The Myths Of Obesity Explained And Debunked: The Terminology Explained

Despite the extensive knowledge available to our post-modern society, our problems are moving faster than we can catch them.


Agoraphobia: An intense fear of leaving ones home.
Behaviorism: The psychology of B.F. Skinner. Examines the effect of environment on the behavior of living creatures.
Determinism: States that all causes have effects. States that nothing is random and that all thoughts, actions and feelings are pre-determined. Free will and choice are illusions.
Dopamine: A feel good hormone. Is a neurotransmitter.
Dorsal striatum: A part of the brain that controls the desire to eat.
Ectomorphic: Body-type characterized by a fast metabolism resulting in an extremely lean body.
Endomorphic: Body-type characterized by a slow metabolism resulting in a greater percentage of adipose tissue.
Mesomorphic: A muscular body type. Is able to add muscle easily.
Neurons: A category of brain cells that transmit and relay information to and from the brain to the peripheral nervous system down the spinal cord.
Psychoanalysis: Psychological movement started by Sigmund Freud, a Medical Doctor. Emphasized the workings of the subconscious mind through dream analysis, and the power of the ID, as expressed in violent and sexual behavior.
Transduction: The process of environmental stimuli acting upon the senses via sensation, resulting in perception and cognition.
Volition: Choice.

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