Shortcut To Size: Phase 2, Week 7, Day 45

Active rest for the body, more knowledge for the mind. Follow the doctor's orders for best results!
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Doctor's Orders: Z's with ZMA

ZMA is a specifically formulated and patented combination of zinc, magnesium and vitamin B6. The benefits of ZMA supplementation may include improved recovery due to enhanced sleep efficiency and increased anabolic hormone levels, specifically testosterone and insulin-like growth factor-I (IGF-I), as well as greater gains in muscle strength and power.

For best results, take ZMA on an empty stomach 30-60 minutes before bedtime. Follow label recommendations for dosage, but most will provide 30 mg zinc, 450 mg magnesium, and 11 mg B6.

I typically take my ZMA about one hour before bed, and then end the night with my casein protein shake immediately before bed.

Active Rest

Remember that every rest day should be an active rest day. Rest days are for recovery; they're not an excuse to be lazy. Get out and hit 15-30 minutes of HIIT cardio today, or perform 30-60 minutes of your favorite activity: hiking, biking, walking, playing a sport, etc.

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how many time i need take this product (ZMA) in the 12 weeks workout

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Sep 5, 2012 5:22am | report

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Just take one a day. I believe it is like most capsule products and will provide 60 pills/servings. So Purchase 2-3 and you will probably have a little extra if you do not take it on the occasional rest day.

Jul 1, 2014 10:05am | report

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The only problem I have is that throughout the day, I'm never on an empty stomach (considering all the 9 meals of the nutrition plan). So even if I take it 60 min before bedtime, it is not on an empty stomach at all.

Apr 15, 2014 12:59am | report

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Most products say "It's works best on an empty stomach." But it's still beneficial if your stomach isn't entirely full.

Oct 22, 2014 10:32am | report
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