Staying Fit While Pregnant: Part 2!

Learn what you need to know when you get pregnant and what to do in the first three months. Is ab training safe? Are multi-vitamins necessary? Find out here!
Note: This is part two, click here for part 1!
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Month One & Two:
The very first month was by far the easiest so far. Then again, the first two weeks of what doctors consider "pregnancy," conception hasn't yet taken place. The next month following I continued to feel quite un-pregnant and my fitness regimen went on just as normal and smoothly as it has the past few years.

During my sixth week of pregnancy I began to loose energy and strength, nausea began to set in and boy did things begin to change then. I continued to work out, but workouts were a struggle to get through and two sessions quickly became one. My eating habits began to plummet as rice cakes and multigrain saltines became my best friends. It was all I could do to keep from feeling nauseous and light headed. By week nine I would spend my lunch hour sleeping in the car instead of going to the gym. I was exhausted, but not without hope.

Month Three:
I had my first OB appointment on the first day of my ninth week. I had plenty of questions for him and hoped that he would be able to provide me with insight on how to boost my energy and tame my nausea. The good news was he could tell that I was a healthy individual and there was a light at the end of the tunnel. He said that the second trimester is usually much better. The bad news was there wasn't anything that I wasn't already trying that would help me get through the morning sickness any better. Cutting back on carbs and increasing protein would help my energy, but I would still need to do what I could to help control the nausea and yes, that means that complex carbs would continue to be my best friend for a while longer.

My OB and I also talked about my vitamins and nutrition as well as my fitness routine. Although I was taking a multi-vitamin daily, he prescribed a pre-natal vitamin that contained everything my growing baby would need over the next nine months. I later questioned him about the absence of electrolytes in the pre-natal vitamins and he told me that I could continue to receive these additional nutrients from Gatorade if I so desired. The most important thing that my doctor told me was that pregnancy is not an illness and not to treat it that way.

He told me that I can do everything that I'm used to doing in my daily routine with the exception of alcohol and illicit drugs. I was even shocked to find out that I would be able to do my normal ab work out. My OB said that I would get to a point when my belly was too big and I would be too uncomfortable to do certain movements, but until then I should keep on keepin' on.


  • Listen to your body. Rest when you are tired and don't feel guilty for missing a work out!
  • Don't use pregnancy as an excuse to eat whatever you want, but if you are having trouble with nausea or keeping foods down, Remember... eating foods that are not necessarily considered to be the healthiest of foods is much better than not eating anything at all. Your baby needs to be fed and that is the most important thing at this point in time!
  • Keep in mind all things should be done in moderation.
  • Freeze Gatorade for a slushy treat. This also is good for those times when nothing else, even liquids won't stay down.
  • Protein Shakes are a good way to continue to get nutrients even when solid proteins tend to not sit well on the stomach.

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Note: This is part two, click here for part 1!
click here for part 3!

Good Luck and God Bless!