Contest Prep: BigStew's 20 Weeks To The 2008 BLNPA New England Natural (Part 6)

I will discuss training, nutrition, posing, school, work, relationships and more as I go through my contest prep for the 2008 BLNPA New England Natural. This article outlines my 3-1 week out diet, supplementation, and training.

It has been 19 tough long weeks of contest dieting and training. The last 2 weeks, 3-2 were more of the same; fasted morning cardio, low calories, intense training. These last 2 weeks went by in a flash. Though they were only 2 weeks they were extremely productive with both my diet, training and posing.


The big change with the diet had to be the dropping of all sweeteners, table salt and diet soda. During the beginning of my contest prep I would use Splenda to sweeten my food, table salt on most of my meat and also had plenty of Diet Mountain Dew with meals. All of those things were gone till after the contest. Which means there goes all the flavor.
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Alex Stewart.

I also got rid of protein powder and was only having whole food meals. Calories dropped about 50 each week. Other than that the food stayed relatively the same. I continued with the same carb cycle. Below is a peak of my diet for weeks 3-2 in my contest prep:

dot No Carbohydrate dot

dot High Carbohydrate dot


Training for the last 2 weeks was extremely fun in some respects and frustrating in other ways. The reason it was fun was that each time I walked in the gym I was able to see all the hard work displayed in the mirror. Being in such great shape motivated me to workout harder. But though I was motivated, lack of calories made it extremely hard to get through the workouts and also my strength was almost non-existent.
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Alex Stewart.

I continued with the giant set program that I used before, which continued to workout extremely well. Cardio stayed at the same as before. I like to lose my body fat by tweaking my diet not doing more in the gym. I feel that is a recipe for overtraining if you are always trying to do more in the gym. Below is a peak at my workout split during the last 2 weeks

dot Training Split: dot

dot Chest/Triceps dot

dot Shoulders dot

dot Back dot

dot Biceps dot

dot Legs dot

dot Calves dot


Posing increased a lot during these last 2 weeks... I finally picked a song. I am going to use "Rollin" by Limp Bizkit. I had the routine done but needed the right music for it. I know you are supposed to get the music first but I had a routine in my head from the beginning so I did it this way.

I worked on my mandatory poses and routine at least once a day for 30 minutes. I know this will pay off come contest time. The routine is going to be Hoppin'. Can't wait to get on stage and rock the house.


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I am extremely excited for the contest and can't wait for it to come. I have put in hours and hours of hard work for that one day and it could not come soon enough. The next week is going to be a complete manipulation of my diet so that I can peak just right for my contest. Stay tune for my next article where I will give you every detail of Peak Week leading right into my contest.

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