When The Tough Get Going!

There seems to be a toggle switch in fitness. People lump programs into one of two categories: over-training or under-training. Find out what makes the difference between those who make it and those who don't.
There seems to be a toggle switch in fitness. People lump programs into one of two categories: over-training or under-training. Either you make little progress, if any, leading to boredom and deconditioning or you launch programs which lead to your injury and burn-out.

With jaded professionals and disgruntled gurus and recently discovered legends, even good programs receive a biased categorization. If challenging, then the program over-trains you. If not physically fatiguing then the program under-trains you. This contrast desperately injures the ability of honest people seeking quality fitness.

The Knuckledragger helps people be more prepared than the challenges they face. There are people out there who hear that message and assume that equates to over-training. It's ADAPTATION not over-training. Why do most marathoners hit the "20 mile wall" in the race? Because they trained a maximum of 20 mile jaunts practicing for the event.

If your threshold is 20 miles, guess how you're going to perform. Wrong. You do not get 20 miles because you trained 20 miles. You get less. In order to be more prepared than the challenges you face, you must face a tougher situation than the impending obstacle. Why? Because the worst you do in training is the best you can hope for in competitive performance.

I'll briefly explain this with the following table:

  • Over-Training
  • Toughness Training
  • Performance Zone
  • Maintenance Training
  • Under-Training

The Knuckledragger exceeds that which he was capable prior. Each day a new hurdle overcome. We adapt and become tougher. This "General Adaptation Syndrome" reflexively adjusts to stresses we place upon ourselves. Toughness training bears some resemblance to overload training. However with overload training you cannot tolerate stresses placed upon you resulting in fatigue and failure.

On The Other End...

On the other end of the spectrum, you have coaches who totally kid-glove you, and as a result, you never lift out of maintaining the status quo. Recently a coach told me his clients never go the marathon distance prior to the event itself. He said he does this because if his athletes trained at competitive levels, they'd suffer injuries due to overtraining. I feel badly for the people in his care that they must endure this preconceived limitation of their potential.

These gurus adhere to the KISS principle - Keep It Simple Stupid. Nothing saddens me more than to here this. All people own natural genius and unique talents. Unrestrained KISS'ing stifles that creative individualism. Don't let anyone dumb-down your senses and your abilities. Shine and help our Knuckledragging brothers and sisters shine right next to you.

Toughness training takes you beyond your previous thresholds. Pushes you so that increase your resistance to failure, not just physically, but more importantly mentally and spiritually.

The Knuckledragger pushes the limits because when push comes to shove, when it's time to face life's new challenge, time to attempt a never-before-tried goal that makes your bones rattle just thinking about it, well, it takes heart, discipline and intestinal fortitude to plunge in with total 鬡n. Due to these anxieties, fears, Murphy moments, and just plain old tough opponents and difficult feats, you perform BELOW how you perform in training.

How do you change that? How do successful people face a new challenge and then, for the first time in their lives, when everything's riding on their win, screw it all, abandon their expectations and do something which they never did before, which no one ever thought possible? And... SHINE!

It's because of ineffable quality of Knuckledragger toughness. It's because you've made challenge your occupation and because you've taken living deliberately as your credo. That is what it's all about. That's why the Knuckledraggers smirk at each other and nod.

We're all in this little race against ourselves. We're all alone together cluster bombing the ego, facing our worst fears, choosing hard-earned ethics when two roads diverge. Be tough, resist conforming to poor standards, push your threshold of pain to increase your threshold of performance and stay the course? so you can go with the REAL flow.

Keep the vision alive and, be careful out there.

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