations there are still companies that have chosen to present controversial ingredients that don't abide by the regulations set forth by the FDA just to make a quick buck. This is the reason why our industry is under such intense scrutiny by regulatory agencies.

How important are the trade shows and expos to the growth of your company?

I think they are important because they keep your name out there and they add tremendous brand awareness. It's an excellent opportunity to meet those consumers that have used our products and to get their feedback.

At the same time, we get to meet those who have not used our products and it's a great time to allow them to sample our products as well.

What does your company do to ensure you meet ethical standards?

All Beast products are rigorously tested. First off, all raw materials are tested prior to manufacturing to meet our specifications.

This includes assay for purity, microbial tests to detect mold and bacteria, and heavy metals testing. Once we are satisfied that these materials meet our specifications each product undergoes various tests during production.

Finally, after the finished product comes off the line, final testing takes place to assure efficacy and potency. When someone buys a Beast product, they can be assured they are buying the highest quality product and that it has met stringent testing protocols.

Does Beast Sports Nutrition perform its own research? How much will science guide your future?

Yes, of course! Every supplement company that expects to be innovative needs to do their own research.

New and innovative ingredients within the standards set by DSHEA will continue to guide and bring companies to the forefront of the marketplace in the future.

You recently re-branded your line. Why decide that course? Has it benefitted your product promotions?

The re-branding has been a tremendous success. Our goal was to re-brand Beast so that it would appeal to a wider demographic of fitness enthusiasts and athletes.

Since this re-branding and new vision for the company sales have skyrocketed and brand awareness for Beast is at an all-time high.

100% Beast Whey

100% Beast Whey

A professional strength whey protein complex that uses three specific forms of Whey to support new muscle growth and maximize your lean body mass.*

Find 100% Beast Whey on our store.
Is there anything else you would like to share? Is there anyone you would like to thank or give a shout out to?

Yes! For tips or answers on diet, training and sports nutrition, sampling or product announcements and giveaways, please follow us on Twitter @Beastsports. If you haven't yet, please go friend us on Facebook at

Personally, I'd like to thank my family. It's certainly been an exciting ride, but I think we've become stronger for it and I can't wait to see what the future holds.

We would also like to thank all our athletes, our fans and our partners at for helping us get to where we are. And here's to our continued success!

* These statements have not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease.

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