Supplement Company Of The Month: Beast Sports Nutrition

What separates man from beast? Intensity, dedication, and some long years spent learning hard lessons in the wild. Beast Sports Nutrition has survived for well over a decade, and now it's ready to stake its claim at the top of the food chain!

Beast Sports Nutrition has been around the supplement scene for nearly two decades, but has skyrocketed in popularity during the last few years.

That's why our readers named it the "Breakout Brand of the Year" last year in's annual Supplement Awards.

That's also why it made perfect sense to change the company's labeling aesthetic from its previous dark, rich tones and beefy script to something sportier and lighter. This company has a bright future!

Many supp companies have come and gone since this one began stocking shelves, but Beast is still here, feeding the beast inside you.

Get the inside scoop from the man who's been there from the start: CEO Tony Altieri!


Tell our readers how your company started.

I've always had a passion for sports nutrition, going back to my teens and 20s. By the mid-1990s I decided to start selling sports nutrition as a mail order venture, and not long after, Beast Sports was born.

Who are some important people who helped you in the beginning?

I made some relationships with some of the best formulators in the business. If you're going to make the best products, you need the best people backing it up. I felt it was important not just to have the highest-quality ingredients, but to also offer ingredients unique for the sports nutrition industry and to create formulations that are multi-purpose.

We make products that fill the many needs of today's athlete. The idea was to create quality products that were the most effective and a far better value for our customers.

What are some of your top products right now?

Everyone knows us by our Creature product. It is the leader in the creatine category, but Super Test has established itself as one of the best testosterone products on the market.

Aminolytes is catching on as a favorite in the amino category, because it appeals to all types of athletes. Beast Mode is top-ranked and has established itself as a leader in the pre-workout category. Our Beast Whey is our fastest growing product, though.

Are you coming out with any new and exciting products in the near future?

Yes, of course! I won't get into much detail here, but we are launching some new products at the Olympia Weekend expo, some of which will take some categories by storm. Shows like these are opportunities to actually meet the people who use our products, and also enlighten some people that may not have used our products before.

Does Beast perform its own research? How much will science guide your future?

Truth in labeling is one of the only ways to build trust. We communicate with surgical clarity in all of our packaging.

We are always seeking new and innovative ingredients to add to our formulas as long as they meet our stringent standards. The future of this industry is going to be based on compliance with the guidelines as set forth by the FDA.

While science will guide our future, we are always mindful that the ingredients we put into our products need to be of the highest quality but also compliant.

Unfortunately, there are still a lot of companies out there putting non-compliant products in the marketplace and I expect them to be flushed out in the not-too-distant future.

It takes courage to lead by example, as we do. We adhere to the strictest ingredient quality control and testing protocols, which requires unwavering dedication and the courage to start over and not stop until it's not only right, but perfect.

We focus on safety, transparency, honesty, effectiveness, and experience with the best sports nutrition products to the market. For the past 19 years, Beast has been manufacturing its products under the strictest of protocols, and we continually test for lead and other harmful contaminants.

Truth in labeling is one of the only ways to build trust. We communicate with surgical clarity in all of our packaging. That's the true-blue Beast ethic.

Beast has a substantial social media presence! Why is that so important to your brand?

Social media is a key avenue to maintain close contact with the people who matter most to us: our customers. That's not rhetoric. If our customers and fans don't adore our products and our brand, then we miss the mark.

We view social media as a great way to stay transparent and inform our audience about our new products, innovations, and to spotlight our hard-working brand ambassadors. It has also become a tool for communicating with our customers and gaining a better insight to what they expect from us.

Social sites like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram also help us gather their feedback on our products.

Beast made a big labeling switch in early 2013. How has the move helped the company?

The new Beast blue design was a decision to communicate who and what we really are and stand for. "WE ARE THE TRUE BLUE" - No other company in the sports supplement industry can make that claim. We lead by example. We actually care. We listen. We grow and evolve. When an individual buys a Beast product, they can rest assured there isn't a better product on the market. We need our customers to experience the Beast way of life. That experience can only come from trying and trusting a brand that's been around for nearly 20 years and still growing.

Our perspective of health and fitness ranges from the highest levels of physical competition to fitness goals as simple as staying in shape. We want you to achieve your training and fitness goals and to help you live a long, healthy life.

Efficaciousness and long-term benefits are the core concepts which drive our research and overall product and formulation design. For these reasons we remain the leading manufacturer of multifunctional, performance-based nutritional supplements which empower and enhance quality of life.

Live life like a beast! We do.

Meet the Beasts

Katie Chung Hua

Beast has always been a positive family that encourages me to pursue my dreams. They stand behind their customers' dreams and help give them the tools to pursue them.

We all play a part in Beast Sports Nutrition because they listen to our ideas and suggestions.

Brandan Fokken

I'm a better trainer, competitor, and even a better person because of Team Beast. They pass their values on to our family of athletes. I've been humbled by the many stories of setbacks, strength, perseverance, and triumphs that people have shared with me since I became part of the team.

That I'm able to help, motivate or inspire them in some way is beyond humbling, and something I'm proud to be a part of.

Sean Sarantos

It's nice to be a part of a small group of individuals who share the same common goal of wanting to help others improve their lives through health and fitness.

From day one, it has been nothing but positive energy and sharing information that can help others. There's nothing better than that!

I use Beast Whey for all my protein pancake and waffle recipes. It is the perfect flavor and consistency to make the absolute best-tasting breakfast.

I also started using the Beast Mode pre-workout, and that stuff is insane! I'm hitting new PRs weekly.

Tabitha Klausen

I absolutely love being a part of Team Beast. They have given me and my fellow athletes the opportunity to be ourselves and share our knowledge with the #beastnation! Beast is also extremely supportive of me and my goals.

I love their products and recommend them to all my clients, family, and friends. I use them to achieve my own goals.

I am proud to be a part of this awesome team and brand!

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