Supplement Company Of The Month: Gamma Labs

When you think of something that can help others, you create it. You market it, advertise it, sell and stand behind it. Gamma Labs knows how to spotlight its products to those who want them.

2004 was a banner year for bodybuilding. Ronnie Coleman was chasing Lee Haney's Olympia records. Jay Cutler was in Coleman's hip pocket, trying to take the crown. And a new supplement company entered the industry.

Gamma Labs created its own line of products, looking to impress customers and support their hard work in the gym. Its products are based on science and manufactured to the highest standards.

Eight years later, GL's products Gamma-O and the Pre-Training Formula have impacted the industry. Gamma Labs is going strong, marketing its products across entertainment media (you can see them on ESPN, UFC and many other channels).

Now GL can be seen as the latest Supplement Company of the Month. Its CEO, Cliff Morgan, sat down with us to talk about Gamma Labs' products and plans.

How did your company
get started?

Gamma Labs, a subsidiary of Gamma Enterprises, LLC., formed in 2004. We are dedicated to supplying our customers with natural supplements, which are based on the latest science and manufactured to the highest levels of pharmaceutical standards.

What made you decide that you should start your own supplement company?

We recognize the positive link between health and nutrition and understand the body's ability to change and improve. Our mission is to deliver proven, natural supplements that set up a foundation for peak performance and healthy living.

What are some of your top products right now?

We released our PTF (Pre-Training Formula) in the middle of 2011. This product immediately became a top seller in the pre-workout category.

Our formula was developed by one of the doctors who co-invented Viagra, so in terms of nitric oxide boosting, there's nothing better. We're excited to be releasing two new flavors over the coming months.

Gamma Labs Pre-Training Formula

Gamma Labs Pre-Training Formula

Powerful Antioxidants, Help Reduce Muscle Breakdown and Decrease Recovery Time!*

Find Gamma Labs Pre-Training Formula in our store.
Are there any new and exciting products you are coming out with soon?

Our flagship product is Gamma-O. Originally formulated in 2004 as a liquid, and reformulated into a liquid filled gel-cal by Pfizer in 2006. As with all science, the technology behind our products continues to advance.

Gamma Labs Gamma-O Liquid

Gamma Labs Gamma-O Liquid

Suggested To Naturally Increase Testosterone Levels!*

Find Gamma Labs Gamma-O Liquid in our store.

Our new V2 (Version 2) Gamma-O will be out later this month. The improved formula has Vitamin D for additional testosterone boosting properties, Indole-3 - Carbinol as an estrogen suppressor and Maca root, known for its aid in sexual performance.

Bobby Lashley lets a lot of his action do the talking for him. His amateur wrestling background includes multiple National Championships at Missouri Valley College. His high-impact intensity dominated ECW, over which he reigned as World Champion in 2007.

His current title is Heavyweight Champion of Shark Fights (MMA), which he claimed November 11, 2011 with a submission victory over Karl Knothe.

Lashley doesn't speak about how he wants to win. He just wins. He was coveted as a representative for supplement companies and Gamma Labs (one of the first supplement companies to sponsor MMA) is his corner now.

He took a few minutes to speak with about the company and its products.

Q: What made you decide to become a part of Gamma Labs?

One, I think it's a great company and there are great people involved.

Second, I really like its products for fighting because they give me that extra aggression for training and competition.

How important are their products to your career and lifestyle?

They are extremely important because my career and my lifestyle all revolve around working out, training and fighting. I also run a speed/power/agility program at my gym and by using Gamma Labs products. My clients are seeing quicker and better results.

What are your favorite products?

The Gamma-O Testosterone Booster and the Pre-Training Formula. The combination fuels me to train with more intensity.

Why should people who are looking for supplements use Gamma Labs?

They are great products that are safe and extremely effective!

Have you sponsored any athletes and if so how have they impacted your company and the industry?

Yes. Athletic endorsements helped get our name and brand recognized in the early days. We were one of the first supplement companies to sponsor the UFC and hired then World Heavyweight Champion, Andre Arlovski.

This is an important part of our company history. It helped bring recognition to the brand, but more importantly, laid the groundwork for future sponsorship deals. Today, I refer to our sponsored athletes as brand ambassadors. It's not about standing in front of the camera, holding up a bottle of Gamma and collecting a check.

We only work with athletes who fit into the Gamma lifestyle, and endorse our products because they know it enhances their performance.

Let's say a customer comes to you who is just starting out and can only afford one product. Which one do you recommend and why? Our PTF works in 20-30 minutes to give you that burst of clean energy and focus your need to get to the gym and train.

There's nothing like instant gratification. Our newest container of PTF coming later this month now has 40 servings, with no price increase. The most clinically-advanced pre-training formula just got more affordable.

What do you believe is the best and worst things about the supplement industry?

The best thing is clearly the opportunity people have to enhance their performance at a level their comfortable with. Whether you're a weekend warrior or a hardcore athlete, you all want to perform at your best.

Just like the pharmaceutical business, science and technology has come a long way with supplements. Delivery methods, refined formulas, taste and competition have resulted in better and better products for the consumer.

Conversely, "Big Pharma" doesn't have an interest in pushing non-prescription drugs, even though some natural remedies may be just as effective as prescriptions (and probably less toxic). I believe people should be encouraged to use natural alternatives to prescription drugs as a first line of defense, but that won't fly with lobbyists and pharmaceutical companies, because our interests don't align.

Before we wrap this up, is there anything else you would like to share or is there anyone you would like to thank or give a shout out to?

Rather than rattling off a list of people to thank (and believe me, the list is long), I'll leave you with one of my favorite quotes. "The only thing standing between you and success are the bullsh!t excuses you keep telling yourself."

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