Phase Two Of Double Shock: Delts!

The second phase of double shock has produced my personal favorite gains which are on the rear delts and lats. You should be sure to begin this phase on the 5th week of doubleshock.
The second phase of double shock has produced my personal favorite gains which are on the rear delts and lats. You should be sure to begin this phase on the 5th week of doubleshock. If you continue on in phase 1 beyond the 4 weeks recommended, you will run the risk of overtraining the area. If you feel pain in your joints and accumulative fatigue you must give yourself time to regenerate. Remember, doubleshock by nature will be intense, so constantly monitor the gauges in your high performance body machine. Instinctually be in tune with your body so you'll know if your about to blow something or need more sets to really push yourself. Have more respect for those little niggling pain signals that mean you are about to redline. This intuition will help you balance your training volume so it wont be too much or too little which will help you gain more consistently. Now that you have read the warning label on this system, it is time to proceed onto phase 2.Phase 2 emphasizes the rear delts and lats, and developing these areas will help your width immensely. The lats are also the largest muscles in your upper body and improving them will make everything in your upper body expand and be pushed up and out. The lats are what actually inspired me to start workin' out and their beauty when well developed is unmatched by any other area of the human physique. Here is the workout split I got my best lat and rear delt gains on.
  • Monday-delts, pullups
  • Tuesday-back, rear delts, bis
  • Wednesday-rest
  • Thursday-chest, tris,
  • Friday-rest
  • Saturday-legs
  • Sunday-rest
On the first day (Mon.) of the split, it is very beneficial to superset your military presses with weighted pullups or unweighted depending on your strength level. This is a push-pull superset that really helps get a lot of blood into your delts and lats at the same time. Go all the way down to six reps on each exercise, rest for a minute, and then do a higher rep superset(10-15) of each exercise emphasizing the feeling of the muscles working and burning. For your heaviest set of pullups, use the close grip parallel handle attached to the pulldown machine. Take it off and throw it on top of a bar overhead. You can get more reps out of this position of gripping and a better stretch as well. Dorian Yates recommends using a narrow to moderate grip on most back exercises and he developed his lats to the ultimate degree so I find his opinion worth listening to. My own body also tells me that I get more pulling power in this position so it is the one I use for my heavy sets. You do need grip variety so I use the wide grip pulldown machine on that last set of 10-15 reps that I superset with the military presses. Do rest long enough to catch your breath and replenish energy levels in between your supersets. My back responds very well to weighted pullup negatives(they are called chins with the narrow grip) so try this if you are after wider lats. Have a spotter help you up to the contracted position while you are weighted down very heavily, squeeze the hell out of your lats and lock the fibers up, and then lower slowly feeling this pressure tearing your lats apart. To make sure you exhaust all the fiber types in your lats, immediately do another set of these negatives without the weights around your waist. This will certainly be very painful but do it hard if you want to take your lats to the next level! Keep in mind you must contract your back muscles very hard on EVERY rep if you want them to respond. I have seen countless guys who are strong as hell in back exercises but never contract hard at the end of every rep so their lat shape never fully develops. Every rep of every set must be fully stretched and fully contracted. The weighted pull-chin ups will probably get you sore(bad!) on Monday but still hit your back again on Tuesday. The Tuesday workout will emphasize rowing movements cause you have already done your pull-chin ups the day before. On the second day of the split(Tuesday)follow a few of these workouts which are my favorites and have been devised from years of trial and error.

  • Begin this workout with the old school ultimate back builder, the bent row. This is no doubt my very favorite exercise ever, and it will test your strength and discipline. This exercise will build unparalleled thickness in your back and even adds muscle to your lower traps as well. It intensely works your spinal erectors also. It is such a big, demanding exercise, it makes your body release a lot of testosterone into your bloodstream the same way squats will because it works a very large amount of muscle very hard. This is one exercise you will have to have perfect form on, even on your heaviest max set(s).A little body momentum is ok just as long as you constantly keep your back very erect instead of slumped. Slumping of the back in this exercise will ruin your results because you cannot fully contract the back muscles. Remember that the key in back training is getting that super tight locking contraction on every rep! You gotta have it! When I began contracting my back on every rep hard, it became my best body part and still is. You can still do one really heavy set of this exercise and cheat a little but keep the rest very strict. Do advance your poundage on this one, but not at the expense of form.
