Bear & Rabbit: Strength Chasing Your Endurance!

Some people have expressed that they would like to know more of the science underpinning Body-Flow. Therefore, I thought I'd share one of the recent insights brought to light through a Q&A with a client.
The Bear and Rabbit is a strength/endurance development program that will yield amazing results in relatively short order. The "Bear" (a strength session) is a low-rep session and done using the Bruiser Division 45-pound Clubbells®. The "Rabbit" (an endurance session) is a high-rep session and uses the 15-pound Clubbells®.

While I had high hopes for this program when I began, I was in no way prepared for the awesome improvements made in such a short time frame.

Here are a few of the improvements I made in just a hare over 4 weeks:

Armpit Casts (Bruiser Division Clubbell®)

Sept. 25th • 1 x 5 right side only
Oct. 24th - 5 x 7 both sides

Mills (15Lb Clubbell®) - View Picture

Sept. 25th- 100 each side (not timed)
Oct. 24th- 135/140 in 10 minutes

Swipes (15LB Clubbells®) - View Picture

Sept. 25th- (after 10 minutes of rest following the Mills) 1 x 30 (not timed)
Oct. 24th- (after 2 - 3 minutes of rest following Mills) 1 x 100+ (in 5 minutes and 42 seconds)

The Workout Program

The Bear portion is done in the a.m. and focuses on three main exercises:

    Armpit Cast
    Clean to Order (CTO)
    Double CTO

The Rabbit portion is done in the p.m. and focuses on the Olympic Clubbell® Sport exercises:


Sandwiched in-between is a Warrior WellnessTM Routine. Even though I have done the intermediate routine of Warrior WellnessTM, I opted in most cases to stick with the beginner routine for my midday session. In the beginning, I didn't devote the time that I should have to this session of the program. I had a tendency to hurry through it or skip parts in order to finish.

I discovered quickly though that this needs to be looked at as more important than the other two sessions especially in a program like this. In fact, I got to where I would work the area around my elbows constantly throughout the day. I highly recommend this, as well, to anyone attempting this program. The ballistic nature of the Armpit Casts and the Mill can really aggravate the elbow (and surrounding muscles/tendons etc.) if done improperly and you'll need to pay a little extra attention to that area.

Like the Double-D: 8 Minutes Of Delicious Torture!, the Bear and Rabbit uses the principle of recovered but not rested, so allow for about 12 hours for your body to recover in-between Clubbell sessions.

The program is arranged with the Rabbit (endurance session) performed 5 days a week, and the Bear (strength session) done 3 days a week with an extra day of recovery in between.

A sample schedule might look like this:

Monday: Bear/WW/Rabbit
Tuesday: WW/ Rabbit or Rabbit/WW*
Wednesday: Bear/WW/Rabbit
Thursday: WW/Rabbit or Rabbit/WW*
Friday: Bear/WW/Rabbit
Sat/Sun: REST

* I alternated the Warrior Wellness sessions before and after the Rabbit on these days. I would recommend finding what feels the best for you personally.

I didn't use a predetermined set/rep scheme for either session. With the Bear session my goal was to always "improve". By improve I don't mean focusing on adding another rep or doing more sets. What I mean by improve is to follow a kind of path of performance. First improving Rate of Technique (RT), then Rate of Perceived Exercise (RPE), then sets and reps.

With the Rabbit session, the idea was pretty much the same with the added challenge of working within the 10 minute time frame. Ten minutes of Mills and ten minutes of Swipes. Sometimes varying the order in which they were performed and adding extra performance enhancing exercises to the mix now and again (i.e. Taskmasters, Short-Whips, etc.).

In between the sets of Mills and Swipes was a rest period that began at 10 minutes. So the path of performance is altered slightly to RT, then RPE, sets/reps and finally compressing the rest period.

Though the Bear program is set up around the Bruiser, and admittedly some rather difficult exercises, you could use lighter Clubbells® depending on your strength level. If you're up for the true challenge, however, grab a Bruiser and start reaping the rewards.

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