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Shortcut To Size: Phase 1, Week 3, Day 18

Shortcut To Size: Phase 1, Week 3, Day 18

Shoulders: Build bolder shoulders, stronger traps, and carved calves. Time to press, flye, and raise the roof on your results.

Microcycle 3 means 6-8 reps per set. Take your time and use caution to find your correct weight for this rep range, especially when holding heavy objects over your head. Be sure you're logging weight lifted for each exercise across all workouts; you should be able to add 5-10 pounds to your microcycle 2 numbers.

Don't forget your drop sets. Give these finishing sets everything you've got and force your body to adapt. Don't forget the tips from my workout videos -- the exercise techniques I showed you still apply. Finally, don't forget your bolder shoulder playlist.

Day 18: Shoulders/Traps/Calves

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Jim Stoppani

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Jim holds a doctorate in exercise physiology and has been the personal nutrition and health consultant for numerous celebrity clients...

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There seems to be a glitch here. The program (here, as well as the printable one) says to do "High Cable Rear Delt Fly." Above, when you click on "High Cable Rear Delt Flyes" it takes you to an instructional video for rear delts - with bands. Likewise, when I've gone to track the workout, it asks to plug in data for number of reps with bands, as opposed to the cable fly.

Jun 27, 2013 2:05pm | report

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Some of his workouts don't have video for them, as long as you work the muscle group I think you'll be in a safe spot.

Sep 4, 2013 11:19am | report

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I have noticed this as well. So I have been doing it with the fitness bands.

Aug 1, 2013 8:03pm | report

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Just done! :p

Feb 1, 2014 3:30am | report
Showing 1 - 4 of 4 Comments

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