Olympia Head Expediter Steve Stone Dies Suddenly!

The bodybuilding and figure world lost one of its greatest assets on the 26th of September, 2008. The head expediter for the IFBB/NPC, Steve Stone died suddenly... Learn more about the man that kept it all together!

Olympia Head Expediter Steve Stone Dies Suddenly

The bodybuilding and figure world lost one of its greatest assets on the 26th of September, 2008. The head expediter for the IFBB/NPC, Steve Stone died suddenly prior to the finals for the Olympia. Most people do not know who Steve was, but if you ever competed at the national or pro levels, you knew who made the shows run as smoothly as they did.

The entire process of what Steve did was simply amazing. It is a marriage of the show directors and the athletes and no one brought them together like he did. For many years he worked to make the entire show process run smoother and better for the athlete.

Steve Stone
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The Entire Process Of What
Steve Did Was Simply Amazing.

Photos Courtesy Of www.flexonline.com

His work would start around 4 A.M. to set the stage and that was on the tail of making sure the scripts for the show where laid out properly. Organization was his strongest tool and everyone around shows knew that.

We had met about ten years ago and both spoke of our efforts to make the shows run smoother and become safer for all of the competitors. Steve took it directly to heart and worked with a passion that is going to be hard to match. Often with his wonderful wife Andrea by his side, who ran the stats for the shows. He also had Kim Klien (IFBB Pro) by his side helping to orchestrate the many national events.

Most women who competed found Steve as a kind, direct and very respectful person. Most men found him to be simple, organized and "on time". I have been in the fitness world for over thirty years and was proud to call Steve Stone my friend.

I think the sport is going to have to look long and hard to find someone who can run the shows with the kindness and honorable intent that Steve brought to our sport. He was one of the first people who would really listen and take action to make the competitor feel more at home backstage and on stage.

Steve Stone
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He Was One Of The First People Who Would Really Listen
And Take Action To Make The Competitor Feel More At Home.

Photos Courtesy Of www.flexonline.com

My prayers are with Andrea and his family,
Dr. David Ryan

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