My Favorite MRP!

Since I started lifting competitively almost 10 years ago, I have tried just about every legal product on the market designed to help increase muscle, strength and overall performance.

Since I started lifting competitively almost 10 years ago, I have tried just about every legal product on the market designed to help increase muscle, strength and overall performance. I've done the Mega Calorie shakes, popped amino pills 'till I whizzed green, as well as dropped smilax, boron or whatever else was hot under my tongue. Sometimes I think some of it may have even worked! I was always searching for a great supplement that would be easy to use, tasted great, actually worked all without breaking my bank account. As I searched and searched, I was always over looking the original protein supplement: MET-RX. MET-RX is America's original and best selling protein drink mix.

About Met-RX (pronounced metrix)

A. Scott Connelly, M.D. began designing MET-RX for patients preparing for surgery. They needed to increase their muscle mass and immune system for the best chances of a successful surgery and recovery. From there, MET-RX has evolved into one of the most time-tested meal replacement products on the planet. But what makes MET-RX better than the rest?? It all has to do with the protein they use. Not only are you getting between 36 and 40 grams of protein per serving (depending on the product used) but by using a special blend of whey, milk and egg proteins called METAMYOSYN you get the benefits of all three sources of protein in one affordable product. METAMYOSIN is a proprietary blend that will help increase lean body mass (muscle) for increased strength and endurance as well as aid in the decrease of body fat. It can stimulate muscle protein synthesis and speed recovery after any workout.

With the growing demands of athletes on their bodies, MET-RX designed a higher performance product. MET-RX Ultra is a "protein-packed meal replacement with Creatine Monohydrate and Phosphates. MET-RX Ultra has specific amounts of protein and aminos designed to allow you perform at your best everyday! A whopping 40 grams of METAMYOSYN protein will boost your recovery into high gear. 5 grams of Creatine have been added so that you get the benefits of creatine supplementation without the indigestion some products may give. 2 grams of Glutamine also aid in muscle recovery making MET-RX Ultra the meal replacement of the future.

I have been competing in strength events and strongman competitions for the past two years. Over the past 9 weeks, I have been pushing my body to the limit as I prepare for one of the biggest strongman competitions this nation will see this year. It will be, by far, one of the largest competitions I will have competed in to date and I want to perform at my best. The past ten days I have been drinking MET-RX Ultra as a post-workout meal as well as other times during the day that I need to feed my muscle and enhance recovery. I have noticed such a difference since starting MET-RX Ultra that I can't believe I got this far without it. It has helped me maximize my potential this far and in just a few weeks,

I'll be able to compete amongst the best with the knowledge that I had the best nutrition in preparation for this awesome event. I've had better recovery time, less soreness and better performance during every workout since setting new PR's left and right.

Here I am with my training partner and good friend Jesse Marunde (Washington State's Strongest Man, 2002) during a recent training session. That tire weighs 958 lbs! No time for weak protein.

I demand a lot from my body in training and competition and with MET-RX Ultra on my side, I know I'll be the best I can. As the supplement industry evolves and science keeps unveiling new and better products, MET-RX is always there. And now with MET-RX Ultra, they have designed the best protein/meal replacement shake for people wanting the best. The old saying goes-Garbage in, Garbage out. It you eat garbage, you'll look, feel and perform just like it. So feed your body the best- MET-RX Ultra and be the best you can be on your field of play!

* The above is the opinion of Corey St. Clair, successful strength athlete and personal trainer. It may not be the opinion of, MET-RX, or anyone else.

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