Celebrity Buff Feature: How Your Favorite Celebs Stay In Shape!

Celebrities get more attention than a Picasso landscape. Our exclusive super feature lists their diets, interviews with stars and their trainers, and a detailed account of their training programs, and much more.

Celebrity Buff Feature: How Your Favorite Celebs Stay In Shape!

Celebrities get more attention than a Picasso landscape. Go elsewhere if you want to find out where Britney gets her head shaved or when Angelina will show her baby to the world, but keep reading our super feature if you want to find out how they get in shape.

Our exclusive super feature lists their diets. We interview the stars and their trainers. We'll provide you with a detailed account of their training programs, and much more.

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    Top Celebrity Transformations

Top Celebrity Bodies

Top 5 Men's Abs & Arms
Top 5 Women's Glutes & Legs
David Beckham. 1. David Beckham!
David has an aesthetic, attainable physique that many people admire.
Mariah Carey. 1. Mariah Carey!
Mariah Carey is back on the music scene and she is looking SMOKING.

Top Celebrity Bodies

Top Male Bodies
Top Female Bodies
David Beckham. Gerard Butler!
After training for 300, Gerard Butler was sporting an amazing upper body!
Hilary Swank. Hilary Swank!
This Million-Dollar-Baby has an absolutely incredible back to behold!

    Top Celebrity Interviews

Top Celebrity Interviews

Celebrity Interviews
Celebrity Interviews
Action Star Dolph Lundgren. Dolph Lundgren.
Dolph explains his training for Rocky IV, getting hurt on-scene, and more.
LL Cool J's Workout. LL Cool J's Workout
LL Cool J has earned everything he has with hard work and dedication.

    Top Celebrity Diets

How did Brad Pitt get so buff for Fight Club, and how does Jessica Alba look so sexy and shapely from one role to the next? You have heard the saying that you are what you eat, and nothing could be so true. Explore the kitchen cupboards of the stars and and begin eating toward and toned body that will have flashbulbs lighting up at every opportunity. We'll show you how.

Top Celebrity Diets

Celebrity Diets
LA Weight Loss Diet. LA Weight Loss Diet.
What is this program about and how effective is it? That's the bottom line.
Top Celeb Supplements. Top Celeb Supplements.
Celebrities must follow nutrition, training, and supplementation plans just like you and me.

    Top Celebrity Workouts

Not only have we had the chance to interview some savvy celebrities on their training and eating habits, we have tracked the source of their secrets - their trainers. Our all-access pass into the minds of the people responsible for the amazing transformations can help you attain an oscar winning physique worthy of the red carpet.

Top Celebrity Workouts

Celebrity Workouts
Celebrity Workouts
The Celebrity Diary Workout. Celebrity Diary Workout.
Being an actor, the last thing you want to worry about is not looking your best.
The Dark Knight Workout. Dark Knight Workout.
Mr. Bale's physique had to be perfect for this summer's biggest blockbuster.


Celebrity Video

The Fit Show:
Carrot Top!

Watch The Video - 18:39

See how the totally hilarious and totally ripped Carrot Top got his physique, and how he manages to stay fit with his busy schedule.

Watch More From This Series Here.

Celebrity Wallpaper

The Ultimate Celebrity Bodybuilder, Arnold Schwarzenegger!

7-Time Mr. Olympia, Arnold Schwarzenegger!
7-Time Mr. O, Arnold Schwarzenegger!
Arnold Won His First Mr. Olympia At Age 23!
Photo Courtesy Of Robert Nailon.

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Celebrity Podcasts

Celebrity Podcasts
Celebrity Podcasts
Arnold Podcast. Arnold Podcast.
Arnold Schwarzenegger takes a break from politics to visit Pro Bodybuilding Weekly.
Jack La Lanne Podcast. Jack La Lanne Podcast.
Hear this exclusive legends interview with the Godfather of Fitness, Jack La Lanne!

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