Clayton's Health Facts: Vitamin C.

Clayton South, SPN (ISSA), is a recognized expert in the bodybuilding / fitness industry with over 150 bodybuilding, fitness and nutrition publications to his credit.

What Is It?
And Where Does It Come From?

Vitamin C is an essential vitamin to the human body. It is, in fact, probably one of the most important vitamins. Americans get most Vitamin C from tomato sauce.

What Does It Do?
And What Scientific Studies Give Evidence To Support This?

There are numerous benefits that can be attributed to Vitamin C, including strengthening of bones and connective tissue, aiding in the healing of wounds, and increasing the performance of the immune system. Perhaps one of Vitamin C's best attributes is its amazing anti-oxidant ability. It protects the fluids of the body such as blood from damage by free radicals. By strengthening arterial walls, it also plays an important role in maintaining a healthy blood pressure, as well as reducing tissue damage.

Citrus aurantium citrus tree.

Vitamin C protects the cells of the body and may prevent damage caused to them by aging and arthritis. Some studies printed in the Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research have shown that taking Vitamin C in doses of 1000 mg per day reduced the secretion of cortisol, allowing one's muscles to grow and lift better. There is a multitude of clinical studies that have been conducted substantiating Vitamin C's powerful effects.

We know it works for a variety of ailments and we know it works well! Some studies even show that Vitamin C reduces one's stress level.

Who Needs It?
And What Are Some Symptoms Of Deficiency?

Everybody needs Vitamin C, especially those working their bodies hard like bodybuilders, weight-trainers, and athletes! Vitamin C will keep testosterone levels high by making the ratio of cortisol to testosterone decrease. This will help your body keep up that level of performance you demand. Deficiencies in Vitamin C have resulted in scurvy in as little as 90 days. Not getting enough is not good. Make sure your getting plenty to keep your health up, your free radicals down, and your muscles super-charged!

How Much Should Be Taken?
And Are There Any Side Effects?

Since the body processes Vitamin C quickly, many experts recommend taking Vitamin C in doses of 500 mg twice per day. For intense training, some experts recommend all athletes training hard intake about 3 grams per day and upwards of 8 grams per day when combating a cold or cutting up.

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