An Interview With IFBB Figure Competitor Jill St. Laurent.

I had the pleasure of interviewing new IFBB Figure pro Jill St. Laurent as she gets ready for her pro debut at the 2007 Colorado Pro. Learn more about her, how she got to this point and more...

[ Q ] Where did you receive your Pro Card and what is different from being a Pro compared to and Amateur?

    [ A ] Received Pro Card at the 2006 Canadian National Fitness and Figure Championships in Edmonton, Alberta.

    The main changes I have had to make from being a Canadian Amateur Figure competitor to an IFBB Pro Figure competitor is with respect to my physique. I have been training like an athlete to downsize my muscle mass and streamline my physique for the Pro stage.

Jill St. Laurent
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Jill St. Laurent.

[ Q ] What inspired you to seek out competing in the Colorado Pro Figure as opposed to other shows?

    [ A ] I have family that resides in Denver and I am competing in the show at the recommendation of my trainer.

[ Q ] Where are you from and where do you reside? How do you fine traveling on the road while preparing for competition, any special tips or advice?

[ Q ] Who would you most like to train with and be called out with on stage regarding other Pro Figure Competitors?

    [ A ] I am very happy with my current trainer, Mike Davies, whom I have been working with since August 2006. Regarding call-outs, I don't have a preference of who to be called out with... but who wouldn't like to hear their name in first round call-outs?!

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[ Q ] If there where one thing about Pro Figure you'd like to change what would it be and why?

    [ A ] As I am new to Pro Figure, I'll reserve comment on this until I have some more experience and more shows under my belt!

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