Most Successful Training System!

Specialized training in this area will help with your upper body width immensely if you train hard enough.
It's me Seth again, and I would like to share my most successful training system with you. I like to call it "double shock" because it is brutal and lasts for a two day period for the targeted bodypart. I arrange my workout split according to which bodypart needs the wake-up shock the most. I have always given shoulders top priority and the system was made for them but can be used on any bodypart. I arranged this system like this for two reasons-When I train chest or back, I always get my front or rear delts very sore and if I hit delts 2-3 days later, they still are not fully recuperated. I feel a split like this does not give me the 4-6 day period of complete rest that I need from my intense training. The first phase of the split hammers everything involved in upper-body pressing. The second phase emphasizes the rear delt and lat area. This program will get you extremely sore and give you time to heal. Be careful with it and if you notice any joint problems, immediately go on to phase 2 and resume normal training for the chest and delt pressing area. I would reccomend doing cable side laterals every Tues. after chest, but very few sets of shoulder presses to ward off overtraining. Also, keep your reps in the 6-10 range (no max sets on pressing movements until phase 2) to help reduce risk of injury.

For 4 weeks-
  • Monday: delts
  • Tuesday: chest, tris
  • Wed.: off
  • Thurs.: back, rear delts, bis
  • Fri.: off
  • Sat.: legs
  • Sun.: off
  • I'm sure that someone has told you to never train your chest the day after delts! Well,I SURE DO REGRET not doing it sooner because that extreme pressure got my front delt area way bigger than ever by far! The extra shoulder power it gave me shot my bench up like a rocket.You say it is overtraining? Well consider the 5 days of COMPLETE rest the front delts are given instead of being hit every 2-3 days throughout the week directly or indirectly.I call it double-shock also because it doubles the pressure while doubling the rest period for the bodypart.

    Immediately after the chest day it helps a lot if you take a big dose of l-glutamine (10 grams) because it helps tip hormonal and nitrogen balance in your favor. Wait 20 minutes and have a whey protein shake with creatine and all of your favorite supplements-you will be absorbing everything you eat for two hours after the workout so take advantage of it. You may also notice that this brutality only lasts for a month at a time for a targeted area to help dodge overtraining or injury. Then it is allowed its normal workout. This program is very demanding and will get you sore to the 11th degree.

    If you want to emphasize chest benching power, I would recommend starting with chest then delts then tris on Mon. and repeat on Tuesday. Also try to emphasize partials on Mon. to place extra pressure on the area. You might try alternating this with the normal split outlined above every week. Your tris regenerate slightly faster than the larger muscles so don't be afraid to double shock them throughout phase.

  • Mon. Delts
  • Tues. Back, bis, rear delts
  • Wed. off
  • Thur.Chest,tris
  • Fri. off
  • Sat. Legs
  • Sun. off
  • I have had success with supersetting military presses and weighted pullups on the first(mon.delt) day of the split.It adds the shock to the lats as well as the delts(great upper body width builder) because you will be hitting them again on t Tues.You also get more neural stimulation when supersetting opposing muscle groups.This is the period when you will be hammering the rear delt and lat area.I personally love the new thickness this program will build in these areas that make you wider.

    I have also had success with a pre-exaust set of bent laterals into what I call guillotines(like a bent row only you pull to your throat instead of your waist) Specialized training in this area will help with your upper body width immensely if you train hard enough.