AMP #27 - Pete Siegel Podcast Interview: 12-Week Transformation Success.

Welcome to Interview #27 in the Awesome Muscles Podcast Interview Series. Today, your host, Daniel Gastelu, talks with Peter C. Siegel, R.H., founder of PowerMind©. Hear Pete walk you through his proven 5 step workout success motivation system!

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Welcome to Interview #27 in the Awesome Muscles Podcast Interview Series. Today, your host, Daniel Gastelu, talks with Pete Siegel, founder of Powermind, in this podcast interview!

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This master motivational specialist talks about his work with athletes, including Pro Bodybuilding Champion Victor Martinez and several time Mr. Olympia, Lee Haney. Pete reviews how expansive the power within you can be, and how to tap into this personal power resource.

Siegel Siegel
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Pete Siegel.

Pete took the time to prepare a special Powermind motivational session to help people get their mind focused on completing their body transformation programs. He reviews how to tap in to the power of the mind to stick to a training and nutrition transformation program, including hw to get mentally prepared and result in making working out and following your program automatic.

Pete Siegel's Power Hypnosis
With Mr. Universe Tom Platz.

Pete's special motivational steps include:

  • Establishing motivational incentive to visually define what success means at the end of the transformation program. Creating a vivid picture in your mind of the ultimate success goal physique and state of health; what does it look like, feel like, and what does it physically embody; it being your the ultimate success person.
  • Write out your 12 week workout plan to know exactly what you are going to do for each workout. Write out your nutrition plan, what foods will you eat and what foods will you avoid. What meals will you eat everyday. Define specifically any lifestyle adjustments you will make, activities you will do and which activities will you avoid.
  • How to become a daily personal success action catalyst; including performing workout success impact programming, a special motivational technique.
  • Motivational techniques at the gym; the preworkout mission statement routine. I can, I will, I did!
  • After the workout motivational technique for keeping motivated and setting up success the next day.

Pete Siegel's Proven 5 Step Workout Success Motivation Plan.
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