My Review Of The 2007 Arnold Sport Expo!

For those of you who went to the 2007 Arnold Expo, you would have had the near perfect customer experience. Here is a brief review of who I got to meet and hang out with! It was amazing!

If you ever watch Don Trump and "The Apprentice" you will usually hear someone talking about the "Customer Experience" during the show. For those of you who went to the 2007 Arnold Sports Festival and Expo, you would have had the near perfect customer experience. I know I did.

What made it so great for me, well let me tell you what I did. Started off early on Friday and the crowd wasn't that outrageous as it becomes on Saturday. First highlight was meeting up with Lee Priest. He still has a tremendous fan following and answered some questions while I was waiting to meet him. Seemed real straightforward. Oh, and the tattoos on the neck and face are not that out of place when you see them for real.

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Lee Priest.
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Lee Priest Quitting PDI,
Wants To Return To IFBB

Ron and Issac interviewed controversial Pro Bodybuilder, Lee Priest on the floor of the 2007 Arnold Expo. Apparently, Lee has a little bit of news for us... Take a peek.

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QuickTime (13.8 MB) Folks:

    Was walking through the crowd and got to meet up with several of the "Over-35 forum" crowd. It has become an annual event for a couple dozen of us to meet at the Arnold and enjoy some great times. Pretty damn good for folks from all over the country that merely formed the relationship over the Internet.

    Had folks from PA, OH, IL, IN, SC, MO, and MD represented and I'm sure from other places as well during the weekend just from the '35' crowd. Guess that's the advantage of being older and having more disposable income. After the chance meeting, we set up a time for further discussion and libations. More on those later.

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    Almost made it around to the booth and found's content man, Will. Had a good discussion on some of the things happening on the site, and some good discussion on the BodySpace aspect of the site. It is truly something that is taking off and a good place to share thoughts and progress.

Gunter & Mark
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Gunter Schlierkamp & Mark.

A Great Cast Of Characters:

    Continued to tour the expo and ran into a great cast of characters. Talked to Dennis Wolf who mentioned that he's looking at moving to Vegas in the near future to help his training and exposure out.

    Got to see the man's who arm's exploded - Gregg Valentino. He was interesting to meet and talk to. Didn't come off like the personality he portrays in print or in the media. Surprised with his knowledge and candor. Guess you can't judge a book by its cover.

Gregg Valentino & Mark
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Gregg Valentino & Mark.

    Other folks of interest, King Kamali - took the time to discuss several issues when waiting to see Mr. O. My impression - he's a good guy.

King & Mark
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King Kamali & Mark.

    Johnnie Jackson and Melvin Anthony were cordial. Got my minute with the champ - Jay has a huge following. Very obliging to his fans and took plenty of time with the fans.

Jay & Mark
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Jay Took Plenty Of Times With The Fans.

    I won't even start to mention all the hot women there. Great eye-candy all over the place.

"Old Timer" Stories:

    Both Bill Grant and Frank Zane looked in great shape. Always nice to see folks you admire growing up still in shape.

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    Bill Grant.
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    The other "old timer" story is really fascinating.

    One of the gals from the "Over-35" forum flew in from out of state. While at the airport, she was talking to another gentleman that was enroute to Columbus. They had some time and enjoyed an airport lunch together discussing some weight training and nutrition without ever introducing themselves.

    At the end of the conversation and lunch he said to tell people you had lunch with Sergio Oliva. She asked him whom he competed against and he mentioned Arnold and Zane and others. Needless to say, it was a great story when related to others - but the kind of thing that can happen in the Arnold Experience.

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    IronAge Bodybuilders.
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    Had lunch with the over-35 crowd. Quite a few of us popped over to the brewpub across the street and enjoyed many stories, like the one above. It was also great to actually meet folks that you talk to regularly over the Internet.

Frank Casillo:

    At the end of the day on Friday, met up with Frank Casillo, another writer on, at the booth and talked about the international flavor of bodybuilding as he comes from Italy. Great meeting new people like this.

Frank & Mark
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Frank Casillo & Mark At The Booth.


Watched the men's final on on Saturday and enjoy the show. Overall, a great experience and I look forward to another great time next year when I can spend the full weekend there.