  • Next, do a few supersets of cable pullovers. The cable pullovers are done like dumbbell pullovers only you are standing with the cables as if you were going to do a cable tricep pushdown and keep your arms straight and rigid and pull them down to your hips concentrating on feeling the lats. Get a wide to medium grip on the bar and hold your arms straight out and a little over your head and without bending them, pull the weight to your hips and hold.) directly into narrow, curl grip pulldowns. Only do 2 of these because they deliver tremendous stress to the lats that you will feel. The cable pullovers will let you pre-exhaust your lats and they also allow you to feel them working better than anything and will help them be more cut in your back. Pre-exhaustion training is more effective on the back than anything because your back is very large and your bis are small muscles that are bound to fail long before the much larger back muscles are fully worked in a compound exercise. With no rest after the cable pullovers, do your set of reverse grip pullovers (chinups are better if your strong enough) extremely hard, and I guarantee complete agony will be felt dead straight in your lats that will rip and burn like hellfire! I love this method for back. If you are sore from Mondays chin negatives ,this soreness in your lats will teach you exactly where they are and exactly how to pull to activate them the most. This will be a good learning experience.
  • Now, move on to cable pulley rows. These are best for drawing your lats out to their fullest upon peak contraction. Like I said, concentrate on form on these. If you are addicted to power lifting, know that the heavier you go on this one, the more you will work your spinal erectors and biceps instead of the outer edges of your lats. On this one, pull from your elbows exclusively and when you get to the contracted position, flex everything out as if you were doing a most muscular pose and hold it very hard for a second or two while pulling your elbows as far back as possible. With enough practice, you will be able to do this and feel the burn all in your back and none in your bis. This is when you will be the master of your body and eligible for excellent back gains.
  • I always love to engorge the area I am working on with a great blood pump at the conclusion of every workout. Pick your personal favorite back exercise and do at least 20 reps with it.
  • Now, do some drop sets of bent over laterals for your rear delts to finish them off cause they have already been worked very hard from hitting your back two days in a row. I like to do 4 drop sets because the rear delts actually have a lot of endurance fiber types and respond to lots of reps as well as heavy weights. I series of 4 drop sets will do the trick nicely.
  • To finish off your biceps and forearms, I would recommend doing alternate dumbbell curls, hammer curls on a preacher bench and concentration curls. Never neglect your forearms so do a few sets of reverse grip curls and wrist curls. In phase 3, you will be hitting the arms fresh and they are top priority.
  • Begin this workout with the cable pullovers so you can stretch out, exhaust, and recruit as many lat fibers as possible. To really mix things up for your rear delts, hit them before your major back exercises. Go back and forth from the cable pullovers to the reverse pec deck rear delt laterals for three sets each. This style of training was a shock enough to my body to produce gains in the rear delts and lats because it makes them work that extra mile in heavy compound sets because they are already tired. Dorian Yates always does pullovers first in his back workouts for this reason. It was his idea first and I followed and noticed improvement.
  • Now, go on to the T-bar rowing machine, and warm up fully. On your first serious set, lift the weight into the contracted position and lower it slightly, and bring it right back up to the contracted position and hold it while knotting your back up as tightly as possible. You pull it up all the way and bring it into the contracted position two times for every complete rep you do. Keep these reps slow and only use a moderate weight for this set. At the very last tightly contracted rep of this set, have your spotter apply pressure to overload the negative portion of this critical rep. Fight this resistance like hell for as long as possible and have them help you get it up for one more grueling negative. Notice how I said if you train hard enough you wont be able to do too many sets!I have gained a lot since switching to this ultra intense yet brief style of training. Go for the record breaking performance and then, after you have done your absolute best, you are done! That is the point. For your second working set of this exercise, place a weight on there you can barely handle and have your partner help you get it all the way up. Lower this ultra heavy load as slowly as you possibly can as many times as you can. On this set, concentrate more on the weight used than the point of contraction. You do the contracted set first to lock up the fibers and then the heavy negative set to rip them apart. You must really not overuse this method because it is merciless and the soreness is untold. These two sets should definitely challenge all of your rowing strength if done properly and intensely.
  • Move on to an overhead pulling movement for the next exercise. I would suggest some very wide grip pullovers this time because your strength will be very taxed and for grip variety. There are certain advantages in all grip placements over the others but the best results will be attained using all grip widths and styles. I do always use the grip style that lets me apply the most power to a movement first in a workout because it obviously recruits the most muscle for my fresh hard sets. The advantage of very wide grip pullovers is not in power leverage and max poundage but in the stretching effect they have on your shoulder blades and outer lats.
  • To finish off your upper back, do this variation of the dumbbell row I love to do occasionally. Keep your grip pronated (palm facing the floor instead of the side of your body) and pull the dumbbell to your shoulder and neck instead of your waist like a normal dumbbell row. This style will help you build your rear delts and uppermost back muscles very much.
  • Finish your bis off with barbell curls(heavy with a straight bar) directly into very light E-Z cambered bar curls for a high rep meltdown of the bis. This should stress the meat of the bis so now do some concentration curls to help with the peaks. This time, do your reverse grip forearm curls on the preacher bench for a little something different.