Transcending Notions Of Fear; Positive Presumption Is Here!

Think about the future—your future. And allow yourself to notice all that comes up into your mind. Changing the subconscious. Make your life a little less negative for now and into the future with these great tips!

Think about the future, your future. And allow yourself to notice all that comes up into your mind. For example: The thoughts. The images. The presumptions. The feelings. The sense of where you'll be, and what you'll be doing.

And would you say these factors are positive? Success suggestive? Comforting to you? Satisfying to you? The kind you'd say you're truly looking forward to experiencing?

That's the interesting thing to me regarding what people say their future holds. So many tend to "dangle" a bleak, negative imaginative "carrot" in front of themselves, one where fear and the un-desired are central factors.

And, in their own minds, they'll just leave this perception where it is, as it is ... never questioning or exploring it. And, they'll always wonder - pleading ignorance - why they "for some strange reason" usually feel anxious about their future, and things upcoming.

It's likely I've struck an emotional chord within you as you've just read the preceding. Let me tell you, as an internationally prominent hypnotherapist and self help author for almost 30 years, hundreds upon hundreds have related similar type scenarios to me. "How do I stop worrying" they'll say. "Why do I envision things I want to avoid, rather than experience?" they'll plead. "It's like there's this un-sureness and tentativeness I have about what lies in front of me," they'll reveal.

Changing The Subconscious "Screenplay" So New "Movies" Start Playing For You

Once I explore how people have mentally positioned their concept of the future, I quickly see the elements responsible for why they think and feel as they do. And it has to do with what's called suggestive inference: The notions and concepts you regularly embrace morph into perception.

Perception (if never questioned) morphs into belief. And belief (unexplored and unchallenged) morphs into physical, mental, and experiential "reality."

I've put the word reality in quotes because its precursors are a function of choice, not pre-destined fact. And, as such, you can begin to make new choices, and use new suggestive inference elements which will change how you mentally position how your concept of the future (i.e., you can begin "dangling" a positive, encouraging imaginative "carrot" which makes the future inviting and enticing for you!).

First, ask yourself 3 important questions (being wholly honest with your answers):

  1. Do you believe life is supposed to be negative, anguishing, and undermining toward you?
  2. Were you born to suffer, experience lack and unfulfillment, and be fraught with bad luck?
  3. Do you believe things purposefully await you that can go wrong, should go wrong, and are (by design) supposed to go wrong for you, and cause you problems?

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Do you believe things purposefully
await you that can go wrong?

With even just a little bit of reasoning here, I'm sure you've come to a NO answer to each of the preceding. If so, then the opposite side of the coin would then come in to play. But, you must define this, and define it so thoroughly and comprehensively that you paint a picture so bright - the future begins "smiling" at you - extending its "arms" toward you with a "C'mon; I've got so many good and exciting things waiting for you!" sentiment.

"Is this for real, Pete - I mean, why should I believe the future could hold nourishing and exciting possibilities for me?" Yes, it's real. And it's currently not this way for you because of the suggestive inference notions and concepts you've been "feeding" yourself.

"Reality Is A Function Of Choice, Not Pre-Destined Fact."

When you change these, as per the upcoming easy exercise, you'll then change the entire morph progression (I detailed earlier) from negative expectation, to positive future presumption.

Remember: The future doesn't exist as of right now, does it. It's an extension, an unfoldment, of your thoughts, beliefs, and assumptions right now. And when these elements are intentionally, justifiably changed, the representation of the future - your future - will change in your mind. And what was before possibly threatening and worrisome laden to you will then transform into something truly enthusiasm inciting and looked forward to.

The Suggestive Inference Shift: Asking Yourself The "Magic" Question

Here's how you deliberately make this suggestive inference notion and concept shift. Twice daily (in the a.m, then again about one hour before you retire to sleep), sit comfortably with your eyelids closed down, and ask yourself the following question:

    "If things were to work out for me - and I had the ability to create the exact kind of future I wanted ... what would this look like? What would I be doing? What would I be feeling? Specifically, what would the particulars of my life entail?"

Then, richly and graphically mentally project detailed sets of images which are the specific answer to the preceding questions.

Don't limit or censor yourself in any way. Just freely and vividly envision the specific answers to the preceding questions - clearly seeing these answers, and feeling them with as much sensory detail and exactness as you can weave into this positive future representational model.

"Don't Limit Or Censor Yourself In Any Way."

Take your time when you perform this process; there's no rush here. You'll find the more you do this exercise, the more decisive, natural, and explicit your new future visualizations will become. And, you'll be steadily feeling much differently about what's upcoming for you - sensing goodness and the desired with genuine enthused expectancy.

And, you'll begin experiencing these positive results within 5 days using this process as I've outlined!


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So, now, don't just allow your unquestioned future perceptual catalysts to continue. Re-tool your suggestive inference concepts and notions as I've detailed here. And go on to enjoy your thinking about - and experience of - a new future - one that is mentally positively detailed, and goodness inclusive!

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