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The Top Secrets Of Bodybuilding Success!

In this publication are those secrets; the treasure to bodybuilding success that so many look for, but that so few find. Get ready; the answers to your success have been found.
Have you ever opened a bodybuilding magazine to look at the amazing physique of Shawn Ray, Jay Cutler or Flex Wheeler? Perhaps you are from times past when the physiques of Franco, Park, Platz and Grimek reigned supreme.

Regardless of how advanced your youth maybe, awe and respect are things that traverse the limits of time. At some stage in their careers, some bodybuilders begin looking for answers. No longer believing that haphazard range of the moment bodybuilding is best, many bodybuilders set out looking for secrets, like treasure hunters, seeking the treasure that is within their reach, yet still so far away.

Whether the seekers find their bounty, however, is another story. Often, after a long and frustrating search, they give up, their enthusiasm for the quest gone, and their desire to train, drained.

In this publication are those secrets; the treasure to bodybuilding success that so many look for, but that so few find. Get ready; the answers to your success have been found.

Keys To Success

1. Acquire Knowledge And Education

Make no mistake: if you hope to make any progress in your bodybuilding endeavors, your brain must be your strongest body part. The human mind has a remarkable ability to store information. The human capacity of information acquisition is as follows:

Sensation >> Perception >> Conception / Cognition
* For more information see the article titled Do You Have A Bodybuilders Contradictory Mindset?

From observations in the real world (the metaphysical), the mind forms percepts and concepts. From a conceptual perspective the human mind is able to apply theories to individual situations. Thus it is of paramount importance in your bodybuilding efforts that you become cognizant of how your mind works, and how the rest of your body works as well.

It may seem like there's so much to read and know, but as you read and internalize individual facts, these facts and snippets of knowledge are assimilated into archetypal concept categories. Eventually you will emerge in your mind with a practical theory that you can apply to individual bodybuilding situations.

This broad knowledge base will serve you well on your journeys and will bring you much success.

2. Ask Questions

Acquiring knowledge presupposes having a mind that is critical of facts, and a willingness to accept the proved.

Always get into the habit of asking questions. Buddhist wisdom teaches that the man who stops asking questions because he thinks he knows everything - he is the fool. It is only when one admits ignorance that the journey for knowledge can begin.

Always be asking questions about bodybuilding from people who have real knowledge (more about this later). Write your questions down, or better yet find a credible source who can give you a solid answer. Find experts, ask questions and ponder the answers with a critical mind.

3. Acquire Real Knowledge From Credible Sources

It is vitally important to your bodybuilding success that you acquire real knowledge from credible sources. It is not enough to ask questions; you must seek answers from the right places. Only by doing this will the answers be profitable to you.

Obviously, science is a great source. So, it is important to do your own research. However, anecdotal evidence is often two steps ahead. Anecdotal evidence is not common sense or intuition. Research has shown common sense and intuition to be incorrect most of the time. 1, 2, 3

Therefore, while science may sometimes trail behind anecdotal evidence and old gym stories, so too does intuition and so-called common sense trail behind science. Finding a medium at which both science and anecdote meet is the real task.

Naturally, this will put each bodybuilder in the role of an applied scientist. In past articles I have written about this. There is nothing more expensive than poor advice that is free. Bodybuilders would be wise to bear this foremost in mind when attempting to expand their knowledge.

The senses are the best tool that one can employ to determine and classify information as valid or fraudulent. Using the senses in this way requires the ability to discriminate; this ability requires the application of logic, within a pre-existing framework of overarching ideas and theories. It is only when one has understood broad concepts - governing concepts - that one can make determinations on the smaller, applicable issues.

Always use your senses in deciding whether information is credible, and always seek out credible sources when looking to expand your knowledge base.

4. Patience

As the flower grows from the bulb, so too will your physique emerge as a product from the thoughts in the depths in your mind. Lee Haney remarked that his physique is what happened when his will became a body. What he did not say is that will is action divided by time.

Action is the expression of ideals - values. Values are those things dearest to us that we hold as standards in our lives. Human life, for example, is the standard by which all else is measured. If life is the standard of value, then health is a corollary.

Life - as opposed to mere subhuman existence - denotes health. Life and the slow delay of inevitable death are not the same. While one is characterized by health, the other is characterized by atrophy and decay.

Life necessitates health, which further requires action. In the sense that man must eat to survive, but cannot be forced to take life-sustaining action, so too does human nature require - but not force - physical activity.

But, sometimes people try to force results, which depend on activity. But make no mistake: results cannot be rushed, because action is a specific, and so too is adaptation to stimuli. The finite nature of both requires them to operate according to their nature, which is predetermined and not subject to the emotional whim or contrived range of the moment desire. This is where patience enters the picture.

Will = Action divided by Time

This could also be called intensity, although in this case using that term would constitute a misapplication of the term, as it is understood mathematically.

Mathematically, intensity refers to Watts. For more information see my article Intensity - do you have it? In this sense (as opposed to the one being used in that article) the variables "action" and "time" do not refer to specifics, but generalities. Not minutes or seconds, but months, days, years.

Will is what transformed the bodies of Lee Haney, Dorian Yates and other champions; but it was will tempered with patience.

The application of patience to bodybuilding endeavors will enhance results greatly. The unrushable cannot be rushed. Realizing this and applying that realization will allow you to improve your physique exponentially.

5. Consistency Of Application

Being consistent in your application of sound theory is crucial. There is no benefit in consistently doing fruitless and incorrect behaviors.

When correct credible knowledge has been obtained, consistency in its application is paramount. Bodybuilding is not a game of on-again off-again application. Bodybuilding is about methodically applying sound, proven knowledge, and doing correct physical activity, continually without end (except in the case of injury, although if done correctly exercise is not injurious).

Bodybuilding is about the cold, hard facts of your mind; not about your feelings or whims. Your true desires (an expression of your values) are applied by your will. Consistency, by its nature, denotes a passage of time. A "one shot deal" is a fluke - not the application of the same thing over and over again. If you want your success to be a fluke, then subscribe to range of the moment bodybuilding. If, by contrast, you desire continual improvements, consistently and correctly apply sound theory, proven knowledge and proper exercise methodology.


Bodybuilding is a mental game.

To maximize your genetic potential, you must constantly be consistent in your application of correct knowledge. The correctness of knowledge presupposes a credible knowledge source.

It is only by asking questions that one can determine the correctness of any supposition or claim on the nature of reality. When one's critical faculty is employed in this endeavor, the task of determination is exponentially simplified. Range of the moment bodybuilding is fruitless and without purpose.

The secrets to bodybuilding success are not profound, but they are far-reaching. Follow them and take your physique to that lofty abode occupied by the greats of our lifestyle.


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